Kills: 19 Items: 31, plus the SHOTGUN and 1 key Save/power-up crystals: 6 Secrets: 6*

*19 is the maximum number of kills.  Your total may be substantially lower since, in most cases, you don't have to kill the monkeys.  In the PC version of the game the save crystals function as power-ups, equivalent to a small medipak.  They are useless in the demo.  Also in the PC demo, MP5 clips and Desert Eagle clips appear as M-16 and automatic pistol clips.  Be sure to find all the secrets so you can access the bonus level at the end of the game.

Starting Inventory: Pistols (unlimited ammunition), 2 flares, 1 small medipak, 1 large medipak (In the PC demo, you also get the shotgun and 2 shells to start.)

Objectives: Find a way into the ruins and locate the Indra key to exit the level.

LONG SLOPE WITH SPIKES: Turn right and walk/jump up the slope.  Turn left and slide down to the flat green spot.  Turn left to face across the brown slope toward the yellow-green outcropping of tree roots.  Take a standing jump from the edge of the green ledge to land on a flat spot chest-deep in the leaves.  The telltale chime will indicate you've found SECRET #1—the SHOTGUN loaded with 2 shells plus 2 sets of Uzi clips.  Press Action to make Lara pick them up.

After getting the shotgun, turn right and slide downhill to land in a flat spot near the first set of spikes.  Then jump a bit to the left to land on the slope.  Slide down to the flat area below, where you'll find some shotgun shells and a large medipak.  Pick up the medipak but don't move from that spot until the boulder has landed behind you.

(NOTE: If you like, you can jump and grab the fallen tree trunk on the way down from the top of the slope.  Pull up and make friends with—or kill, if you feel you must—a monkey.  Drop to the slope facing downhill and continue to slide.  Either drop down to the left of center so you slide onto the flat spot near the spikes, or jump to clear the spikes and press the Left direction key while in the air to angle Lara a bit that way.  Jump to the left twice more to slide down onto the flat spot where the shells are.)

From where the shells were, walk up the low rise, position Lara near the right edge and take a standing jump to leap over the leafy branches and land on solid ground at the left side of the base of the big tree.  You may need to press the Left direction key to pivot left while in the air in order to nail the landing.  (This screenshot shows where to jump.  Position Lara at the start of the white arrow before jumping.) Use standing jumps to get up behind the tree.  This is SECRET #2shotgun shells and a save/power-up crystal.

Continue around the tree until you're facing the big slope below.  Turn around so Lara's back is toward the big, brown hill and slide backwards down the green slope, pressing Action to grab the edge as you fall.  Release Action to drop to the gray stone ledge below.  Turn right and drop backwards to hang from the stone ledge.  Make sure you're at the high flat spot, not the lower part, before you drop, or Lara will fall into the spikes.  Slide the rest of the way down the hill to the flat, brown area.

AT THE BASE OF THE HILL: Straight ahead is an open courtyard amid the ruins.  Off to the left, through an opening in the ruins draped with greenery, is a swampy area with a save/power-up crystal.  Go that way first.

SWAMPY AREA AND STONE WALL WITH SMALL CASCADES: Hop down into the area on the left and get the crystal.  The undulating brown stuff to the right is quicksand.  Don't venture too far in.  Rather, go to the first tall, square pillar on the left.  You can climb onto it (using Action + Forward).  Behind the low wall, is SECRET #3.  At the left end of the trench is a grenade.  Two of the alcoves contain flares and shotgun shells.  (NOTE: If you already have the GRENADE LAUNCHER, either by cheating or by playing through the game previously, each single grenade will be two grenades.)

(NOTE: At this point, it's possible to take a shortcut and bypass almost the entire level.  You'll miss several secrets, but if you don't care—or if you want to save your game, try this and then reload—I've included directions and screenshots here.  Several people discovered this shortcut independently.  I want to thank Giuseppe and Suzanne for bringing it to my attention.)

Return to the base of the wall (near where you found the crystal earlier) and approach the corner of the ruined building.  There's a doorway here.  You can take a diagonal standing jump to get into it, or slog through the quicksand a short way and pull up into the doorway.

