Kills: 8 Items: 8, including one piece of the Scion Save Crystals: 3 (PlayStation only) Secrets: 3

(NOTE: that one of the regular pick-ups here will be the shotgun if you didn't get it in the previous level.)

Objectives: Find three switches to open the gates barring one of the doors.  Enter through this door to find a piece of the Scion.  Exit the level the way you came.

Walkthrough: Follow the passage to a large room with ornate wall decorations.  Cross the room and start up the sloped passageway.  When you reach a certain point, the gate at the end of the hallway closes and a boulder drops from the ceiling ahead and rolls down the ramp.  Reverse roll and run down and to either side to avoid being flattened.  The boulder will roll across the room and into the passageway through which you entered.

Return to the large room at the bottom of the ramp.  Note the two side doors: The one to the right has a series of three gates blocking it.  You'll need to find switches to raise each of them.  The one to the left is closed.  Cross the room and find the switch on the wall to the left of the passageway where the boulder went.  Pull it to open the door, then immediately roll and draw weapons (I like the shotgun here) to dispatch the 2 velociraptors that charge out.

FOUR-WAY INTERSECTION: Follow the hallway the raptors came from to a 4-way intersection.  (There's a save crystal here in the PlayStation version.) Note the pictures over the doors: To the right, a face; ahead, a sun; to the left a bird.  Each door leads to one of the switches that raise the gates.  You can do them in any order.  Here I'll start with the right door (face).

DOOR WITH FACE PICTURE ABOVE: Follow the hallway until you see an area on the left wall that looks different from the rest.  Push this movable block twice and you'll see another movable block.  Push the second block once to open up the passage beyond.  Run across the break-away tiles without pausing.  When you reach the other side you'll see the deadly spikes below.  Pull the switch to raise one of the three gates.  Turn around and walk to the edge.  Take a standing jump over the spikes and return to the 4-way intersection.

DOOR WITH BIRD PICTURE ABOVE: Now, go straight ahead through the door with the bird picture.  Follow this hallway to a room with a switch.  Don't pull it yet.  Instead drop down into the next room, which contains a pair of tall, movable blocks with bird motifs on them and a spiked area.

Go through the doorway on the left and climb the stairs to emerge on top of one of the tall blocks.  (For clarity, I'll call this block #1.) Once on top of block #1, turn right, walk to the edge, then jump and grab the ledge opposite.  Pull up and follow the passage until you reach an opening where you can drop down.  Continue down until you can drop onto block #2.  (As you climb down, you can hear the sound of a door opening elsewhere.) Once on top of block #2, walk to the right side then jump and grab the opening of the passage opposite.  Pull up and proceed until you come to a switch.  Use it to move block #2 out into the room.  Then return to the room with the blocks and drop down to the floor.

Climb up into the doorway where you first entered this room (above the low ramp).  Now, throw that switch you didn't use earlier to move block #1.  To the right of this switch is the door you heard opening when you were in the passageway above.  Go through it and climb up as far as you can, then drop down next to block #2 (which moved when you pulled the first switch).  Take a running jump over to the block.  From there take another running jump to block #1.  Now you can take a final running jump over the spikes to the doorway.  Inside you'll find the switch to open the second gate.  Use it.  Then take a running jump from the doorway over the spikes to the clear floor beyond.

Climb back up into the room with the switch.  Another velociraptor will attack from the hallway beyond.  Kill it, dropping back into the block room for safety if necessary, and continue back to the 4-way intersection.

DOOR WITH SUN PICTURE ABOVE: Go through the remaining door-the one on the left with the sun picture over it.  Proceed to an alcove with a break-away floor and a switch beyond.  The switch is useless so don't even bother trying to pull it.  Instead step into the alcove and quickly hop back.  The floor will fall in.  Now turn around and drop back into the room, grabbing the edge of the floor to hang.  As you drop, draw your weapons and kill the 3 wolves waiting below.

In the wall at the middle of the ledge at the top of the ramps there's movable block.  Pull it once, go around to the side and push it once to reveal a passageway behind.  Go up the stairs where you'll find a hole with a small medipak in it.  Continue climbing until you reach the third switch.  Use it to raise the last gate.  Pick up another small medipak in the corner.  Then drop down through the opening across from the switch.  Turn around and go on to come back to the 4-way intersection.

THROUGH THE THREE GATES: Return to the main room (with the ramp/boulder trap).  Go straight ahead and follow the hallway, passing under the 3 gates you raised.  (Get the save crystal.) Ahead is a dart trap.  Take a series of running jumps (or dive and roll-Walk + Jump + Forward) to safely pass through the darts.

Stop on the second step.  Face left and step down just to the right of the dart pipe.  Pull up into the alcove above.  Sidestep past the statue and you'll see a doorway beyond.  This is SECRET #1.  The floor is made of those break-away tiles and there are spikes below.  But there's a solid platform in the far left corner.  Run across to it and pick up some shotgun shells (If you didn't get the shotgun in the previous level, you'll get it here instead.)

Drop back and hang from the platform.  Traverse until Lara is right next to the wall, then drop and she should land safely.  Pick up the magnum clips, which count as SECRET #2.  Then WALK through the spikes to the area below the doorway.  Sidestep into a clear spot then pull up into the alcove.  Drop down on the other side, avoiding the darts.

QUALOPEC'S TOMB: Continue up the stairs to the tomb proper.  In the center, on a pedestal, is a piece of the artifact you've been looking for.  The mummy on the left will not harm Lara, but it does count as one of the kills if you shoot it until it falls.  Take the PIECE OF THE SCION and the ceiling begins to collapse.  Head toward the gate, which will open as you approach, and run down the ramp.  Keep running across the big room and into the opposite hallway.  Sidestep past the boulder and go up the passageway toward the lake.  (PSX users will find a save crystal in the passageway.)

BACK AT THE LAKE: Larson (Jacqueline Natla's blond minion from the opening movie) is waiting on the other side of the lake, and he doesn't seem very happy to see Lara.  If you aren't bent on getting all the pick-ups, you can snipe at him from the relative safety of the doorway.  If you want everything, start by taking a swim.

Down and to the right is an underwater tunnel.  (No, it wasn't there when you played the previous level.) Inside is a small room where you can surface to breathe and pick up SECRET #3, a large medipak and magnum clips.

The final pickup of the level is only for the truly obsessed.  Swim back to the lake and surface on the left near where Larson is.  Run past him (using a medipak on the way if necessary) and jump up and over the rocks as if you were going to return to the valley.  Keep going to the steep wall, climb up and find a large medipak.  You can't go any farther, so return to the cave opening, from which you can shoot at Larson until a cut scene ensues.  (He apparently counts as a kill, even through it's really more of a K.O.)

Lara confronts Larson, who informs her that the PIECE OF THE SCION she holds is just one of several.  Natla has hired one Pierre DuPont to find the rest of the artifact.  Larson refuses to cooperate any further and, when he goes for his gun, Lara knocks him out and goes looking for answers on her own.

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