Tomb Raider 2 Level 9: Living Quarters

Kills: 21 Items: 8 (12)* plus 1 key and 3 secrets

(*Under found items, the number in parentheses shows total including extra items granted for finding all three secrets.  Note that the regular pick-ups for this level include the harpoon gun, automatic pistols, shotgun and Uzis if you didn't get them earlier.)

UNDERWATER/ENGINE ROOM: You begin underwater where you left off a moment ago.  Swim through the metal arch and around to the left.  A lever here opens a trapdoor in the hull on the opposite side of this area.  Enter and shoot the guy with the club who comes out to meet you.  Take his small medipak then go through the doorway he came from.  You're now in the Maria Doria's engine room.  The tall pillars are the engine pistons (I think).

BURNER ROOM: Go to the doorway at the opposite corner of the room and follow the passageway, killing 2 thugs on the way and taking their auto pistol clips and harpoons(NOTE: If you've been asleep at the controls and don't already have the AUTOMATIC PISTOLS and HARPOON GUN, you'll get them here instead of ammo.) Turn left, jump over the barrels that come rolling toward you, and kill another bad guy.  Note the lever high on the wall next to where you came in.  This opens the door at the top of the ramp, but you can't get to it yet.  For now, go to the top of the ramp and face the burners.  Take a running jump to grab the crevice, then traverse to the right over all the burners.  Drop down and pull the switch here to turn off the flames.

Go through the opening above and to the left.  Continue until you reach a room with a switch.  Pull it to change the positions of the pistons.  Drop down through the opening in the floor to return to the engine room.  Climb up at the right and do the jump-grab routine across the pistons.  A guy with a gun is waiting in the room at the end, and you may be able to take him from here.  Before jumping to this doorway, do a running jump to the ledge on the right to recover SECRET #1, the Silver Dragon.  From there, run, jump and grab the sill of the doorway.  Kill the bad guy if you haven't already and take his automatic pistol clips.

HALLWAY WITH MOVABLE BLOCKS: Follow the passageway until you come to a dead end with a movable block.  (The following sequence is illustrated in the diagram at right.) Push the block as far as it goes (three times).  You'll reveal an opening on the left leading down into the room below and a second opening, also on the left, a little farther on.  Enter the second opening, where you'll find another movable block.  Push this block once.  Return to the first block, and pull it back out twice.  Jump the gap into the hallway near the second block, and go to the right.  In the area behind the first block you'll find 2 boxes of shotgun shells(NOTE: If you don't yet have the SHOTGUN, you'll find it here.)

(BUG NOTE: In some versions of the game there is no first movable block in this hallway.  Instead, you can walk right up to the alcove with the shotgun shells and take them.  Be sure to move the second box, though, so you can climb back up after dropping into the room with the piston switch.)

Drop down to the room below and use that switch again to move the pistons back as they were.  Climb back up into the hallway where you moved the blocks.  Turn around, jump the gap and return along the hallway to the doorway above the engine room.  Jump across the pistons again to the other side.  Do a running jump and grab the edge of the alcove to the right.  Pull up and throw the switch to flood the burner room.

FLOODED BURNER ROOM: Now that it's underwater, you can swim to that lever and pull it to open the door at the top of the ramp.  Swim through this door then down through an opening in the floor.  Kill the scuba diver and swim up into a small air-filled opening next to the one through which you came in.  (NOTE: If you're low on harpoons, you can also head for this opening right away and shoot at the diver from here.)

SEA BOTTOM: Swim through the blue opening with the seaweed growing in it.  Hug the left wall to avoid the hungry eel and you won't have to waste harpoons killing it.  Pull the lever to open the trapdoor in the ceiling just outside this cave.  Re-enter the ship there.

ROOM WITH RAISED DUCTS: A thug with a gun is lurking on the duct above, so kill him before proceeding.  A simple shortcut may enable you to skip over the next bit of business.  Take a standing jump up onto the raised walkway running along the middle of the room.  Position Lara on the square made of silver grating three squares from the wall with the switch.  Face the switch, then turn right and walk to the edge.  Sidestep to the right side of the square.  Take a standing jump from that spot to grab the blue duct ahead.  Pull up.  Follow the duct up to the end.  Take a running jump to the doorway with the wood paneling.  (If this works, you can skip down to the section on PASSENGER AREAS.)

