Kills:90 Items: 24, plus 2 keys, and 4 Oceanic Masks Save/power-up crystals: 5 Secrets: 3*

*The number of kills varies greatly depending on how long you take to get through certain areas.  See the note on WASPS, below.  Also, if you use grenades to kill the mutants, you may get an inaccurate count on the stats screen at the end of the level.  Note that one of the regular pick-ups here will be the ROCKET LAUNCHER if you didn't get it in a previous level.

Objectives: Explore the courtyard of the ruined city to find the key and switches that will let you access the rest of the level.  Cross over two bridges (one is broken), to the next area.  From here you'll need to do two separate side "missions"—one to find a key, the other to find four masks.  You'll need all of these items to open the level exit.

Go through the metal door into the ruins.  You'll find yourself in a COURTYARD of sorts with a tall, square pillar and several doors, gates and hallways.

First, go to the far left corner, up the ramps to a large alcove with a ladder.  Climb up and follow the passageway to a switch with a window-type opening on the right of it.  Pull the switch to open a door below.  Continue along the hall to the left of the switch until you come to another opening—this one above the tall pillar in the courtyard.  Stand toward the right side of the opening where the ceiling is higher.  Then take two steps back from the edge and a standing jump to land on top of the pillar.  Turn right and take a running jump to grab the ledge on the right with the save/power-up crystal and rocket(NOTE: If you don't have the ROCKET LAUNCHER yet, you'll get it here instead of the rocket.) Safety-drop down.

Now go to the door you opened with the switch.  It's at the top of the ramps near the ladder you climbed earlier.  Take a standing jump to grab the right side of the doorsill.  Inside you'll find the FIRST ULI KEY.  Use this in the lock at the far right side of the courtyard to open the gates there.

Go through the gates and climb the ladder.  You can use the switch nearby to open the gate leading into the hallway where you were earlier, but this isn't necessary.  Go outside through the opening on the left onto the ledge.  Throw the switch.  (This doesn't do anything until you pull the next switch below.) Climb back in and go forward to the end of the hall.  Slide down the ramp and use the switch to open the carved double doors leading back into the courtyard.  (If you pulled the other switch above, this switch will also extend a ladder in the room where you'll go next.)

Cross the courtyard to the far left corner.  Go through the doorway into a room with 5 buttons on a high ledge.  Climb the ladder you just extended and press the first, second and last switch from left to right.  This opens the gate below.  Drop down and go through.

[NOTE: Several people have asked if there is a solution to the 5-button puzzle other than trial and error.  The best solution I've heard comes from Jeff Reid, who notes that the symbols on the blocks behind each switch could represent living things in a food chain: hunter, elk, trees, birds, fish.  If you read each set of symbols from top to bottom, all but the 3rd and 4th sets make sense (3rd—trees don't eat elk; 4th—fish don't eat birds).  That works for me.]

BROKEN BRIDGE: High up in the cave wall on the right is a GIANT WASP HIVE.  When you walk out onto the bridge the giant wasps begin to swarm out.  They keep coming as long as you remain on the bridge or until you've killed about 21 of them.  (See note on WASPS, below.) You can either kill them as they emerge from the hive, or continue along, killing the wasps as you go.

When you reach the gap in the bridge, turn left and take a running jump to grab the opening of the snowy alcove in the cave wall containing a save/power-up crystal.  Jump onto the top of the pile of snow at the left side of the opening (when facing the bridge).  Grab the stone ledge above and pull up.  From here, face the bridge and look up beyond the arch on the right.  You'll be able to see the HIVE from here.  If you want all the secrets, that's where you're headed.

First, take a running jump to grab the left archway, then pull up.  (NOTE: If you don't want the secret, you can safety-drop down from the back of the arch and pick up the walkthrough below at the **.) This next bit involves two invisible platforms.  A light source, such as pistol fire or a flare will illuminate these.  Once you get onto one of them, light a flare and drop it and you'll be able to see it clearly.  This will help you to set up the next jump and keep you from stepping off accidentally.  Watch out for any stray wasps, since they are capable of knocking Lara off the ledges.

The first invisible platform is between the two archways above the gap in the bridge.  From the corner where you're standing, angle Lara to face the left corner of the opposite arch.  Take a running jump to land on the invisible block.  Take a standing jump from the edge of the invisible block to the corner of the arch.  Back up to the edge (the hive is on your left) and take a standing jump-grab over the peak to the other triangular flat spot.  Turn left toward the hive opening.  Take a standing jump from the edge to the next invisible platform.  Take a final running jump into the hive opening.