OVERGROWN COURTYARD: You'll find yourself in a courtyard.  On the right, below the big slope where you started the level, are two grated windows—one is recessed behind the bent tree.  In the center of the courtyard is a small medipak.  As you approach, a monkey will come and pick it up.  Follow the monkey into the passageway behind the big-leafed plant and he'll drop the medipak so you can pick it up.  Continue along the passageway to the switch.  Use it (Action key) to open one of the grated windows back at the COURTYARD.

Now, take a short detour to get a medipak.  Jump into the water near the switch and let the current sweep Lara to an area with calmer water.  Locate the small medipak on the riverbottom.  Just above the medipak on the right is an opening partly concealed by greenery.  Swim through and follow the twisting tunnel to an opening where you can climb out of the water.

(NOTE: If it's too dark to see, you can light a flare underwater.)

From the opening of the underwater tunnel, go to the left to emerge back at the COURTYARD.  The window you opened using the switch is just ahead on the left.  Climb up the rocks and the bent tree to get to it, and then hop down into the room below.  There's another switch on the wall ahead.  Pull it and immediately roll and take a running jump up into the alcove opposite to avoid the encroaching spiked wall.  When it has passed, hop down and climb up into the opening to the left.

FIRST ZIP LINE: Ride the zip line (holding Action) across the water to a small rocky outcropping.

(NOTE: If at any time you fall into the river, the current will sweep you along rapidly.  Don't bother fighting it.  It will sweep Lara back to the spot where you found the medipak on the riverbottom.  Swim through the tunnel on the left to emerge back at the courtyard.  You'll need to use the switch to open the grated window again in order to get back to the zip line.  But the second time around you won't have to deal with the spikes.)

DENSE JUNGLE WITH BOULDER SLOPE: At the bottom of the zip line, climb onto the square stump and take a running jump into the opening opposite.  Enter the dark passageway and ready weapons to kill the tiger that charges from behind the rock ahead.  (If you like, you can jump up onto the rock at the left side and shoot the tiger from safety.)

(NOTE: The shotgun is great against tigers, but I recommend saving about 20 shotgun shells for the end of the last India level.  They'll come in handy taking care of the powerful "boss" character.)

Turn and face the door where you entered.  Just to the left of the two shelf fungi is a pointed rock outcropping.  Stand Lara at the corner and take a standing jump to land at the top.  In the alcove to the right you'll find some Uzi clips.

Hop down and go up the hill to the far right corner of this area.  There's a small medipak on one of the stone blocks.  One of the 2 monkeys may beat you to the medipak, in which case you can either shoot it or patiently follow it until it drops the medipak near the cache of flares (below).

At the top left corner of the area is a boulder.  It doesn't roll until you pull the switch inside the hollow tree below.  Do this to open one of the doors near the boulder, then take two side flips to the left to get to safety at the top of the low steps.  Walk forward from the top of the steps and turn left.  There are some flares inside the hollow tree near the thick, tan vine.

Go to the top of the slope the boulder came down and into the room on the left.  Pull the switch to open the door outside to the left.

Enter with weapons drawn.  A tiger emerges from the bushes ahead on the right.  The doorway is a safe spot; the tiger won't follow Lara here.  Kill it and proceed down the path to the far doorway.  A second tiger charges from around the bend.  When you've killed it, backtrack to the brush where the first tiger emerged.  Lara can walk through here to the area beyond.  Take a standing jump to the top of the block in the corner and pick up some shotgun shells.  Return to the path and follow it, past where the second tiger was, to a large open area under a leafy canopy.

MISTY AREA WITH SPIKE PIT: Climb onto the block at the entrance.  (NOTE: In the PC demo, there is a small medipak on the ground to the right.) Continue forward to the far right corner where you'll find some shotgun shells and Uzi clips.  Down below in the misty area is a pit with spikes at the bottom.  Avoid this for now.  Instead, head to the corner where there's a fallen tree.  Crawl under the tree (a friendly monkey will show you the way).  On the other side, turn right and walk along below the tree.

