Kills: 23 Items: 25, plus 1 key and 3 Serpent Stones Save/power-up crystals: 5 Secrets: 4*

*There are several possible routes through this level.  I have attempted to describe them without making the walkthrough too convoluted.  The number of kills and items will vary depending on the route you choose.  Also, there are four possible secrets, even though the statistics screen (accessed through the stopwatch in your inventory) says there are only three.  Be sure to find at least three so you can access the bonus level at the end of the game.

Note also that one of the regular pick-ups here will be the HARPOON GUN if you didn't get it in a previous level.

Objectives: Get from the lagoon to the village (by either route or a combination of the two).  Once you reach the village, find a way into the tree house near the big swamp.  Inside you'll meet a soldier, who will give you a map to help you get across the swamp at the beginning of the next level.

You begin the level underwater.  Swim forward to surface.  Then swim to the right between the rocks.  On the bottom of the lagoon you'll find the SMUGGLER'S KEY.  Swim back toward where you started, then continue forward.  There's one ledge low enough to climb out on.  On the block above is a small medipak.

After you get it, swim to the other end of the lagoon near the bamboo hut.  Climb out of the water on the rock outcropping with the small medipak on top.  Face away from the hut.  Across the water, you'll see some rocks with a sloped block on the left and a flat ledge on the right.  Take a running jump from the peak of this rock to grab the sloped ledge, traverse and pull up onto the flat ledge.  Turn right and take a standing jump to the next flat block ahead.  The chimes will register SECRET #1, but you'll need to take a running jump to grab the next ledge for the pick-up: MP5 clips.

Swim back to the sandy shore.  There are now two paths you could follow: Into the hut (next paragraph) or down into the cave on the right (pick up the walkthrough below at the **).  Either path will net you three secrets, but if you want all four, you'll need to start with the hut.  (See the note about secrets above at the *.)

THE SMUGGLER'S HUT: Enter and use the smuggler's key to unlock the trapdoor.  Safety-drop in and pick up a save/power-up crystal.  Advance slowly to avoid being skewered by the wooden spike trap.  Crawl under and continue to a cavern with a pool.  Shoot the 2 crocodiles in the water and the tribesman with the blowgun on the ledge above.  (NOTE: The MP5 works well for long-range targeting.  If Lara is hit by one of the tribesmen's blowdarts, you'll need to use a medipak or power-up crystal to antidote the poison.)

LARGE CAVE WITH POOL: Sweep the bottom of the lake to find 4 bunches of harpoons—two just below the ledge at the entrance, one ahead on the right, and one on the far side of the pool on the left.  (NOTE: If you don't already have the HARPOON GUN, you'll find it here in place of some of the harpoons.) Then return to the ledge atthe entrance.

Take a running jump to the next ledge, a standing jump to the ledge beyond that, then climb up to the high block near the torch.  Use the vines on the ceiling to traverse over the pool to the other side.  Drop onto the ledge.  Turn and jump to the path on the right.  Follow it to the end and climb up as far as you can.  Turn to face the torch and rock bridge then follow the short path toward the right wall.  Above on the right, you'll see an opening.  Jump to grab the vine-covered wall below it and climb up to get some MP5 clips.  Back out of the opening, climb down as far as you can, and let go to drop to the walkway.

Turn around and walk back up the path toward the entrance.  At the end of the path, turn left and climb onto the stone ledge.  Turn around to face across the water.  Take a standing jump from the edge of the block to grab the ledge above the entrance.  (You can also use a running jump, but it's more difficult to set up on the angled ledge.) Pull up.  Use the vines on the ceiling to traverse to the rock bridge where you killed that tribesman.

Cross the bridge, turn left, then jump over to the slope.  (You can't really see it, but it's on the other side of the opening.) Slide down and jump at the end to land on the ledge beyond.  Look sharp because another tribesman is shooting darts from above.  Take care of him, then do a running jump over the spikes to grab the ladder.  Climb up and get the large medipak.

Drop back and hang from this ledge.  Then traverse to the left until you can pull up again.  Get the save/power-up crystal and small medipak on the walkway near the dead guy.  Take a standing jump-grab from the end of the walkway to the ledge below.  (There's nothing to grab but pressing Action alters Lara's trajectory so she doesn't bang her head on the rocks.) Drop back to hang from the ledge, then traverse left and pull up.  Take a standing jump to the next ledge on the left.

WOODEN BRIDGE: Follow the passageway to the wooden bridge.  Before crossing, find a secret: At the beginning of the bridge, turn right.  Take a running jump to grab the rock ledge.  Pull up and take a standing jump to grab the ledge beyond.  The chimes sound for SECRET #2.  Jump to the next ledge to pick up the grenades.  Then return to the bridge the way you came.