Pull up, and go inside for SECRET #1.  The goodies include a small medipak, Desert Eagle clips and grenades.  Watch out for the deep pit and, if you didn't kill them all yet, more wasps.  Follow the same path back to the archway on the far side of the bridge.  Safety-drop down off the back.

(**) SECOND BRIDGE: Continue to the far wall.  Pick up the small medipak in the narrow cave on the left.  Then head through the tunnel on the right.  When you walk out onto the bridge in the next area, 2 extremely big and scary mutants come running out of the building on the other side.  They shoot balls of energy, so keep moving! To dispose of them quickly and easily, hit each one with a couple of grenades while side flipping from left to right.  You'll need to be careful not to accidentally fall off the edge, but there is a nice, fairly safe ledge below the bridge on the left near the end where you enter.

Once they're dead, cross the bridge.  Before entering the building, take a look over the left side of the bridge.  Below you'll see a square, gray door.  This is the location of SECRET #3.  You'll be back a bit later on to get it.

ROOM WITH SWINGING BURNERS IN THE DOORWAY: Now go into the building and carefully run past the swinging burners.  Don't loiter in the next room.  There's a small room above, which is SECRET #2, but you can't reach the ladder to get to it yet.  About 6 wasps will emerge from the crack at the top of the room.  You can stop to kill them, or continue to the right and up the stairs to the next area.  (Or, if you like, you can go down the stairs on the left and do the ROOM WITH FOUR GATES and the ROOM WITH HINGED LEDGES now, but I have included it near the end.  See below.)

ROOM WITH PILLAR OF LIGHT: Here you'll find a cross-shaped walkway with a PILLAR OF LIGHT at the intersection.  Do not step into the light, or Lara will fall through the opening and burn to death.  There are four doors—one at the end of each walkway—flanked by carved blocks depicting one of the four ancient elements: earth, air, fire and water.  You can enter these areas in any order you choose.  I'll describe them in order clockwise.  The two stairways flanking the EARTH walkway lead down to the base of the PILLAR OF LIGHT.  There are four receptacles here—one for each of the OCEANIC MASKS you'll find in the four elemental areas.  There's also a small, square gate, where you'll re-enter this room later, and a tall, silver gate which you'll get to near the end.

THE EARTH ELEMENT AREA: Enter and walk into the quicksand.  Stay to the right and keep moving, and you'll be fine.  As you go along, 5 wasps fly in from above.  You'll probably need to turn around to shoot at them, but you can keep walking backwards as you do.  When you come to an alcove on the right with steps leading up, climb out of the quicksand.  Turn around and take a standing jump from the left edge of the lowest step to the sloped block on the right of the step.

Take a standing jump over the quicksand to the rock pile.  Now turn left and look for an opening in the left cave wall just below the rock bridge.  Take a standing jump back over the quicksand to the triangular ledge at the far corner of the rock pile, just below that opening.  Climb into the opening.  Take the small medipak and throw the switch.  This drops a block from the ceiling of the first room after the swinging burners that will enable you to get SECRET #2.  Climb out and return to the steps out of the quicksand.

(BUG NOTE: Be sure to pull the switch only once.  See the note under SECRET #2, below at the ***.)

Climb the steps and follow the path.  Go right at the fork (along the path with the torch), and kill the wasp.  This will save you some trouble when you return this way later.  Continue along the path, cross the bridge and take the first OCEANIC MASK from the pedestal.

This will start an earthquake that continues until you leave the area.  WALK back along the path.  If you go slowly and carefully, the falling rocks should land in front of Lara, instead of on her.  When you reach the fork, go left (past the torch) and take a running jump across the gap with lava below.

Go forward and to the right, down the steps to where the quicksand used to be.  Now it's a deep chasm.  Take a running jump from the bottom step over the chasm.  When you land, immediately hop back and grab the edge to avoid more falling rocks.  Pull up and take a standing jump from the right side of the block to the next flat ledge around the corner.  Walk to the end of the ledge.  Then take another running jump to the ledge at the far right.  (Watch out for the overhanging rocks on the right.) Immediately run into the hallway on the right so Lara doesn't get squashed by still more falling rocks.

