Kills: 43 Items: 23*, including 3 lead bars Save Crystals: 8 (PlayStation only) Secrets: 3

(*NOTE: One of these pick-ups can only be had by cheating.  See the section on the ROOM WITH SQUARE PILLARS AND FIVE SWITCHES, below, and the note at the end of the walkthrough.  Also note that one of the regular pick-ups in this level will be the SHOTGUN if you didn't find it earlier.)

Objectives: Use the five switches in different combinations to open four doors in turn.  Three of the doors lead to areas where you'll find lead bars.  The three lead bars must then be turned into gold by a magical process, which you must discover.  The fourth door you'll open using the five switches leads to the exit.  Use the three gold bars to open the final door.

Walkthrough: Keep swimming, surface in a lovely pool decorated with dolphins and climb out.  Draw weapons and head through the doorway on the right/north side, the same side as the underwater gate.  [NOTE: You could go forward (west) from the room with the pool instead, but you'll find a number of gorillas.  If you go right instead, you can kill from above later on.] A crocodile waits in the hallway.  Kill it and continue to the base of a stairway.  Don't go up yet.  Instead turn right and follow the passageway to a high building with many alcoves.

ROOM WITH MANY ALCOVES BELOW AQUEDUCT: Advance slowly to the left with weapons drawn.  Give yourself room to back up while shooting at the 2 lions that emerge from one of the alcoves.  If you go in slowly, you can probably draw them out one at a time.  You can also climb up on one of the low blocks near the entrance where the lion's can't reach.  When they're dead, advance farther to the left to the dark back alcove.  Kill 4 bats there and pick up a small medipak.  (Hear the running water? This structure is actually an aqueduct.  You'll get to the top later on from above.) Turn around and head back toward the hallway where you entered.  Pass it and continue to the far end of the room.  There is a narrow alley there with a gorilla and 2 sets of magnum clips in it.  When you've got them, return through the passage to the base of the stairs.

Go up, turn left and advance to the large room.  Three more gorillas there need your attention.  You can probably shoot them from the doorway by advancing to draw them out then backing up.  When all the apes are dead, enter the room.

ROOM WITH SQUARE PILLARS AND FIVE SWITCHES: Here you see a number of tall square pillars, a high platform with 5 switches, plus several doors.  Note the inscriptions above the doors.  Each has a series of five Greek letters-a different combination of omegas (W), which look like horseshoes with the round end up, and upsilons (U), which look like capital Y's, for each door.  Five symbols, five switches.  Omega points up, Upsilon points down.  Get it? (NOTE: If you don't have the Symbol font installed on your computer, the omegas and upsilons will read as U's and W's or else as blank squares in the walkthrough text.)

Before climbing up to the switches, pick up some ammo: Cross to the far right side of the room from the entrance.  Here you'll find the lowest pillar, which you can climb on.  Take a running jump to the next pillar, then another running jump to the ledge above the door on the left.  Follow the ledge to the far end and take a running jump to grab the ledge opposite.  Pull up and retrieve some magnum clips and a small medipak.  Safety drop to the floor.

Now go to the white stone block structure to the right of the switch platform.  Climb up to the second level and position Lara facing the switch platform, at about a 45-degree angle.  (You can check the angle by using the Look button to line up Lara's head with the second fluted golden column from the left side of the switch platform.) Hop back and then take a running jump (without grabbing) to land on the platform.

If you have trouble making that jump, you can go the long way: Return to the shortest pillar, climb up, take a running jump to the second pillar and another running jump to the third.  From there, take a running jump to grab the top of the next pillar.  Pull up and take a standing jump to the fifth and a running jump to grab the last pillar.  Now jump over to the switch platform, which should be on your immediate right. (NOTE: See that large medipak way, way up there on top of the white stone structure to the left of the switch platform? You can't get it without cheating, but it can be done.  Check out the note on the Unreachable large medipak, at the end of the walkthrough.)

Once you've reached the switches that open the side areas, you can explore them in any order you like.  I suggest you try the most difficult first.  Then, if at first you don't succeed, you can always go on to the other rooms and try this one again later.  Lower the leftmost switch so you have, from left to right: Down, Up, Up, Up, Up (UWWWW).  The door below near the lowest pillar opens.  Go down the stairs in the middle of the platform and use the switch to open the gate.  Now you don't have to do the pillar hop next time.