Now you can choose to go INSIDE THE TEMPLE on the other side of the bridge or climb down to the ground and continue along the other path (Serpent Stones).  If you choose the latter, resume the walkthrough below at the ***.  (NOTE: You only need to find three secrets in this level for a perfect score.  But to get all four, you should climb down now or after exploring the temple ahead.)

INSIDE THE TEMPLE: Enter the building, take a few steps to the left—not too far, though, or you'll run into a whirling blade.  Then turn and take out the tribesman who sneaks up behind you from the right.  When the coast is clear, crawl under the blade into the next room.  Lara looks up at the window in the ceiling as you enter.  Yes, this is a hint.  Don't step into the light or you'll trigger a poisoned-dart trap and raise the spikes in the trench ahead.  Instead, go around the corner to the right and press the button to cover the window and deactivate the traps.

Now, pick up the large medipak and jump across the stream.  Crawl over to the save/power-up crystal to avoid more poisoned-dart traps.

Now you can choose to slide down the chute to THE VILLAGE (pick up the walkthrough below at the ****), jump into the water to land on a ledge on the FACE OF THE TEMPLE (continue below at the *****), or backtrack to the WOODEN BRIDGE and climb down the rocks (continue below at the ***).  (NOTE: To get all four secrets, you should choose the second or third option.)

(**) INTO THE CAVES (Serpent Stones): Slide down the slope into the cave.  Continue past a small pool and climb up into an overgrown area.  A hostile tribesman lays in wait.  Take him out then continue on to a swampy area with a wooden bridge above.

(***NOTE: If you're coming into this area from the bridge above, you can head away from the swamp to meet the tribesman mentioned in the paragraph above.  Otherwise, go on from here.)

Take a running jump to grab the block in the middle of the quicksand.  Pull up at either corner to avoid the poisoned darts.  Turn right and take a running jump to the rock ledge with the large medipak.  A standing jump will get you back onto the rock pillar.  Then take another running jump to the other side of the swamp.

Follow the path, killing another native along the way.  You'll soon come to a huge temple near a very steep drop-off.  Before going on, backtrack to where the path bends back toward the quicksand.  Climb onto the rocks with the green tops, go forward, turn right and climb onto the bent tree trunk.  (You're now facing the quicksand and the wooden bridge.) Climb up to the rock ledge behind the tree.  Turn around and head to the left along the ledge.  Jump to the branch, then to the triangular green ledge, and from there, jump around the corner to grab the square stone ledge with the shotgun shells.  Return the way you came to the ledge above the bent trunk.

This time jump to the thick branch on the right side of the tree trunk.  Follow the branch to the stone ledge at the end.  Take a running jump to grab the next branch and pick up the red SERPENT STONE—one of three.  Go to the other end of the branch and climb into the alcove for SECRET #3Desert Eagle clips.  (NOTE: For some, this will be the second secret.)

THE FACE OF THE TEMPLE: Take a running jump to the side of the temple.  Land on the sloped green ledge just above the torch.  Slide down to the flat spot next to the torch.  Jump into the pool below and let the current carry Lara over the edge to land on the small, square ledge between the two waterfalls.  Alternately, you can slide down the front of the temple, then climb and jump your way over to the ledge between the falls.

(*****) Take a standing jump into the opening behind the falls where you'll find a SERPENT STONE.  Step back from the opening a bit, then take a standing jump (with Action) to land back on the ledge between the falls.

Look to the left and you'll see a save/power-up crystal.  Take a running jump to grab the stone ledge ahead.  Follow the path to the crystal.  Then retrace your steps back to the ledge between the falls (a standing jump will take you from the greenish ledge to the ledge between the falls).

[NOTE: If you came in via the waterfall from the temple above, the serpent stone behind the falls will be the first one you've found.  After obtaining the save/power-up crystal, climb up to the jungle area on the right to locate another crystal and secret (labeled SECRET #3, above).  You can go back as far as the cave near the lagoon if you like, using the walkthrough backwards if you need it.  Make all the necessary pick-ups then return to the temple on the cliff face, jump across the tops of the waterfalls to the far side of the temple, and resume the walkthrough below at the ******.]

If you now have two serpent stones, take a running jump to grab the ladder.  (Don't let go; there are deadly spikes below.) Climb up to the opening at the top right.  Continue through the passageway to another ladder.  Climb to the top.

