Kills: 3 Items: 30, including, pistols, magnums, shotgun, Uzis, 3 fuses and a key Save Crystals: 7 (PlayStation only) Secrets: 3

Objectives: The initial goal is to recover your weapons from the nasty men who took them.  The first step in doing this is to locate 3 fuses to activate a winch that will lower a small building.  Here you'll find your pistols.  Then it's a matter of making your way through the mine and confronting each of the bad guys.  Finally, locate the key that will get you into the pyramid.

Walkthrough: Swim forward and surface in an UNDERGROUND LAKE.  To the right (west) is a small waterfall.  To the left (east) is a ledge with some wooden crates.  Ahead and to the left (southeast) is a larger ledge with some barrels and crates.  Swim under and behind the waterfall.  Surface and follow the passageway until it widens.  On the near left wall is a switch.  Pull it to open a gate elsewhere.

SOUTHEAST LANDING WITH BARRELS and BOXES: Return to the LAKE and swim across to the landing with the barrels.  Follow the tunnel to a room with a mine car blocking another tunnel on the right.  Go to the rock pile ahead and pull the movable crate out.  Climb over it and enter the passage behind.  Here you'll find the gate you just opened and, beyond it, another switch.  Use it to open another gate.  Return to the LAKE the way you came.

Jump into the water and swim behind the waterfall again.  Follow the passage past the switch you already used, climb into the opening and continue through the now opened gate.  When you reach the ledge above the lake, take a running jump to the ledge with the sawhorse barricades.  Continue to a room with a small building suspended from the ceiling.

GLASSED-IN ROOM WITH DANGLING BUILDING: Lara will look up as you pass, indicating that this is important.  Pick up the large medipak on the ground.  Don't worry; the building won't come down yet.  In the glassed-in room on the left, you'll notice 3 receptacles.  You need to find 3 fuses to fit them.  Also inside this building is a set of magnum clips.  (There's also a save crystal here in the PlayStation game.)

CAVE WITH BOARDED-UP BUILDINGS, TIRES and OTHER JUNK: Continue through the (west) opening opposite where you entered.  Here you'll find 2 boarded-up structures, a pile of tires and a movable crate.  There is a gate straight ahead and an opening on the left beyond the tires.  (The latter leads to a CONVEYOR BELT where you'll find one of the fuses, but you can't get to it yet.)

Go around to the other side of the crate and move it toward the building.  Position the crate under the opening in the ceiling.  Take a running jump from the crate to the roof of the building.  Drop through the broken area of the roof.  Follow the tunnel to an alcove with a switch.  Throw it and the boat back at the LAKE moves toward the other ledge.  Continue to the end of the passage and drop down onto the crate you just moved.

TRACKS WITH BARRICADES and BOULDER TRAPS - FIRST FUSE: Before going back to the lake, get one of the fuses: Approach the gate opposite the entrance (between the two buildings).  It opens automatically.  Beyond the gate are some tracks, striped barricades and boulders.  Now choose the easy or hard way through this next trap.  (1) The hard way: Walk forward to the barricade to trip the first boulder that rolls in from the side.  Then back up and take a series of 3 running jumps over the barricades.  On the last jump, turn in the air to land on the ledge at the right and dash into the passageway to safety.  (2) The easy-as-pie way: Go forward to the first barricade to trip the boulder that rolls in from the side.  Back up a little then turn to the right.  Grab the ledge that runs parallel to the tracks but don't pull up.  Traverse to the left to the point just before the ledge starts to slope down.  Now pull up.  The boulder at the right will not roll.  Turn left and follow the ledge, jump the gap, and continue to the end.  Follow the passage to FUSE #1 (and another save crystal).

[NOTE: If you accidentally trigger the boulder trap and want to try again, just climb up onto the first ledge and follow it up to where that boulder originated (above and to the left of the gate).  Enter the tunnel on the left and follow the passage to an opening where you can drop back down into the room with the two small buildings.  When you approach the boarded-up door again, the boulder trap will be reset.]