FALLEN TREE: Now walk up along the fallen tree.  Get the save/power-up crystal before or after killing the tiger that charges along the top of the fallen tree.  (NOTE: In the PC demo, you can climb up onto the fallen log at the right side, instead of crawling under it.  If you do this and don't backtrack to the right end, you won't meet this tiger.) On the left side of the fallen tree trunk, near the carved stone column, is a horizontal branch.  Jump to it from the fallen tree, follow it to the end, and take a standing jump to the next branch, where you'll find some MP5 clips.

MULTI-LEVEL ROOM WITH SPIKES and HOLLOW LOG: Continue over the fallen tree trunk to a room with two grated windows.  Drop down into the room on either side.  Another helpful monkey will show you the way into the hallway at the left grated window.  Don't go there yet.

First, look for some goodies inside the tree trunk.  Take a standing jump from the edge of the opening in the floor to grab the bottom of the hollow tree.  Pull up into the opening.  This is SECRET #4.  Crawl forward and pick up some flares and MP5 clips.  Back up to the opening and safety-drop into the spikes below.  Lara will take a little damage, so use a medipak beforehand if your health is low.  WALK to one of the corners and take a standing jump out.  (Or, if you want to avoid taking damage altogether, drop down and hold the Jump key and either Left or Right.  Lara will hop back and forth between the angled blocks until she reaches a corner and jumps out to the safe area.)

Note the large metal gate at the foot of the green steps.  You'll need to open this in order to continue.  To do this, you'll need to get back upstairs.  First get some goodies: 2 sets of Desert Eagle clips on ledges behind the spike area.  If you're having trouble getting to the set on the left, try a standing jump from the corner up onto the flat ledge.

Now head for the dark corner behind the spike area.  Hop down into the opening in the floor and follow the dark passage, WALKING through the spikes to avoid losing health.  Climb out into the MISTY AREA where you were before.  Retrace your steps under then over the FALLEN TREE to the room with two grated windows.

Follow the passage past the left grate until you come to a spiked area.  Lara will look up to a lighted opening across the room.  If you don't want the save/power-up crystal on the roof above, head for the lighted opening now: Walk forward through the spikes.  Turn right and go to the edge of the green area.  Take a standing jump to grab the stone block and pull up onto it.  (Skip the next pagragraph, picking up the walkthrough below at the **.)

To get the crystal, step down into the spikes and turn around.  Position Lara next to the right wall close to the step and jump straight up to grab the roof of the walkway.  Pull up onto the roof and take the crystal.  Turn left and follow the walkway to the end.  Slide down the slope to land on the small corner platform below.  Take a running jump from to grab the corner block on the other side below the crevice and pull up.

(**) Pick up the small medipak.  (This does not appear in the PC demo.) Face the wall with the horizontal crevice and position Lara with her chest against it.  Jump straight up and grab the crevice.  Traverse to the left until you can pull up.  Kill the monkey if you're feeling particularly hostile; otherwise just continue.  Climb onto the stone block and hop down on the other side.  Enter the passageway, where you'll find another monkey.  Continue to a switch below a boulder.  The boulder doesn't roll until you re-enter the sloped part of the passageway.  So, you can pick up the next secret before exiting.

Above the switch on the left is a small cave.  Inside you'll find some harpoons and a rocket.  This is SECRET #5.  Back out of the opening, drop down, and pull the switch to open the gate below.  Now light a flare and start running for the doorway at the bottom of the passageway on the right.

Climb down the rocks to the bottom of the cave.  On the way down, try to kill the tiger that entered when the gate opened.  Your gunshots may scare it off, in which case you'll need to draw it out by dangling Lara from the rock ledge near the spikes or finish it off when you reach the ground.

MORE DENSE JUNGLE and TRIPLE BOULDER TRAP: Go down the green stairs and through the gate you just opened.  A little way in on the left is a tree with a shelf in it, where you can pick up some flares.

Look back toward the gate.  Notice the well-lit greenery at the top of the slope on the right.  This is another boulder trap.  Run across the area below the trap to set off two of the boulders.  Approach the top of the slope and jump onto the flat area near the middle of the well-lit area to trigger the third.  Side flip to avoid it.

