Kills: 14* Items: 20, plus PISTOLS, DESERT EAGLE PISTOL and GRENADE LAUNCHER, 3 key cards and 4 pass keys Save/power-up crystals: 3 Secrets: 2

*The number of kills here is approximate. You don't need to kill the prisoners. If you do, your kill total will be substantially higer. Note that there are two prisoners that can't be killed even if you try: the first one you meet if you follow this walkthrough and the one near where you get the second keycard. Thanks to Jason P. for pointing this out. Be sure to find all the secrets so you can access the bonus level at the end of the game.

Objectives: You begin the level locked in a cell with only a single medipak (or your save crystals if you're playing the PSX version) left in your possession. The guards have confiscated everything else you collected up to this point. You must escape and, in the process, get your hands on some weapons. Your fellow prisoners will make valuable allies, so don't hurt them. You'll need to find a series of 7 keys/key cards in order to access different areas of the level.

CELL BLOCK [BAY C]: Climb into the window to trip the sensors and get the guard's attention. When he comes in, run out past him and open the cell next door. A burly convict will come out and make short work of the guard for you. Open the rest of the cells while you're at it, since you'll be needing some reinforcements farther along in the level. (Is it just me, or do all these guys look like clones of George Michael on steroids?)

Enter the open cell diagonally opposite Lara's. Jump into the passageway above the sink. Push the movable crate once and crawl through the small opening around to the other side. Push the second movable crate once. Turn right to face the first crate (you're now on the other side of it) and push it twice, past the crawl space. Return to the second crate and pull it back twice. Crawl back under and pick up SECRET #1, a small medipak, where the second crate was.

COMPOUND ROOF: Now climb through the opening in the ceiling to the walkway above. Take a running jump over the barbed wire in the pit to grab the other edge. Pull up and continue. Walk through the barbed wire and pull the switch to open the trapdoor. Climb onto the ledge then down the ladder into the hallway on the left. (Don't drop into the barbed wire below.)

Follow the hallway, jumping over the first trapdoor. Fall through the second trapdoor and push the button inside the office to open the bars on the CELL BLOCK. If you stay low, the guard will ignore you and the prisoners will rush out and take care of him for you. Take a small medipak, shotgun shells and a KEY CARD from the guard once he's down. Use the card to open the gate opposite the CELL BLOCK.

LAVATORY, KITCHEN and MESS HALL [BAY D]: Inside is a roughly square area of corridors. To the right is a closed door leading to a yellow area. Ahead is the MESS HALL and KITCHEN. The LAVATORY is to the left.

Go through the LAVATORY to a storage room. Find the movable crate and pull/push it under the opening in the ceiling. Climb up, jump the purple pipe and use the switch to flood the room below. Swim down and through the other opening in the ceiling. Follow the passageway, jumping over the opening above the lit stove in the KITCHEN. Continue to an outdoor walkway.

Traverse over the barbed wire pits. Drop down at the end and go down the ramp. Use the switch to turn off the flames and the button to open the door, but return the way you came and drop down onto the stove.

Take the small medipak on the counter. Then press the button to open the kitchen door to exit. Now open the door on the right first (leading to the MESS HALL), then the one on the left. Let the guard chase you through the MESS HALL back to the CELL BLOCK so your buddies can pummel him for you. Confiscate his small medipak.

Return to the office near the KITCHEN, where the guard came from. Press the button here to raise the grates on the exhaust fans in the KITCHEN. Climb through the vent carefully and get the save/power-up crystal. Slide down the slope and jump to grab the crevice. Traverse to the left, drop down and immediately jump to land on the flat spot on the other side of the barbed wire. Climb into the crawlspace and follow it to a ladder. Climb up and walk along the passage to open the trapdoor above. Reverse, jump to grab the opposite edge of the opening and pull up.

GREEN RAMP [BAY E]: Say hi to your friend George and continue to the end of the hallway. Climb the grate and pick up the small medipak at the base of the green ramp. There's a guard patrolling at the top. He won't follow you down the grate ladder, so you'll have to lead him elsewhere. Run up the ramp and turn right. Sprint through the next room, past the crate and to the left. (Don't go right or the sensors will activate a gun turret and you won't get very far.) On the far left is an opening you can jump down into. Run into the hallway ahead and press the button to let George out of his cell. He'll subdue the guard so you can take his KEY CARD.

Climb back up top and use the card to open the control room. Inside is a large medipak and Uzi clips. Push the button to deactivate the sensors. Now you can go through that area and down the ladder. Run down the hall to the left. The guard will chase you. Again, open the cell door. When the cons are through with the officer, relieve him of his YELLOW SECURITY PASS and some flares.

OUTDOOR/HANGAR AREA: Go back up to the sandy area. Use the pass key to open the door on the far side of the hangar. Enter and follow the passage until you come to a crawlspace. Go through it, instead of down the ramp, to avoid the guard on duty below. Pass the windows and safety drop (it's quieter than jumping) into the hallway below. Crawl along to the switch and pull it to open the door to the left. The guard will freak, but he won't cross the laser trap in front of the door. So jump over it into the doorway and run down the hallway. Alternately, you can wait for the guard to approach the door. Then, just before he turns to go back, flip the switch, and he'll be fried by the laser.

SATELLITE DISH TOWER and POOL BELOW [BAY C]: Continue to a huge, open room containing a central structure with stairs going around it and a dish antenna on top. There are several ways you can accomplish the next bit of business. The following describes one way. (See the diagram at right to get oriented.)