Go up the ramp, walk forward to where the cave slopes up to the left, then quickly hop back to avoid a rolling boulder.  Turn to the left and stand under the angled ceiling with the boulder behind and to the right.  Side flip to the right to trip the second boulder, then side flip back to the left to safety.  Go up the slope and continue to the opening in the floor.  Drop down.  You're now where the first (side-to-side) boulder originated.  Walk forward to the junction, then to the right.  This will trip the first boulder above.  You can then climb up onto the ledge and follow it to where that boulder originated (above and to the left of the gate).  Enter the tunnel on the left and follow the passage to an opening where you can drop back down into the CAVE WITH BOARDED-UP BUILDINGS.

LEDGE BEYOND ROWBOAT (MINE CAR SWITCH): Return to the LAKE by following the east tunnel-opposite the gate to the tracks and through the ROOM WITH THE DANGLING BUILDING.  Swim across and climb onto the boat, which you moved earlier.  Take a running jump to land on the small ledge with the boxes.  Climb over the box on the left.  Here you'll find a small room packed with "Natla Technologies" crates.  Pick up the magnum clips in the alcove.  Then pull the darker crate (the only movable crate you can get to now) once.  Go around to the right and push it into the alcove where the clips were.  There's another movable box behind the first.  Pull it twice.  Go around it to the right and pull it again to open up the passageway behind.  Enter and pull the switch here to move the mine car.

SOUTHEAST LANDING WITH BARRELS and BOXES (AGAIN) - SECOND FUSE: Return to the LAKE, swim to the left and surface on the ledge with the barrels.  Follow the passage to the mine car, which you just moved so it's no longer blocking the tunnel.  Go into the tunnel beyond it.  Push the Natla box twice.  Go around it and enter the tunnel beyond.  Walk forward carefully and pick up FUSE #2, which is lying on the ground.  Don't go any farther or you'll attract the attention of the cowboy in the room beyond.  Turn around and go back to the Natla box.  Climb onto the box and pull up into the tunnel above.  Pick up the Uzi clips and throw the switch to open the gate near the CONVEYOR BELT.

CONVEYOR BELT: To get back there, drop back down onto the Natla box, go through the room with the mine car, and return to the LAKE.  Swim across and behind the waterfall.  Follow the passage back past the DANGLING BUILDING to the CAVE WITH BOARDED-UP BUILDINGS, TIRES, ETC.  Go through the opening on the left beyond the stack of tires.  Go through the dark, twisty passage and continue forward through the gate you just opened.  Here you'll find some Uzi clips on the ground and a switch.  Throw the switch to activate the conveyor belt, dumping FUSE #3 on the ground in front of it.  Take it and return to the room with the DANGLING BUILDING.  Place the fuses in their proper spots in the glassed-in room, and the winch will activate, lowering the small building.  Inside you'll find the PISTOLS.

(NOTE: The first time you use the pistols again, you'll need to select them from inventory.  After that the draw-weapons key will work again.)

PASSAGEWAY TO SECRET #1: After getting the guns, climb onto the roof of the building.  Take a running jump from just in front of the hook to grab the opening in the wall opposite.  Pull up and follow the tunnel.  Partway up the first slope is a raised opening on the right.  Climb into it and continue to a ramp.  Turn around and slide down backwards, grabbing the end.  Pull up and the trapdoor will close behind you.  Now Lara can stand on it and climb onto the ledge on one side.  Drop down into the room beyond.  This is SECRET #1-a large medipak and Uzi clips.

Pull the switch to open the wooden door out in the passageway.  Drop down onto the trapdoor, then take a standing jump up the slope and continue to the right down the tunnel to emerge on a ledge above the LAKE.  (PSX players get a save crystal here.) Drop down, swim across the lake and once again climb out on the landing with the barrels.

SOUTHEAST LANDING WITH BARRELS and BOXES (AGAIN) - FIGHT THE COWBOY: Now return past the mine car and Natla box to the area where you got the second fuse.  Now that you're armed, you can take on that cowboy.  As you enter the cave he starts talking.  Then he emerges from behind the pillars on the right with magnums drawn.  Get a pistol lock on him and keep shooting as you advance and withdraw into the doorway.  If you rush into the room with the pillars be careful not to jump around too much or you may fall into one of the lava pits.  When the cowboy is dead, take back your MAGNUMS.