Once inside the hallway, jump to grab the ladder on the right.  Climb down and follow the passage to some swinging burners.  Carefully pick up the Desert Eagle clips in the alcove on the right, then run past the burners to a switch.  Pull it to open the trapdoor abovbe the ladder on the left.  The trapdoor is on a slow timer, but you shouldn't have any trouble getting through before it closes.  When it does, go through the small, square gate (it opens as you approach) and return to the room with the PILLAR OF LIGHT.  (NOTE: There may be a stray wasp or two waiting for you if you left the room below without killing all of them, so keep your eyes open.  Also, you can get SECRET #2 now if you like.  I have included it later on, to save a trip downstairs.  See below at the ***.)

THE AIR ELEMENT AREA: This is basically a big maze.  I have included the diagram below to help you navigate.  The shortest route is marked in red, but if you explore a bit, you can pick up five items—2 small medipaks, flares, Uzi clips, shotgun shells and grenades.  The only danger is a single wasp at the far left corner in the area with the movable block.  If you get lost, just keep on in a consistent direction—e.g., always keep the wall at your right hand and turn only when you reach a dead end.

The goal is the ramp at the far right corner.  This leads up to a room with three other ramps rigged with spiked wooden cylinders.  Avoid the center ramp, which leads down to a lava pit.  Walk up one of the side ramps.  When the cylinder starts to roll, side flip to the other ramp.  Then quickly side flip back to the first.  Keep going and repeat the side-flip-back-and-forth for the next set of cylinders.  Continue to the top.  Take the OCEANIC MASK from the pedestal and run through the door on the right (behind the statue).  It's timed to close quickly once you step off the pedestal, but getting back on the pedestal will open it again.

Stand in the corner and let the door close behind you.  Go down the ramp, jump into the pool and swim back to the hallway behind the PILLAR OF LIGHT room.  Go through the small, square gate to return there.  Now, choose another door.

THE FIRE ELEMENT AREA: The passage from the entrance widens into a large cave with a pool of that weird, yellow lava (or whatever it is).  There are a number of square pillars standing in the pool.  Some of these have burners on top, which ignite when Lara stands on or jumps over them.  The diagram at right shows a safe path across.  (NOTE: There's also a map carved into the ceiling of the cave.)

Start on the left side and take a running jump to the closest block on the left (#1).  From there, take another running jump over the next pillar to land on the pillar against the far wall and a little to the right (#2).  Turn right and take a running jump to grab the next pillar (#3), which is also against the left wall.  Pull up and turn to the right.  Take a running jump to land on the block with the large medipak and shotgun shells on top (#4).  This block will ignite after a moment, so grab the items and quickly back flip onto the previous block (#3).  Now take a running jump back to the pillar where you got the goodies, and another running jump to the ledge near the exit.  If you aim the jump onto the pillar so you land at the right side, you can turn, run and jump, without having to set it up first.

The carved tile just inside the doorway is a trapdoor.  There's a large medipak beyond but it's impossible to get it without being flattened by the rolling spiked cylinder.

(NOTE: I had originally thought it impossible to get this item, but several people wrote to tell me how.  It can be done by exploiting a bug in the game.  First trigger the cylinder and jump to safety.  Then face the cylinder, move as far to the left and as close to it as possible.  Turn 180 degrees.  Jump backward a number of times and Lara will gradually slide into the cylinder.  When you have reached the centerline of the cylinder, turn 90 degrees to the left and do forward jumps.  Once Lara is over the medipak, pick it up.  Use the same technique to get out of the cylinder again.)

Fall through the trapdoor and slide down the chute into the next room.  Here there are 4 fire-breathing mechanical statues above a pool of lava.  Between the two statues on the right is a ledge with a switch.  At the opposite end of the room is the exit gate.  To get to it, you'll need to jump across a series of 3 invisible platforms without getting barbecued.  Here's one way: Take a standing jump from the walkway to grab the first invisible platform.  DON'T PULL UP IMMEDIATELY.  Watch the flame on/flame off sequence.  Just BEFORE the flame goes out, begin to pull up.  By the time Lara is standing, the flame will be out.  Take a standing jump to grab the next invisible platform.  (You don't need to walk to the far edge first.) Repeat this sequence to get to the third block.  While hanging, traverse to the left corner.  Watch the flames and pull up just before they go out.  Turn to the right and take a running jump over to the ledge with the switch.  Pull it to turn off the statue nearest the exit.  Turn around and, when the flames go out, take a standing jump to grab that third block again.  Traverse to the left, wait, pull up, turn right and take a final running jump to the ledge by the exit.

