Level 2: City of Vilcabamba

Kills: 29 Items: 13, including SILVER KEY and Gold Idol Save Crystals: 2 (PlayStation only) Secrets: 3

Objectives: In the first part of the level, you explore the area around a pool to find two items: a SILVER KEY and Gold Idol.  The SILVER KEY opens the door into the second part of the level.  Here, you find a building with three doors, only one of which is open.  Enter the first to find the switch that opens the second.  Enter the second to find the switch that opens the third.  Enter the third to find the exit, which you open with the Gold Idol.

Walkthrough: Ready pistols because a pack of 4 wolves waits in the cave beyond the entrance.  Beyond this area is a large network of small rooms and caves surrounding a central area with a pool.  You can go whichever way you like to start, and you'll cover the whole area eventually.  For simplicity's sake, we'll start by going forward and to the right.  Keep those pistols drawn, since Lara may spot some of the creatures-bats in particular-before you do.

A lone wolf lurks in the next open area.  After killing it, head for the far wall then down to the left.  In this hallway you'll meet 3 bats.  They drop from the ceiling as you approach.  When you reach the corner, another wolf emerges.  When it's dead, search the greenery to find a small medipak.  Turn the corner to the left and continue forward, encountering 5 more bats as you go.  (Note the locked door and keyhole on the left.  You'll be back.) When you reach the end of the long passageway, turn left again and continue, killing another bat.  When you reach the end of the short passageway, turn and kill another bat then return to the main hallway, which leads into the large central room with the pool.

Approach the right hand doorway on the opposite side of the pool.  A bear lurks inside, so holster the pistols, run through the doorway and immediately pull up onto the platform above.  Kill the bear from safety and pick up a small medipak while you're up there.  Drop down and return to the pool.

UNDERWATER PASSAGEWAYS: Stand at the edge of the water facing the two doorways and the wooden trough.  Jump into the water and swim forward and down, then to the right.  Continue forward and upward until you can turn right.  Find the lever on the wall and pull it to open a trapdoor above.  Surface and take a deep breath.  (Make sure that air meter is fully recharged before continuing.) Swim down and away from the trapdoor to the opposite corner of the underwater room (ahead and left).  There you'll find another lever.  Pull this to open a door elsewhere, then return to the open trapdoor and climb out.  This room contains SECRET #1, a small medipak.  A switch in one corner opens the exit door, which puts you back in the main room.

Again, stand at the edge of the water facing the doors and trough.  This time swim down and to the left.  When you reach the blue tiled underwater passageway on the left, follow it until you can surface.  Climb out of the water and find the door you just opened with the underwater lever.  Beyond is a small room containing a small medipak and some magnum clips, SECRET #2.  Return underwater the way you came to the main room.

SKULL ROOM: Now, face away from the two doors and trough and go to the right until you come to a door and the switch that opens it.  Enter and climb the stairs.  Take a running jump across the gap to the opening opposite.  The room beyond has a floor made of break-away tiles, and the wall beyond has a black-and-white skull motif.  Run forward across the tiles and jump to land on the platform on the other side.  Here, in an alcove, is a large medipak.  If you miss the jump and fall into the room below, don't worry.  Just find the one block in the wall below that looks different from the others.  Stand Lara up against it and press and hold Action.  She'll go into a crouch, showing that she's ready to pull (back/down arrow) or push (forward/up arrow) the block.  Pull it out and use it to climb to the ledge above to get the medipak.  Then, when you're done, push it forward several times into the next room.

Kill the bat you meet there, then continue to the far side of the room.  Vault onto the low platform and collect a SILVER KEY and Gold Idol, from the alcoves on each side.

Return to the movable block and use it to climb onto the platform above.  (PlayStation users will find a save crystal here.) Go to the left side of the L-shaped platform, killing 2 bats on the way.  Pick up the large medipak in the dark corner to the left of the window opening.  Then climb into the window and drop down into the hallway below.

LOCKED DOOR: Follow the passageway to the locked door you passed earlier.  Use your newly acquired SILVER KEY to open it.  Enter and either run/jump past the dart trap or do a dive-and-roll (Walk + Jump + Forward) to avoid it.

RED-ROOFED BUILDING WITH THREE DOORWAYS: The open area beyond contains 5 wolves.  Proceed cautiously and they won't all be on you at once.  The first two flank the doorway; the others approach as you go farther into the room-one from the right, one from the left and a third from the stairs.

LEFT DOOR: When they're all dead, go up the stairs and into the door on the left (the only one that's open).  Follow the passage to a room with a pool and some stairs and ledges.  Go to the top of the stairs, walk to the edge, then jump to grab the ledge beyond.  Pull up, and from this ledge take a running jump diagonally across the pool to the next ledge.  Go through the doorway and up the stairs.  Draw pistols and kill a bat that drops as you emerge on the next ledge.  Take a running jump across to the next ledge and continue to the top.  Kill another bat, pick up the small medipak and throw the switch to open the door on the right at the front of the building below.

Exit this room via the other doorway (not the stairs).  Safety drop down to the red-tiled roof, where you'll find some shotgun shells and, at the other end of the roof, a small medipak.  Drop down to the front of the building and enter through the door on the right.

RIGHT DOOR: At the pool area, go up the stairs on the right.  Take a running jump to grab the ledge ahead and pull up.  Face the ledge above, step out onto the break-away tiles and quickly hop back to the ledge.  Now walk to the edge of the ledge, jump straight up to grab the ledge (Jump + Action) and pull up.  Turn around, walk to the edge, grab the next higher ledge and pull up.  Take a running jump to the next ledge and a standing jump to the one beyond.  Draw weapons and take a final running jump to the ledge at the doorway.  Kill the bat and go in.

At the top of the stairs is another room with a switch.  Pull it to open the remaining door below.  Exit through the doorway to the roof (where there's a save crystal).  Then do a series of safety drops to get down to the ground.  Or, if you prefer, return down the stairs, exit onto the ledge and try a swan dive into the pool below (Walk + Jump + Forward).  Climb out, go back to the front of the building and enter through the middle door.

MIDDLE DOOR: Proceed cautiously.  Three bladesbegin to swing back and forth as you approach.  Take each one in turn, standing slightly to one side and running through as the blade swings away toward the opposite side.  Beyond the blades is a gate (see the bear beyond?) and a switch.  Throw the switch and the floor collapses, dropping Lara into a pool.

Swim forward and to the right through a small underwater opening about halfway between the surface of the water and the bottom.  Follow this passage and continue until you can surface.  Climb the stairs to a room where you'll find a switch.  Use this to open the gate in front of the exit door (at one end of the pool below).  You can now shoot the bear from the safety of the second story.  When it's dead, jump down into the pool, climb out and head for the stairway on the left of the exit door (the one with the gold face).

At the top of the stairs is a switch that stops the swinging blades.  It's not necessary to do this, though, since you won't be going back that way.  Opposite the switch and a little to the left is a doorway.  Enter and drop down twice to find SECRET #3, Uzi clips.  Climb back to the switch room and go down the stairs to the exit.  Use the Gold Idol to open the door and end the level.

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