LAVA RIVER: Go to the far right edge above the lava river.  Down below is a small square ledge jutting out from the wall.  Safety drop down to it.  (In the PlayStation game, there's a save crystal here.) Drop and hang from this ledge, let go and quickly press Action again to grab the ledge below.  Pull up and pick up a small medipak.  Grab the crevice in the rock wall and traverse to the right as far as you can.  Drop to the block below.  Go around the corner to the right and grab the next crevice.  Again, traverse to the right to the end and drop onto the block.  Turn to the right and survey the wall beyond.  A horizontal crevice runs along below an angled ledge.  Take a running jump to grab the angled ledge.  Let go and grab the crevice below.  Traverse to the right until you can drop onto a flat spot.

Follow the passage to a slope.  Slide down, turn right and emerge near the lava river.  Take a standing jump to the rectangular block in the middle of the lava falls.  Turn to the left and, from the end of this block, take a running jump to the high square pillar on the right.  Take another running jump to the next block.  Turn right and take a final running jump into the opening in the cave wall.

SIDE AREA WITH SECRET #2: Run forward and quickly push the movable crate forward.  A boulder rolls in from the left, but if you're fast enough you'll be able to avoid it.  Go around the crate to enter a small room.  This is SECRET #2.  Pull the crate once to the side to reveal an opening in the ceiling.  Climb up through it to find a large medipak and Uzi clips in the room above.  Jump over the opening in the floor and follow the passage.  Drop down and walk along the tracks toward the boulder.  On the way you'll find more Uzi clips, a SHOTGUN and another large medipak.

Go forward toward the boulder and see if you can squeeze Lara between the boulder and the wall on the left side.  This is tricky, but I've been able to do it.  If you can't do it, return to the opening above the tracks and follow the passage back to the room above the crate.  If you are able to squeeze past the boulder, climb up through the opening in the ceiling.  Once you're in the room above the crate, jump the gap and drop down through the opening on the other side of the boulder.

MORE LAVA RIVER: Take a running jump from the doorway to the tall square pillar in the lava river.  Turn right and take a running jump to the next pillar (the one on the right).  From here, take another running jump to the next pillar, and a third to the last pillar on the left.  Hop down and go through the doorway.  Slide down the slope and land on a small ledge above a pool of lava.  Take a standing jump to grab the opposite edge.  Pull up and continue to the next room, where you'll find a number of boxes marked "TNT."

CAVE WITH TNT BOXES: The darker box in the corner moves.  Pull it out away from the others.  Then maneuver it through the doorway into the next room and position it near the opening high on the left wall.  Take a standing jump from the top of the box to grab the opening.  Pull up.  Go to the top of the slope (nabbing a save crystal on the way) and climb up the rocks.  Take a running jump to either angled side ledge above the lava pit.  A boulder will roll down the slope into the pit.  So stay put until it passes.  Then take another running jump to land on the other side of the lava pit.

Follow the passage and you'll soon emerge on a ledge above the lava river opposite where you killed the cowboy earlier.  Follow the ledge up to the top.  Pick up the magnum clips on the ground and throw the switch.  This will blow up some of the explosives in the room you just came from.  Return down the path, across the lava pit the way you came, and down the slope, which is now caved in.  Back at the TNT room, you'll see broken boxes and a pile of rubble on the left where there was a wall.  Climb up and over this rubble.  At the bottom, ready weapons.  The skate park beyond includes a skateboarder-and he's armed with your UZIS!

SKATE PARK: You can use the same basic tactics you used with the cowboy: Advance into the room, get a lock on your target, and hop/flip back firing.  When he skates past, advance again.  Again, there are lava pits on either side of the entrance so do watch where you're jumping.  Alternately, you can run ahead to the SECRET AREA (description below) and shoot the skate punk from the opening above.  When he is dead, reclaim your UZIS.

To reach the secret area, turn left at the entrance and follow the wall, taking a running jump across the gap above the lava.  Turn right at the corner and continue forward.  About halfway up the left side of the room you'll find one pit filled with water instead of lava.  Jump in and swim through the gate, which opens automatically.  Pick up small and large medipaks plus some Uzi clips from the bottom.  This is SECRET #3.