DON'T RUSH IN.  There's a swinging burner just inside.  Go around it, climb onto the platform from the side and get the OCEANIC MASK.  Exit through the door on the right (behind the statue).  It's timed to close quickly once you step off the pedestal, but getting back on the pedestal will open it again.

Stand in the corner and let the door close behind you.  Follow the passage to the gate on the left.  This opens automatically, bringing you back to the room with the PILLAR OF LIGHT.  Now, go upstairs and choose another door.

THE WATER ELEMENT AREA: Enter and approach the first pool.  Below are two rotating wheels, each with three scythe-shaped blades on it.  Safety-drop into the water between the blades.  Roll and swim up to the ledge in the center.  Pull up onto the ledge and immediately crouch to avoid the blades.  Crawl forward into the passageway.  At the bottom of the water-filled shaft beyond is a large medipak.

Crawl back out to the ledge and safety-drop into the water.  Roll and carefully swim down past the lower blade wheel.  Go through the opening at the bottom center and follow the tunnel to a room with FOUR SQUARE OPENINGS and a rotating blade wheel.

Swim into the LEFT OPENING to get air.  Pull the lever, which opens a door inside the rightmost opening of the four.  This door is timed, so roll after pulling the lever and don't hesitate too long at the blades.

Once inside the RIGHT OPENING, swim up to the top for air.  Below, on each side, is a blade wheel, then a ledge, then another wheel.  The outer wheels start to spin when you approach.  Get the Desert Eagle clips from the one ledge if you like.  Get the Uzi clips on the other and continue past the second blade wheel on that side to an alcove with a lever.  (It's at the top right if you're facing that wall.) Pull the lever to open the gate at the bottom center of the same wall.  Swim down through it, climb out of the water and get the OCEANIC MASK.

Use the switch in the alcove to the side of the mask platform to open a door down in the room with the FOUR SQUARE OPENINGS (and get the save/power-up crystal).  Swim back to the previous room and keep going forward, hugging the bottom to take the least damage from the blades.  Go through the opening straight across the room at the bottom center.  Follow the underwater tunnel to the right, then down.  Pull the lever on the left to open a gate ahead, roll, and continue on through the narrow crevice on the left.  Pick up the MP5 clips on the bottom, and swim forward then right.  Now you're back in the room with the FOUR SQUARE OPENINGS.  Go through the one on the BOTTOM.  (NOTE: You can stop and get air in the top opening, but if you're fast you won't need to.) Continue along the underwater passage (the current will sweep you along) until you can surface in knee-deep water.

Wade forward, go into the water on the other side.  Then swim down and forward, through a small opening and up a long shaft to an alcove with a switch.  Pull it to fall through the trapdoor below into a hallway.  Head to the left, through the gate on the left, which opens automatically.  Now you're back in the room with the PILLAR OF LIGHT.

WHEN YOU HAVE ALL FOUR OCEANIC MASKS: You can place them in the receptacles around the base of the pillar of light.  Or, wait until you get the SECOND ULI KEY as well.

(***) From the PILLAR OF LIGHT ROOM, go down the stairs where you entered (next to the Earth gate).  If you pulled the switch in the Earth area, there is now a movable block in the middle of the floor.  Kill any leftover wasps as you climb onto the block and jump to grab the ladder.  Climb up to the opening and enter the room.  Jump past the swinging burner and crawl into the alcove to get SECRET #2, a large medipak and save/power-up crystal.  Climb out the way you came.

If you haven't got all four OCEANIC MASKS yet, return upstairs and choose another door.  If you have, proceed downstairs to the ROOM WITH FOUR GATES.  (These stairs are on the opposite side of the room from the stairs leading up to the element areas.) Pull the switch to open the gate and enter cautiously.

ROOM WITH FOUR GATES: Three of those huge mutants are waiting for you inside.  One comes out of the gate opposite as you enter.  Two more emerge from the side gates when you reach the center of the room.  You can devise your own strategy, or try this: Kill the first with your weapon of choice, while jumping up and down to avoid the fireballs.  Then go to the middle of the room to release the other two.  Quickly retreat to the entrance and climb the ladder on the left (when facing the entrance gate).  Once up on the ledges you can crouch near the wall and shoot the mutants from relative safety.  When the coast is clear, climb down.