Once all three boulders have landed, go up the slope into the greenery.  Advance carefully, as there is a spike pit just inside.  On the ground near the pit is a small medipak.  Pick it up and turn around so the pit is behind Lara.  Drop back, grabbing the edge of the opening.  Let go and immediately grab the ledge just below.  Pull up into a small cave, where you'll find some flares and a save/power-up crystal.  This is SECRET #6.  Return to the opening and take a standing jump (pressing Action to lower Lara's arc) to clear the spikes and land on the block beyond.  Turn around and take another standing jump from the edge of the block to grab the pit opening.  Pull up.

Return down the slope and, when you reach the boulders, turn left.  Another monkey will show Lara the way through the trees to an opening near the river.  Here the water spills into a lagoon where it's safe to swim.  First, follow the river upstream, to the right, where you'll find some Uzi clips on a ledge.

There are now several ways you can proceed and still get to the end of the level.  You may be able to find others.  To enter the ruins via a SECOND ZIP LINE (longer but more fun), follow the instructions for PATH A.  To enter the ruins via an underwater passage (shorter), skip down to PATH B.

PATH A INTO RUINS (SECOND ZIP LINE): Return downstream to the greenish point of land on the left shore.  Take a running jump from here to the small island.  Climb to the flat spot at the peak of the island.  Position Lara at the highest point and jump straight up to grab the jutting tree limb above.  Pull up.  Use the switch here to open a gate in the corner where the man-made wall meets the rock wall to your left.

Safety-drop back down to the island.  Walk to the edge of the island nearest the building and take a running jump from here to grab the flat rock ledge just to the right of the square pillar.  Pull up onto the ledge, turn right, then climb up the rocks and through the gate you just opened.

Go through the short passageway and jump the gap to land on the tree branch ahead.  You're now above the pool with the strong current at the beginning of the level.  Walk across the branches to the top of the second zip line.  Ride it down into the ruins.  Follow the passage to the next open area.

(***) MOSSY AREA WITH SQUARE PILLARS: Enter the mossy, walled area.  To get the save/power-up crystal, go partway down the steps and climb onto the angled block.  Take a running jump to the matching block ahead, then continue to the crystal.  (NOTE: If you're entering this area from the other side, after following PATH B into the ruins, you'll deal with the tigers and then go partway up these steps to get up to the crystal.)

There are 2 tigers lurking here.  Where they come from depends on where you enter, so stay sharp.  There are several blocks you can climb on for safety, but once you've shot at the tigers they may hide and wait for you to approach again.

[NOTE: It's possible to avoid these tigers entirely by crossing the area on top of the pillars.  The path is shown in pink arrows in this screenshot.  In the picture Lara is standing on the ledge with the save crystal.]

There are two waterfalls in this area, one of which has a pair of openings behind it, but even the lower opening is out of reach.  .  .  for now.  There's also a closed gate at the bottom of some flooded steps.  You will be returning later to open it.  For now, go to the corner to the left of the waterfalls, climb onto the mossy stone block there and take a standing jump into the doorway.  Follow the passageway to a room with a pool.

(****) ROOM WITH POOL and LIT TORCHES: Swim to the platform in the middle of the pool and pick up the flares.  Swim over to the walkway with the gold door opposite the door with the torches.  In the corner is an alcove with a movable block.  Pull this block twice to open the gold gate on this side of the room.  Head for the gold door you just opened.  Enter and pull the switch to open the trapdoor behind the movable block.  Return there and drop into the water below.

Swim forward and surface in a room with a bridge-like walkway.  There are two switches here-one at each end of this walkway.  One opens the second gold door back in the pool room; the other opens the underwater gates leading back into that room.  Use both switches.  (Note the differences here between the full game and the PC demo, below.)

Go through the gold door you just opened (the one opposite the empty alcove, not the torches) and use the switch there to flood the outdoor area (i.e., the MOSSY AREA WITH SQUARE PILLARS).  Return there (or go for the first time if you haven't been yet) via the doorway flanked by lit torches.  Now pick up the walkthrough below at the *****.