TORCH ROOM (FIRST lead bar): Enter the door you just opened.  You're now facing a pool and five square pillars with torches on top.  Stepping on the floor in front of the first torch turns off the flames.  You then have about 10 seconds to get to the other side.  Here's how:

First, kill the 3 rats swimming in the pool.  Then if you fall in—and you probably will at least a couple of times-they won't start nibbling as you swim back to the steps.  Save your game.  (There's a convenient save crystal here in the PSX version.) Position Lara's feet on the brown line in front of the first pillar, squarely facing the middle of the next pillar.  The timer doesn't start until you pass the line, so take your time getting set up.  Now, press Forward, then Jump, and hold both keys to take a smooth series of running jumps from pillar to pillar.  Use the left and right arrow keys to turn Lara in the air so she lands on each pillar facing in the direction she needs to run.  At the fourth pillar keep holding Forward and Jump until take-off then press Action in the air to grab the edge of the last pillar.  Pull up and run across the burner as quickly as possible. (NOTE: If you're having trouble getting across the torch pillars with the method above, try one of the alternate methods at the end of this walkthrough.)

Pick up the lead bar-the first of three you'll need to find to finish the level.  (There's also another save crystal on this side of the torches.) Jump in the water, swim back to the steps and exit the room.  Another gorilla will be lurking about.  Kill it and return to the switch platform.

SPIKE ROOM (SECOND lead bar): Now arrange the 5 switches to match the inscription over the door to the right of the entrance: WWUWU-from left to right, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down.  Descend and enter the room, taking care to walk through the spikes.  Go through the opening on the right and locate the movable block behind the ramp.  Pull it twice then go behind it and use the switch there to raise the gray pillars in the room with the spikes.

Climb onto the ramp and go to the top.  (PlayStation users get a save crystal here.) Jump across to the nearest pillar.  Jump from pillar to pillar counterclockwise around the room (running jumps all) until you're facing the opening to a small room.  Walk to the edge of the pillar, take a standing jump into the doorway and immediately back flip out onto the pillar.  Kill the gorilla from safety and jump back over to retrieve the second lead bar.  Jump back to the pillar, then jump over the spikes to a clear spot on the floor.  Return to the switch platform.

SAND ROOM/ROUNDABOUT ROUTE TO TEMPLE (THIRD lead bar): Arrange the 5 switches to match the inscription over the door to the left of the entrance: WWUUW-from left to right Up, Up, Down, Down, Up.  Go through the door, around the pillar at the center of the room and through the doorway at the back of the room.  Turn right and go down the stairs.  Find the movable block and pull it once to cause the ceiling to collapse in the room above.  Go back up the stairs then straight ahead up the second flight of stairs to an opening above the now sand-filled room.

Take a standing jump from the doorway to the flat spot below and to the right.  From there take a running jump to grab the broken pillar.  Pull up and then take another running jump to grab the higher end of the sandy ledge just to the right of the elevated doorway.  Pull up again and jump into the doorway.

TOP OF THE AQUEDUCT: Climb up the rocks on the right until you come out in a doorway across from a water-filled aqueduct.  (Inside you'll find a save crystal.) Mind the gap ahead.  Kill 2 bats and 2 gorillas from the doorway.  You can probably also kill another gorilla running around in the room below from the ledge.  Jump across to the walkway around the aqueduct.  (When you look down, you'll notice you're now high above the area where you killed the lions earlier.)

There are also 2 crocodiles in the water at the far right.  You may need to take a dip to draw them out.  When the crocs are out of the way, swim through the underwater tunnel at the end of the aqueduct and surface in a small cave.  Climb out of the water on the right, turn to the left then climb up on the rocks.  Walk forward (with the pool on your left) until Lara won't walk farther.  Jump over the angled block and immediately jump again to land on the rocks ahead.  From here, you'll slide down to a flat spot in the corner.  Turn to the left and walk/slide down to the magnum clips and small medipak, which are SECRET #1.

Return to the north end of the aqueduct where you entered this area.  Safety drop down into the hole with the small medipak, shotgun shells and Uzi clips.  This is SECRET #2.  If you didn't kill the gorilla from above, do it now by jumping up and down until you get a pistol lock on it, then continuing to jump and fire until it's dead.  Then take a standing jump out of the pit.