Alternately, after killing the first mutant, you can go into one of the side alcoves, which will release the mutant on the opposite side.  Kill it, then go to the other alcove side to release the last one.

Pull the switch in the left alcove.  This raises a platform above and to the left of the gray stone block in the mutant room.  Climb onto the block, jump to grab the ledge and pull up.  Follow the upper ledges around to the right to a small opening.  Crawl through to the next room.

ROOM WITH HINGED LEDGES: The diagram on the right may help clarify my descriptions of this room.  The switches are numbered in the order you use them.  The square, hinged ledges are indicated by letters A-F.

Approach the first swinging burner.  Stand to either side and jump or crawl past it.  Turn to the left and take a running jump to the ledge behind the second swinging burner.  (Start to run when the burner is farthest to the left.) Crawl into the alcove and pick up Uzi clips and flares.  Crawl out and take a running jump back to the first walkway with the swinging burner.  From here, take another running jump to the ledge ahead.  Crawl in and pull switch #1.  Along with switch #2, which you'll get to in a moment, this raises the two ledges below switch #2—labeled B and C in the diagram.

Crawl out of the alcove and take a running jump to the ledge ahead on the right (opposite the one where you entered).  Go into the alcove and pull switch #2.  This lowers ledge A, below the long ledge with two statues.  And, if you already pulled switch #1, it raises ledges B and C.  Exit the alcove, turn right and hop down the steps to the corner ledge (B).  Turn around and take a running jump to the next ledge (C) and a standing jump down to the rectangular pinkish stone ledge in the corner.  Turn right, back up to the wall and take a standing jump to land on the raised block next to switch #3.

Be careful not to drop down onto the lower pinkish ledge or the walkway near the carved double doors (the areas colored ORANGE in the diagram).  If you do, giant wasps will swarm out of the hive above the pool.  (See note on WASPS, below.)

Use switch #3 to raise ledge D (just above in front of the switch).  Climb back onto the block at the left of switch #3.  Take a standing jump to grab the pinkish rectangular ledge.  Pull up, turn around and take another standing jump to grab ledge D, near switch #4 (above the switch you just used).  Pull up, throw the switch and either side flip quickly to the left to land on the rectangular ledge, or fall onto the block below as the ledge drops and jump back to the rectangular ledge.  Switch #4 also raises ledge E below the end of the walkway spanning the room.

To get there, you'll first have to raise ledge A again.  Jump and grab ledge C (below switch #2) and pull up.  Then take a running jump to the corner ledge (B).  Turn around and jump up to grab the step.  Pull up and climb up to switch #2.  Use it again (put it in the up position) to raise ledge A (below the ledge with two statues).  This also lowers the two ledges below (B and C), but you don't need them anymore.

Crawl out and go down the two steps on the right.  Turn left and take a standing jump to ledge A.  Take one step back from the edge and then a standing jump to land on ledge E (under the walkway).  Jump up to grab the handholds on the underside of the walkway.  Traverse across to the alcove with switch #5.  Pull it to open the exit doors and raise the ledge (F) just outside this alcove.  Take a standing jump to land on that ledge, then pull up onto the walkway.  Now you're ready to go for the THIRD SECRET.

(NOTE: If you're not interested in getting the secret, don't bother pulling the last switch.  Just climb down and exit to the room with shallow pools, where you'll get the SECOND ULI KEY.  Pick up the walkthrough below at the ****.)

Go into the hall at the end of the walkway.  There you'll find switch #6.  This opens the door below the bridge way back where you killed the first two giant mutants.  The door is timed, so you have to hustle.  Even if you jump over the pink walkway near the door, you'll encounter giant wasps throughout this run.  (See note on WASPS, below.) Don't stop to kill them or you won't make it in time.  Either shoot as you go or just out-run them.

The sequence with hints: SAVE YOUR GAME.  Pull the switch.  Press Look and Roll.  Run along the walkway and cut to the left toward the wasp hive (the crack in the wall).  Press Action as you run off the ledge so Lara lands in the pool of water below.  Roll underwater and climb out of the pool.  Run/jump to the double doors.