PATH B INTO RUINS (UNDERWATER PASSAGE): Swim across the lagoon to the corner where the ruins meet the rock wall on the left.  Here you'll find an underwater passage.  Swim through until you can surface.  Then climb up onto the walkway and use the two switches.  One opens a gold door in the next room; the other opens the underwater gates into that room.  Swim on through.

[NOTE ON PC DEMO: The switch room is substantially different in the full game versus the PC demo.  In the demo, the switch room has only one switch on the walkway and an underwater lever (on the left wall when facing the switch on the walkway).  If you choose PATH B, follow the underwater passage from the lagoon, and immediately cut to the left so the current doesn't sweep you into the next room.  (If it does, reload a saved game or pick up the walkthrough above at the ****.) Don't use the switch.  If you tested the switch earlier, return it to its up position now.  This will close one of the underwater gates and open the other, thus changing the water currents.  Switch up = right gate open; current flows from lagoon into ROOM WITH POOL and LIT TORCHES.  Switch down = left gate open; current flows past underwater lever into ROOM WITH POOL and LIT TORCHES, preventing you from using the lever.  With the switch in the up position, use the underwater lever to open one of the gold doors in the next room.  Then swim to the other side of the switch room and let the current carry you in.]

If you want all the kills, head for the outdoor area, where you can meet a couple of tigers.  To do this, go through the opening flanked by burning torches.  Pick up the walkthrough above at the ***.  Otherwise, continue with the next paragraph.

Swim to the platform in the middle of the pool and pick up the flares.  Go through the gold door you just opened (the one opposite the empty alcove) and use the switch there to flood an outdoor area nearby.  To get there, go through the doorway flanked with lit torches.

If you didn't get the save/power-up crystal here earlier, you can do so now.  Climb on the angled block below the two peaked windows, take a running jump to the matching block ahead, then continue to the crystal.

(*****) MOSSY AREA WITH SQUARE PILLARS - FLOODED: Swim to the waterfall with the two stacked openings.  Climb up, go under the falls and follow the short passage to a room with a ladder.  Climb the ladder to the higher opening.

(NOTE: This sequence is shown in this screenshot.  If you're having trouble making Lara grab onto the ladder try this: Position her below the ladder and a little in front of it.  Hold Action + Jump and she'll jump in place, creeping forward a little bit each time she jumps, until she's able to grab the ladder.  Continue holding Action and press Forward to climb up.)

When you emerge out on the rocks again, go to the right.  Climb up onto the ledge just ahead.  Enter another short passage behind the falling water and use the switch to open the underwater gate below.  Exit the passage, dive into the water (now's a great opportunity to try a swan dive—Walk + Jump + Forward), and swim across the pool and down to find the gate you just opened.

Follow the long, underwater passage until you can surface in a small room.  Kill the tiger waiting here.  Then search the two dark corners for some MP5 clips and shotgun shells.  Climb the ladder to the roof.

ON THE ROOF/LEVEL EXIT: Here you'll meet another monkey and find the INDRA KEY.  If the monkey grabs the key before you do, you'll have to kill it to get the key.  Go around the corner to emerge above the quicksand area you saw at the beginning of the level.  On the steps below is another tiger.  You can probably kill it from above.  When it's dead, drop down and go to the bottom of the steps.  On the left of the quicksand trench is an alcove with some shotgun shells.  On the right is the keyhole where you can use the INDRA KEY to open the gate between the pillars.  Jump down into the quicksand and exit the level.

A cut scene ensues: Lara emerges into a clearing where some tents and equipment are set up.  We hear a voice—apparently the same man leading the Antarctic expedition in the opening movie—attempting to make radio contact with this camp.  A blond man staggers from one of the tents.  He's obviously unstable.  Lara questions him about what he's doing there and reveals that she's looking for the Infada artifact, which she hopes lies in the ruins ahead.  The blond man mentions "voodoo magic," but Lara is skeptical.  She asks if there are others with him.  He tells her that two others, Randy and Rory, are inside the temple, apparently buried under a mudslide.  He wanders off into the woods, muttering something about Lara probably not leaving the ruins alive.  She doesn't take much stock in his opinions and continues on her way.

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