Go around the corner, past the two openings on the right, and pick up another small medipak in one of the dark alcoves beyond.  Return to the openings and jump from the left one to the building on the left.  Two more gorillas wait here-one in the second alcove, another in the farthest.  You can probably kill the first one from safety by jumping across the gap then back-flipping to the ledge where you started.

ROUNDABOUT ROUTE TO THE TEMPLE: After dealing with the gorillas, turn to face the rock wall across the gap.  You'll notice a large medipak in the long, horizontal crevice in that rock wall.  Take a running jump to grab the flat part of the crevice at the right end and pull up.  (If Lara won't pull up, traverse a little to the left where the ceiling is higher and try again.) Take the medipak.  Then drop back to grab the edge and traverse all the way to the left.  Drop to the flat block, roll, drawing weapons, and kill 2 bats.

Take a running jump back across the gap to the dark hallway that is lit at the far end.  Follow this twisty passage, running up a series of ramps, then climbing up blocks until you emerge in a cave with a section of break-away floor.  Run across the tiles to the niche with the large medipak.  Then take a standing jump diagonally to the right to land on the solid ground beyond.  If you fall through the floor, you'll land in the pool at the end of the aqueduct and have to climb all the way back here.

Slide down the ramp ahead, drop down into the area below, then climb down the rocks to emerge on a ledge above the pool at the level entrance.  Follow the ledge around the pool, shooting the lion that gets in your way.  Enter the cave at the end of the ledge.  Continue to an opening on the left side where you can climb up then out onto a ledge.

Be careful not to fall down or you'll have to reload or come all the way back to this point from the switch room.  Kill the 2 gorillas from above.  Turn to the right and take a running jump to the next ledge.  Enter a cave with a pool.  If you can get a lock on it, kill the crocodile in the water with your pistols before jumping in.  Or, swim across the pool quickly, climb out of the water and either kill the croc or just go on.

TEMPLE ROOFTOP: Turn around, go to the back of the cave and climb the rocks to an opening.  Kill 2 bats then jump across to the roof of the temple ahead.  Cross the roof and pick up the third lead bar (plus a save crystal).

Now you should be able to kill 2 lions and 2 gorillas from the roof before climbing down.  If you don't want to wait for the gorillas to show, you can dangle from the roof to draw them near, or drop down then jump on the rocks at the side of the temple to kill them from safety.  When all is clear, approach the temple, pick up the large medipak and enter (the door opens automatically).  Follow the passageway to a switch and use it to open the gate to a garden near the pool at the entrance.  (PSX players will find another save crystal here.)

Exit the passageway and continue down to the next room.  Jump up on one of the blocks to kill the 3 gorillas running around in here.  Continue on through the far doorway, turn right at the pool where you entered the level and go down to the gate you just opened.

GARDEN/MIDAS: Two more gorillas lurk in the garden.  Kill them then find a switch on the left wall behind a small tree.  Use it to open the gate ahead, also on the left side of the garden.  Enter slowly.  When you turn the corner a pair of chomping blades begin to work.  Walk Lara up to about arm's length from the blades.  Listen to the sounds they make.  There are two "clangs" as the blades clamp together, then they begin to separate.  Take a standing jump past the blades just as you hear the second clang.  On the other side is SECRET #3.  Pick up the goodies from around the room-magnum clips, shotgun shells and a small medipak.  Exit past the blades the same way you came in.  (NOTE: If you don't already have the MAGNUMS, you'll get them here in place of the clips.)

Cross the garden to the far back corner.  Climb on the low ledge, turn around and walk to the edge.  Then take a standing jump to grab the edge of the roof.  Pull up, take the large medipak and enter a passageway at the back of the roof.  Here you'll find the statue of King Midas, now in pieces.  If you want to, save your game first.  (There's a convenient save crystal on a ledge near the statue.) Then, just for fun, jump onto Midas's hand.  Reload and this time use the magic hand to change those LEAD BARS you've collected into GOLD BARS.  (Face the side of Midas's palm and "use" the lead bars as you would use a key.)

