Tomb Raider 2 Level 5: Offshore Rig

Kills: 20 Items: 19 (21 and Uzis)* plus pistols, automatic pistols, harpoon gun, shotgun, 3 pass cards and 3 secrets

(*Under found items, the number in parentheses shows total including extra items granted for finding all three secrets.)

LOCKUP: You begin this level imprisoned in a room full of crates.  Check your inventory.  Though they've kindly left Lara her flares and ammo, the bad guys seem to have confiscated all her weapons.  Guess you'll have to get them back.

There's a wall of windows and next to them a locked door.  Fortunately some of these crates move, revealing a passageway in the back left corner.  Here's the switch that opens the door.  It's timed, so pull the switch, press Look, then roll and run out.  If you have to climb over crates, you won't make it, so be sure you've cleared a path.

POOL AND UNDERWATER PASSAGE: Alarms will start to go off and the guards will be here in a moment, so dive into the water and swim over to the other side of the airplane before surfacing.  Just be careful not to venture too close to that huge propeller.  Any closer than the barrels on the bottom and you'll get sucked into the blades.  Yes, that's one of the secrets back there, but don't try and get it yet.

Down on the left side of the fan is a lever.  If you're careful you can approach it from the side and pull it to open a door on the other side of the fan.  Go around the barrels and stay close to the wall as you approach.  You'll have to swim holding the right direction key to make it past the fan into the opening without getting shredded.

Follow the underwater passage until you can surface.  On the wall underwater, just below the opening where you just came in, is a lever.  Pull it to open a trapdoor back at the end of the tunnel near the fan.  Now you can swim back, go down through it and grab SECRET #1, the Jade Dragon.

Return through the underwater passageway to the room with the lever and climb out.  Follow the passageway until you emerge outside.  Head to the right, jumping the gap and avoiding spending more than a moment in front of those windows.  The guards may see you and attack.  Drop down at the end of the walkway and push the button on the wall to open the hatch under the plane.

THE SEAPLANE: Swim underneath and climb inside.  Press the button to turn off the engine.  Return via the underwater tunnel to the dock by the windows.  This time, go to the end of the black walkway with the broken railing at the end.  Run and jump off this walkway to grab the airplane wing next to the propeller.  Pull up and go over the top of the plane.  Fall through the trap door, which opens when you step on it.  Grab the PISTOLS and head up the ladder.

YELLOW CARD AND LOCK: Now you can return to the landing where you escaped.  Come in from the right behind the wall, so the guards don't see you before you see them.  Pull up and head for the door on your right.  Two guards, one with a club, the other a gun, rush out.  Take care of them and grab a large medipak and the YELLOW PASS CARD.

Enter the door they came from, avoiding the ramp with the barrels.  They'll come rolling down if you step on the ramp.  Follow the passage to a room where you can use the pass card in a YELLOW LOCK to open the door.  Enter the room and press the button to turn off the alarm.

LOUNGE AND BUNKS: Follow the passage to the right.  Turn the wheel to open the door.  Two rig workers with clubs attack, one from behind, so take care of them.  One has a small medipak.  The door at the top of the ramp closes when you approach, so use the door with the wheel to enter the bunk area.  Another guy with a club comes out.  Kill him and take his large medipak.  Go into the lounge and pick up 2 bundles of harpoons and 2 pairs of automatic pistol clips.  (No matter how hard you try, you can't pick up the cigs or coffee...drat!)

Go into the bunk area.  The guys have kindly left some goodies on their beds—AUTOMATIC PISTOLS and clips for them, a HARPOON GUN and 2 bundles of harpoons.

There's a trapdoor in the ceiling between the last two bunks that opens when you push a button in the first top bunk on the left.  It's on a timer, so you'll have to rush.  Push the button, then roll, run to the last bunk on the right, jump and pull up, roll, walk up to the edge, jump and grab the opening then pull up.  (Tapping the Look key just after you push the door button lets you see what Lara sees, instead of the door opening, and helps give you better control.)

BURNER ROOM: Follow the passage to the slope.  Slide down backwards and grab the edge.  Climb down the ladder to the bottom.  There are 2 movable blocks on the left.  Pull out the one on the right and push it over to the other side of the room.  Now pull the other block out, pull it once toward the middle of the room, then get behind it and push it up next to the platform with the burners.  Do a running jump off the block and grab the ladder above the flames.  Climb to the top.