If you're unable to grab the duct, use this longer method: Take a standing jump up onto the raised walkway running along the middle of the room.  Pull the switch at one end of the walkway to open the door at the opposite end.  Just inside this door on the right are 2 switches.  These raise a pair of hinged platforms on the opposite side of the room, above a pit lined with broken glass.  They are timed, but it's a fairly slow timer, so there's no need to panic.  Pull the switch nearer to the door, press Look, side flip to the left, pull the second switch, press Look again, then Roll.  Take a running jump to grab one of the hinged platforms.  Traverse to the right to a solid ledge where you can pull up.

Here you'll find another switch.  Pull it to lower another hinged ledge back in the room with the ducts.  Drop to the floor, cross the room to the low ramp, pull up there and return to the other room.  Cross to the far left side.  Now that you've lowered the ledge here, you can use the angled metal blocks for a boost to the shelf above: Stand facing the lower angled block in the corner.  Step back.  Press and hold the Jump and Action keys.  Lara will jump onto the lowered block, bounce back to the higher block, then jump and grab the high ledge ahead.  Pull up, turn around, and take a running jump over the gap where the hinged ledge was.

Walk along the duct to the top, where you'll find a movable box.  Pull the box to the right so you can hop around behind it to the left side.  Drop and hang from the duct where the box was, traverse left and pull up.  Turn around and do a standing jump to grab the ledge ahead.  Follow the dark hallway to the end, slide down the ramp on the right and proceed along the duct until you can jump across to a doorway with the wood paneling.

PASSENGER AREAS: Follow the passage until you come to a room.  Kill the guy with the wrench, then take the first right.  Here you'll find SECRET #2, the Gold Dragon, in a glass-lined pit.  Stand at the edge of the opening facing the dragon and press Action + Roll to jump in past the glass.  (Or, if you have trouble with that technique, stand at the edge of the pit and jump to grab the opening above.  Pull up into a small, dark room, then drop through the breakaway tile to land near the dragon.) Now retrieve your prize, walk through the glass, climb out of the pit and go around the corner.

Slide down the slope, jumping at the last minute to sail over the broken floor with glass shards below.  Notice the music...notice the Jade Dragon on the sea bottom outside the window.

Continue to a wet place on the floor.  There are 2 barracudas here.  One you should be able to kill right off with pistols.  The other you may have to entice closer or simply out-swim.  One of the floor tiles under the water will break away when you step on it, opening up an underwater passage.  Swim out and get SECRET #3, the Jade Dragon (along with 4 sets of M-16 clips if you've found all secrets).

Return to the ship and continue on.  When you come to an angled block, jump to the breakaway floor below it.  There's nothing nasty beneath this time.  Now jump out on the other side.  Across from the angled block is a wall you can grab.  Stand on the step next to the slide, facing the wall.  Take 3 side steps to the right.  Side flip onto the angled block, slide, jump and grab the top of the wall.  Traverse to the right until you can pull up and jump down on the other side of the wall.

Go through the door and kill the goon on the landing to your right.  Head up the ramp to the next room, and take out the guy with the gun below and to the left.  Don't go over the railing yet.  First go to the back of this room, past the gold sofas, and pull the movable box to open up a hallway on the other side of the box.

Now jump down to the tiled area and kill the 2 thugs that emerge.  Continue to the far end of the room, where you can drop down into a depression with another movable box.  Pull it out, then climb on top to shoot a thug with a gun who emerges.  When he's dead, go behind the box and pick up the THEATRE KEY.

THE THEATRE: Return to the hallway you un-blocked earlier.  (NOTE: If you didn't move the box blocking the hallway earlier, you can do it now.  Use the wooden crate in the middle of the floor to jump over the railing onto the raised walkway.  Now go to the left past the gold sofas to find the movable box.  Pull it once.  Jump back over the railing to the lower level and find the now open hallway on the right.) Follow the hallway to the stairs and kill the guy with the club who comes down.  Now backtrack to the locked glass doors and use the key to open them.

Inside is one baddie on the floor and 2 more thugs in box seats up on the right.  You can shoot one of the guys in the box from below.  Jump over and kill the other, take some Uzi clips (or the UZIS if you don't already have them) and use the switch to open the curtain on the stage.  A guy with a wrench is waiting behind the curtain, so take him out, then pull the movable crate under the opening to climb up.  Drop down into the room behind and go to the far end, avoiding the pit with glass shards.  Push the button to flood the pit where you found the theatre key.

Return there, killing the guy with the gun who tries to stop you in the hallway and taking his shotgun shells.  Swim across the flooded area and climb into the doorway to end the level.

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