Leave the way you entered, but instead of swimming all the way out, go through an opening in the ceiling just beyond the doorway.  Climb out of the water and follow the tunnel to an opening above the big room with the ramps.  (Shoot the skateboarder from this opening if you didn't already.) Drop down and pick up some Uzi clips that are lying on the ground.  And be sure to pick up 2 more sets of Uzi clips-one on the ground in the northeast corner, the other about two-thirds of the way up the west side near one of the square columns.  The exit is opposite the entrance, at the top of the ramps.  (PlayStation users get another save crystal in the passage beyond.)

Just ahead is a slope up to the right.  There are 3 boulders at the top waiting to roll.  Walk up the center and, as the first boulder comes rolling down, side flip to the right.  The second boulder will then start to roll, so side flip to the left.  This will set off the last boulder.  Side flip back to the right to avoid it.  WALK to the top of the slope, letting a fourth boulder roll past in front of you.  Go to the left, through the opening from which the boulder came.

TALL, COAL-BLACK ROOM WITH MANY LEDGES: At the end of the passage turn left and pull up.  Now you're in a small room with a number of blocks and ledges.  One is low enough to climb on.  From the top of this block, it's a series of four standing-jump-and-grab combinations to reach the block below the opening above.  Climb up through the opening into a small room with sandy-colored walls.

LOW-CEILINGED ROOMS WITH MOVABLE BLOCKS: This next area involves pulling and pushing several movable blocks in order to access switches and open doors.  To make it a little easier, I've included the diagram below.  The diagram follows the sequence of actions more or less clockwise from upper left.

The opening down into the black room with the ledges is (A).  To one side of this opening is a movable block (1).  Push this block twice into the next room (to position 1a).  To the right is an opening in the ceiling (B).  Climb up through it into the room above.  Here you'll find another movable block (2).  Pull it once, then go around to the left and push it once (to position 2a).  Go through the opening you have just made.  Here is another small room with an opening in the floor (C) and a gold door (D).  Drop through the opening in the floor into a small room with yet another movable block (3).  Pull this block once (to position 3a).  This will make space for you to move the first block back in the room where you entered.  Return there by climbing up through the opening in the ceiling (C), then going into the next room and dropping down through the opening in the floor (B).

Now push that first block once more (to position 1b).  This will open up an alcove on the left with a switch and a gold door (E) beyond.  (PSX users can save their game with the save crystal near the gold door.) Pull the switch to open the gold door (D) in the room above.  To get back to it, climb through the opening in the ceiling (B), and go through the doorway into the next room.  The door is on the left.

Go through the gold door (D) and turn right.  At the end of the passage, take a left and go down the steps to a movable block (4).  Push this block once (to position 4a).  This will give you access to a hallway with alcoves on one side and a gold door (F) at the end.  This door opens when you step on a certain spot in the floor but quickly closes.  Ignore it.  Instead, go to the farther alcove and use the switch there to open the gold door (E) near the first switch.  Return there by going back up the steps, along the hallway and through the gold door (D).  Then go through the opening on the left into the next room and down through the opening in the floor (B).  Across from this opening, beyond the switch, is the door you just opened.

OUTSIDE NEAR THE PYRAMID: Draw weapons and proceed through the door.  The big bald guy is waiting outside with a shotgun.  You can climb on the roof and try and shoot him from there, but this takes a while.  I've found it easier to just run past him into the open area near the pyramid and shoot at him while jumping from side to side.  He's not extremely hard to kill, but that boomstick packs a punch so you may need to use a medipak in the middle of the fight.  When he falls, take his SHOTGUN.  (If you already have a shotgun, you'll get shells instead.)

Go down to the pyramid and climb up on the ledge above the door.  Now take a series of standing jumps up the flat spots on the left side to the top.  Jump to the left and slide down the side of the pyramid and land in front of the doorway in the cave wall.  Inside is a switch.  Pull it to open 2 gold doors back in the area where you fought the bald guy (door F and the door opposite it).

Slide down the pyramid to the ground and return to the gold door area.  Enter the gold door on the right and pick up some Uzi clips and a large medipak in the doorway.  Go a little farther in and you'll find the PYRAMID KEY.  Take it and return to the pyramid door.  Unlock it and enter to finish the level.

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