RED CARD AND LOCK: Follow the hallway, killing the guy with the club who attacks, and taking his RED PASS CARD.  Continue until you see a ladder on the left.  Climb to the top and retrieve SECRET #2, the Silver Dragon.  Climb back down and proceed up the stairs.  You'll end up at the small, water-filled room where you were earlier.  Go outside and re-enter the room where you used the yellow pass card, shooting out a window to get in.

Go into the next room and this time take the left passage.  A rig worker with a gun and a Doberman greet you.  When they're dead, take the guy's Uzi clips.  Start up the ramp, jumping off to the side to avoid the rolling barrels.  At the top, use the card in the RED LOCK to open the door.

As you enter, 3 rig workers try and stop you, so take care of them and take a small medipak, shotgun shells and some flares for your trouble.  Alarms will start ringing, but there's nothing you can do about them, so just go on about your business.  Climb on the platform to the left.  Find the movable block in the corner and push it once.  Go around to the opposite side and pull the block out once.  Go back behind it and push it once more.  Now you can do a running jump from the walkway near the empty pool to grab the edge of the block, pull up and jump and grab the opening above.

TWO POOLS AND GREEN LOCK: When you turn the corner a thug with a gun starts shooting at you, so kill him and take his shotgun shells.  Enter the room and use the switch on the left wall to flood the first of two pools in the room outside.  Notice the GREEN LOCK here.  You'll be getting the key card for that soon.  Go back the way you came, then swim across the pool to the area with the yellow tank.  Jump over the ducts onto the metal surface.  Jump up the ramp and pull the switch to open the trapdoor in the room with the green lock.

HUGE ROOM WITH WATER BELOW: Go to the trapdoor and jump in.  Follow the passage, slide down the ramp and take a look around.  You can't see them all from here, but there are seven bad guys in this big room.  You can fight all of them at close range or only two.  I imagine you can figure out the Stallone way, but here are my tips for the safer way: Head to the right end of the catwalk and look around.  Draw the pistols because Lara can see the 2 scuba divers in the water better than you can.  She can probably take out both from up on this catwalk.

(NOTE: If you do decide to fight the scuba divers on their own level, at least jump in the water at the left end of the catwalk so you can have a moment to get oriented before they mob you.  You can also climb out on the cement footing here if you need to.  If you climb on the footing on the right—the one with the gold dragon—you'll need to deal with 2 more baddies at the same time.)

Also note the positions of the two guys on the other catwalks.  You can't shoot them from here, but you'll know what to expect.  Now begin making your way more or less clockwise around the various catwalks.  Start at the left end of the catwalk near the entrance.  Do a running jump and grab the catwalk opposite.  Take another running jump to the small platform ahead and a bit to the left.  From there, jump to the small platform to the right, then to the next catwalk.  Immediately take out the guy with the gun on the next platform over.  Jump over to take his SHOTGUN and kill the thug shooting from the next platform over.  Jump over to where his body is, take the shotgun shells and look for another thug on the catwalk beyond.  You should be able to get him from here.

GREEN CARD: Do a running jump to the catwalk on the wall beyond the footings.  Note the opening above.  You'll be exiting here later.  Run and jump diagonally to the catwalk where the last bad guy fell.  He has no goodies, but in a glassed-in cabinet on the wall is the GREEN PASS CARD.  Shoot out the glass and take it.

Jump down into the water (watch out for the scuba divers if you didn't kill them already.) Climb out on the footing where SECRET #3, the Gold Dragon, is.  Two guys with clubs rush you.  If you're low on health, pull up onto the footing to draw them out, then swim to the other footing, climb onto it and shoot them from safety.  Claim the dragon (plus the UZIS and 2 sets of clips if you've found all secrets).  You'll also get a small medipak from one of the bodies.

Swim to the footing in the far corner of the room.  Climb out and jump to grab the ladder on the wall.  Climb up and make your way back across the catwalks to the exit.  (NOTE: In case you get disoriented, the exit is an opening high in the middle of one of the end walls.  When facing the exit, the wall with the entrance and the alcove where you found the green card is on your right.) Climb up into this opening and follow the passageway up to a ladder.  Climb it and continue until you can drop down.  You're now back at the room with the GREEN LOCK, and a rig worker with a club and a small medipak is blocking your way.  Take care of him then go in, use the same switch you used earlier to drain the first pool and refill the second.  Use the green card to open the door.

Jump into the pool, swim through the opening on the far side and down a long passage.  When you reach the grate, pull the lever to open it and continue until you can surface.  Head up the stairs to the next level.

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