(NOTE: You can get to the glassed-in control room that you see above on the right when you enter. The hallway leading to it is on the opposite side of the tower. Inside the control room are 2 buttons. One moves the satellite dish, revealing an opening at the top of the tower that will allow you to drop into the pool. The other opens the door to the hallway leading back to the tower support. However, none of this is necessary if you follow this walkthrough.)

Drop down onto the support beam just below the doorway. Make sure Lara's health is at or close to 100%. Position her so her back is to the opening where you entered and the glassed-in control center is above on her right. If she drops here, she'll still lose more than half her health, but she'll take even more damage if she drops from the outer edge of the support.

After dropping, you'll be at the base of the tower supporting the dish antenna. In the center of this square room is an opening above a pool. On one outer wall is a ladder leading up. (This is the ladder labled #1 in the diagram.) On the other side of the room, there's a hallway leading to another ladder going down. (This is the ladder labled #2 in the diagram. It is behind Lara when she first drops from the support beam.)

First, climb the ladder leading up. Follow the passageway to a T intersection. There's a guard posted down the hall to the left with his back to you. Sneak to the right (walk or crawl; don't run, or the guard will notice). Climb into the crawlspace at the end of the hall, take the YELLOW SECURITY PASS and sneak back out the way you came. (NOTE: Remember this location; you'll be returning here later on to pick up a secret.)

When you reach the square room at the base of the dish antenna tower, circle around the opening in the center to the opposite side and climb down the ladder. IMPORTANT: Push the button in the alcove to the left of the ladder. When you return to this area, you will need to get through from the other side. Now enter the room to the right of the ladder and use your yellow pass key to drop a door between the propeller and the save/power-up crystal in the passageway at the bottom of the pool.

The pool has grates on all four sides. The strong current sucks Lara toward the grates, so that it's easy to become trapped and drown. Rather than fighting the current, I found an easier strategy: Climb the ladder to the right of the yellow lock. At the top of the ladder is a dark room with bluish-purple lighting. One side is open to the pool. Drop onto the small, square burner that juts out into the pool. From here, you can step off into the water almost exactly above the opening with the save/power-up crystal. Swim through the opening, picking up the crystal, and continue along the underwater passage. Pull the lever to open the door and keep going.

Surface in the next room in one of the corners to avoid the lethal laser trap. If you didn't have time to get them on the way, go back into the passage for the flares and small medipak. Climb out of the water, jump over the lasers and drop into the next water-filled passage. Follow it to a big room with a hook up above and a fellow escaped prisoner.

ROOM WITH CONVEYOR BELT and HOOK: Climb the crates on the left of the entrance. The room behind them holds a large medipak, PISTOLS and a loaded DESERT EAGLE PISTOL—at last! Be careful exiting the room, as the sensors for the gun turret above have been activated. Hug the wall to the right of the door and climb up the crates.

RETURN TO SATELLITE DISH TOWER AREA: Now that you've got some weapons, return to the previous area for a secret. Swim back to the pool, follow the other underwater passage in the corner to a dark crawlspace. Crawl through to the hallway near the YELLOW LOCK ROOM. Now there's a guard on patrol here. Take him out, continue around to the right and climb the ladder.

(NOTE: If you neglected to open the door here earlier and your way is blocked, return to the pool. Climb out of the water on the small, square burner and jump from ledge to ledge clockwise around the pool to the green crawlspace. Follow this to a switch, which opens the door. Return via the pool to the hallway where you killed the guard.)

Climb back up the ladder to the square room at the base of the satellite dish antenna. Go around to the other ladder, climb up (to where you got the yellow security pass earlier), kill the second guard, and take his grenades and KEY CARD. Now use the card to open the door at the end of the hall. This is SECRET #2—the loaded GRENADE LAUNCHER.

RETURN TO ROOM WITH CONVEYOR BELT and HOOK: Make your way back, via the tunnel at the bottom of the pool, to the ROOM WITH THE SWINGING HOOK. Go up the ramp on the right, killing a guard at the first landing and 4 more MPs and a German shepherd at the top. One of them will drop a BLUE SECURITY PASS and grenades. Take them, plus a large medipak from the small room near the gate.

Climb the ladder at the top of the ramp and use the pass key to open the next door. Kill the guard who rushes out. Inside you'll find 2 buttons. Press the one on the right to turn on the conveyor belt, dumping a crate at the bottom. The left button only opens the gate, letting in another guard and his dog. So unless you want all the kills, don't bother pushing it.

Climb back down, go down the ramp and use the crate to climb to the ledge above. Grab the duct above and monkey swing across to the ledge with the small medipak. (See this screenshot if you're having any trouble here.) Return to the middle then go left, past the hook, to the stairs. Climb up and kill the guard so you can borrow his YELLOW SECURITY PASS. Carefully jump over the laser trap and get the save/power-up crystal. Return to the ground.

LOADING DOCK: Use the key to open the gate to BAY X. ;-) Head up the ramp to the loading dock, killing one MP on duty outside and another in the warehouse. Pick up some Desert Eagle clips and a small medipak in a depression at the top of the stacked crates. Go to the back right, where you'll find one movable crate. Behind it is an alcove containing Uzi clips and grenades. Get on the truck to end the level.

Another short cut scene follows: Lara hides behind some crates as the truck doors are closed. She pops open a soda and takes a much-needed break as she rides on to Area 51.

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