ROOM WITH FIVE SWITCHES (AGAIN) and LEVEL EXIT: Take your gold bars and return through the garden, to the left and up the ramp, then back upstairs to the switch room.  Reset the switches to match the inscription over the last door: UWWWU-from left to right, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down.  Go to that door, which is below the right side of the balcony (when facing the switches).  Enter with weapons drawn and kill the charging lion.

Climb to the top of the stairs and go out onto the balcony to pick up some shotgun shells (and a save crystal).  Then come halfway back down the stairs to the doorway.  Enter, place your GOLD BARS in the niches in the alcoves and exit the level.

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USING THE CORNER BUG TO GET THE UNREACHABLE LARGE medipak: There are many seemingly unreachable places in the various Tomb Raider games.  One particularly enticing one is the white stone structure with the large medipak in the ROOM WITH SQUARE PILLARS AND FIVE SWITCHES.  To get there, you can use a technique that players call the "Corner Bug" or "Jump Trick." (Jeff Reid brought this to my attention, but I believe the corner bug was a known quantity before it was applied to this particular spot in the game.)

From the tall, square pillar to the left of the switch platform, jump over to the middle ledge of the white stone structure.  Turn so Lara is facing the white block and the open room is on her right.  Sidestep to the right until her right foot is at the edge.  Then turn about 45 degrees to the right so Lara is facing the switch platform.  Jump straight up and down in place repeatedly and Lara will creep forward toward the corner of the white block.  You'll notice her left shoulder and foot start to merge into the block.  Then, at a certain critical point, she'll suddenly pop up to the top of the block above, right next to the medipak.  Why? As Lara creeps forward, the game program interprets her position as being INSIDE the block.  It knows this can't be true, so it "corrects" by repositioning her on top of the block.  This is obviously a bug in the game, but apparently the programmers meant it to be exploited, or they wouldn't have put goodies up there.

If you need more help using the corner bug, check out my useful bugs page for tips and screenshots.  After getting the medipak, drop back down to the lower block, jump over to the nearest square pillar and from there, jump to the platform with the switches.

ALTERNATE METHODS FOR GETTING ACROSS THE FIRE PILLARS: The first method involves no cheating.  It's easier than the method I suggest above, but you'll need to use a few medipaks.  The second combines elements of the first and second methods.

First make sure Lara has full health.  (If you're short on medipaks, you can do some of the other stuff in the level first, then come back here.) Stand Lara on the brown starting line with her left foot at the left edge of the platform.  Take a running jump to the left corner of the first pillar.  Take another running jump to the right corner of the second pillar and then another running jump to the left of the third pillar.  The flames will probably come back on around now, but that's OK.  Hold the walk button and step back carefully from the flame to the front edge of the pillar.  Lara will start losing health, but as long as you keep her away from the flame, she won't catch fire.  Keep an eye on the health bar from this point and pause to use medipaks as needed.  Sidestep to the left of the pillar and make sure Lara is facing forward lined up squarely with the left corner of the final platform.  Use another medipak if necessary.  Then immediately take a running jump along the left edge of the pillar and press action to grab the edge of the last pillar.  Before pulling up, traverse to the left to make sure Lara is as close to the edge as possible.  Then pull up and walk across the edge of the pillar out of the range of the flame.  (Special thanks to Norman G.  for this suggestion.)

If you're playing on the PC or Macintosh and you make it to the point where you grab the last pillar and the flames come on as you're about to pull up, try this trick: Traverse to one corner before pulling up, and walk across the edge of the pillar to avoid catching fire.  If this doesn't work and Lara has caught fire, immediately save your game.  Reload and Lara will have taken some damage, but she'll no longer be on fire.  (MAKE SURE YOU SAVE IN A NEW SLOT in case it doesn't work for you.)

Copyright © 1998-2002 - Stellalune (e-mail stella@tombraiders.net).  Special thanks are given to the participants in the alt.games.tombraider newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough couldn't have been written.  Thanks also to Helena for finding the alternate weapon pick-up points, Ian T.  for various tips (including the locations of the save crystals in the PlayStation game), Mandy and Norman G.  for help on this level, and Greg D.  for the Macintosh savegame.  Feel free to copy, distribute and quote this walkthrough, but please include this credit line so people can send me their corrections, comments and suggestions.  Also, if you'd like to offer this on your own web site, please read and follow the instructions here.

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