(******) There's a square pillar with an angled top close to the edge of the cliff.  Climb on top of it to get a small medipak.  Drop down on the safe side, then go to the back right corner of this area.  Climb up onto the block and shoot the tribesman inside the doorway to the left.  (NOTE: Do not place any serpent stones into the snake receptacles until you have all three.  Several people have reported a bug where they placed one stone then went to get the other two.  When they came back they were unable to open the gates.)

Jump from the lowest block to the ledge near the doorway.  Turn around and take a running jump to grab the rock ledge above where you just stood.  Turn right and take a running jump to the gray stone ledge near the temple.  Jump over to the ledge with the third SERPENT STONE.

Slide down the side of the building.  Now take your three stones and place them in the receptacles to open the three gates.  Slide down into the village below.

(****) THE VILLAGE: When you enter the village, 2 tribesmen attack—one with a spiked club comes from near the huts, the other with a blowgun is on the ridge to the left.  (NOTE: If you came down through the serpent stone hallway, you'll be on the same level with the tribesman with the blow gun.  You'll be able to pick up an additional small medipak here, which isn't accessible from below.  When you've got it, slide down the slope.)

There are four huts in this area.  As you explore them, you'll meet 2 more tribesmen.  Inside the closest hut is a rocket.  Behind it, on a ledge near the chute (the one you came down if you slid in from the dart-trap temple) are some grenades.  (You don't need to jump to get these, just face the wall and press Action + Forward.)

The big hut with the fire has a small medipak, and there's a save/power-up crystal behind the hut to the right of the pool.  The hut next to that one is a quicksand trap; you can't get the medipak, so don't bother trying.  Beyond this is a path with a pit of spikes.

When you've gotten everything, go up the narrow path to the left of the pool.  This leads to a tree house and a stone building near a swamp.  You'll meet a hostile native on the path.  Climb onto the rock at the corner of the stone building.  Kill another man lurking at the front of the building.  Jump across to the alcove where he was standing and turn the wheel to raise a trapdoor over the spikes back in the village area.

Return to the village, taking out 2 more tribesmen on the way.  Head to the left toward the path over the spike pit.  Pull up onto the ledge above the pit to get a box of shotgun shells then continue through to the other side of the village.

Follow the wall to the right.  In the back right corner is a dark cave.  This is SECRET #4.  (NOTE: For some, this will be the third secret.) A villager sneaks up from behind when you try to pick up the shotgun shells and MP5 clips.  You'll also find some flares in one of the huts.  And when you go through the narrow alley behind the huts, a guy with a blowgun appears behind you.

One of the huts on the upper level has a wheel inside, which opens the trapdoor into the tree house with the ladder.  When you turn it, another villager attacks from behind.  Kill him, then climb up into the tree house.  The window opens as you approach.  Take a running jump from the windowsill to the wooden ledge to the left.

Enter the stone building and take out the tribesman in the hallway on the right.  You can't get over the burners yet.  So instead go down the hallway and jump from the window to the bamboo platform behind the huts.  Go forward to the far corner, jumping the gap and picking up some harpoons in a dark area on the left.  Jump up to the flat spot on the roof.  Then use the bars in the trees to traverse over the spikes.  Cross over to the next hut (the one with the balcony with wooden railings).  Press the button to raise a platform over the burners in the stone building.  Kill the angry villager who appears when you do this.  Then climb down and back up to the burners.

Take two hops back from the edge of the burners, then a running jump to land on the platform.  A standing jump from the edge of the platform will land you near the button in the alcove ahead.  Press it to open the gate, roll, and take out the tribesman who appears out of nowhere.

Do not press the other button in the neighboring alcove.  This only turns on the burner beneath.  Instead, go left into the hallway.  There's a nasty double circular blade trap here.  You can sprint past it or walk as close as you can to it then hop back and take a running jump as it moves away from you.  Continue to the end of the hallway and turn the wheel.  This opens the door next to it, along with the trapdoor in the pool.  Slide backwards out the window and safety-drop to the ground.  Jump into the pool and swim through the trapdoor you just opened and along the underwater passage.  You can harpoon the crocodile or swim through quickly and climb out.  Then either shoot it from above or just move on.

Follow the hallway to an opening.  Take a standing jump to grab the edge of the tree house and pull up to end the level.

A cut scene follows: Lara enters the hut and meets an Australian soldier whose leg has been cut off below the knee.  He says he thinks the tribesmen did it but it was dark when it happened so he can't be completely sure.  The soldier tells Lara that his plane crashed in the mountains, some of his men vanished under mysterious circumstances and the rest fled.  Lara asks if he knows a safe route through the swamp.  He says he won't go with her but he gives her a map and asks that if she meets any of his men, she should warn them away from this area.

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