(NOTE: Also, if you're having trouble angling the run off the walkway so that Lara lands in the pool, first check out this series of screenshots.  If it's still not working, try this instead: First raise ledge D again.  Make your way back up to switch #2, pull it to raise ledges B and C.  Then use these to get back down to switch #3 and pull it.  Climb/jump up to ledge D, take a running jump to grab ledge F, pull up, then pull up onto the walkway.  Save your game and pull switch #6.  Run out of the hallway, side flip to the right to land on ledge D below, side flip to the right again to land on the stone ledge, then jump forward to the ground near the doors.  Lara will take a little damage.)

Run/sprint into the next room (where there are many shallow pools) and along the left wall.  At the far left corner is a small room with a ladder.  Climb up, dismount on the left side and pull the switch to open the gate.

Run through the PILLAR OF LIGHT room and sprint up the stairs.  Go through the doorway on the right of the Earth gate.  After the first turn in the stairs, sprint down through the room with the movable block (if you dropped it to get the second secret) and to the left.  Run carefully past the 2 swinging burners.  (If you've done well and not run into anything yet, you'll have time to hesitate a little here.) Run/sprint to the far end of the bridge and run off the right side to land on the block below.  Turn right and run/jump/slide down the snowbank and dash through the door (which I hope is still open).

Unless you're brilliant, you'll make some mistakes and hesitations the first time through.  Even so, don't reload yet.  Continue to the switch that opens the gate to the PILLAR OF LIGHT room.  Then you won't have to do it again the next time through, saving precious seconds.  Climb back down, killing wasps as you go. (NOTE: You can also skip down to the section on the ROOM WITH SHALLOW POOLS/SECOND ULI KEY below and get it now if you like.)

To get back up to the switch that opens the secret door, pull the lowest switch (#3), climb/jump to the platform it raises (D), take a running jump to grab the ledge below the walkway (F), and pull up.  Now save your game and try again.  The second time through, you might also want to save your game at the pillar of light room if you've made good time.

When you make the timed run successfully, you can claim SECRET #3—the last of the game—a save/power-up crystal, Desert Eagle clips and a large medipak.  If the door closes, use the switch twice to reopen it.  Return via the pillar of light room to the room with many pools.

(****) ROOM WITH SHALLOW POOLS/SECOND ULI KEY: A number of giant wasps will be swarming around, so just deal with them as best you can.  (See note on WASPS, below.) The SECOND ULI KEY is on a shelf in the room in the left corner (when facing the door leading back to the ROOM WITH HINGED LEDGES).  The room next to that (left side, near deeper pool) and the room in the right corner each have a giant mutant lurking inside.  You can draw them out one at a time or avoid them.  Once you have the key, climb the ladder to the PILLAR OF LIGHT ROOM.

Use the Uli key in the lock near the silver gate.  (If you didn't get the third secret, you'll also need to use the switch to open the silver gate so you can get in.) If you have already put the four masks in their proper places, using the Uli key will turn off the PILLAR OF LIGHT, revealing an opening below.  Drop into the opening and slide down the ramp to end the level.

A cut scene follows: Willard uses the artifacts to raise the meteor from its crater.  Then he falls into the pit and begins to change.  Get ready for the final battle....

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NOTE ON WASP RESPAWN: In several areas, the wasps are cued to keep emerging from their hives until you leave the area, up to a certain number at a time (broken bridge, 21 wasps; room with swinging burners in the doorway, about 6; room with shallow pools, first time, up to about 18 from the ceiling and 8 from the hive in the corner near the pool, succeeding times about 25 from the ceiling only.  In these three areas, they will respawn if you enter the area again.  (The trigger point for the swinging burner room is the doorway leading to the burners.) In some areas, the wasps will only spawn once if you pass over a specific trigger point (as in the room with hinged ledges, where 14 wasps will emerge when triggered the first time, but no more after that).  Thanks to Brian C.  from Tomb Raiders Traveler's Guide and Tim Morrow for their help on the wasp issue.

Copyright © 1998-2002 - Stellalune (e-mail stella@tombraiders.net).  Special thanks are given to the participants in the alt.games.tombraider newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough couldn't have been written.  Thanks also to Jeff Reid, Cujo, Chris O., Adrian, Andre, Ottar, Haydon, Frank, Korry, Del and John G.  Diagrams made with the aid of GraphTablet freeware (http://www.graphtablet.com).  Feel free to copy, distribute and quote this walkthrough, but please include this credit line so people can send me their corrections, comments and suggestions.  Also, if you'd like to offer this on your own web site, please read and follow the instructions here.

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