Kills: 29 Items: 25, plus the UZIS, DETONATOR SWITCH and KEY CARD Save/power-up crystals: 3 Secrets: 3

Be sure to find all the secrets so you can access the bonus level at the end of the game.

NOTE: The weapon pick-ups are based on doing the three middle areas in the order I have done them (i.e., Nevada, London, South Pacific).  After completing the walkthrough I will go back and add alternate points for picking up the different weapons.

Objectives: First find a way to the canyon interior.  From there, go upriver to locate a dam and divert the water into a sluiceway.  Find the detonator switch and the TNT and use the first to explode the second, opening the way into the last part of the level.  Here you have to find a way into the compound, turn off the electric fence, open the gate and highjack the quad bike to jump into the main High Security Compound that makes up the next level.

Go forward and kill 2 vultures, plus a rattlesnake lurking in the bushes.  (NOTE: Don't forget to antidote the venom with a medipak if you get bitten.) Avoid the quicksand area to the left of the rock outcropping.  Instead, go around to the right.  To the right of the pool is an area with another rattlesnake guarding a rocket.

Go past the pool into the narrow canyon.  Continue into the passage, climbing up the blocks.  When you come to a ramp above a hole, take a running jump over it to grab the next ledge.  Pull up, turn around, and drop into the pit from the back side on the left to avoid the barbed wire below.

This is SECRET #1—2 rattlesnakes guarding a save/power-up crystal, flares and a small medipak.  There's another snake near the low step on the other side of the room.  Just inside the alcove is a movable block.  Push it once to open up the exit.  Pick up the shotgun shells.

Go to the left, up the passageway the same way you did earlier, but this time don't drop down.  Instead, jump to the next ledge and continue to emerge above the area where you started.  Go to the right side of the large metal structure and take a running jump to the narrow ledge on the other side of the gap.  Follow the ledges around, jumping the gaps as you go, and killing a rattlesnake resting in the shade of a bush.  When you reach the end of the last ledge, jump to the sloped wall, slide back and grab the edge.  Traverse to the left a bit and drop down onto the flat ledge below.  Follow it to the end and around the corner to find a large medipak.

Take a running jump from the higher step near the medipak ledge, across the quicksand, to grab the left side of the rock outcropping.  Pull up and climb to the top, killing another snake on the way.  Drop through the opening on the top of the metal structure into water.  Follow the underwater tunnel, surface and continue along the passage to a ledge above a large pool.

POOL WITH WATERFALLS: Turn right and take a running jump using Action to shorten the arc to land on the small triangular ledge ahead.  Take a standing jump to grab the next ledge.  Pull up and kill a vulture.  Continue along the ledges as far as you can.  You'll end up on a high block across the water from a rock ladder.  (The black horizontal markings are handholds.)

Before jumping across, turn to the left and jump across to the sloped ledge above the path you traveled.  Get the Uzi clips.  Then return to the high block.

Take a running jump across the water to grab the ladder.  Climb down to the first horizontal crevice.  When you reach the crevice, let go and quickly grab the lower edge.  Climb down to the angled opening on the right.  Position Lara's hands at the top of the point and shimmy to the right as far as possible.  Let go and grab the ledge below.  Pull up into the opening.  This is SECRET #2.  Inside you'll find Desert Eagle and MP5 clips.

Jump into the water and pick up the goodies scattered around the bottom of the pool: 2 sets of Uzi clips, shotgun shells, plus flares and more shells in the niches below the waterfalls.

Climb out of the water on the low square ledge near the falls.  Pull up onto the taller block next to it and take a running jump to the angled block across the water.  (NOTE: Many people have had difficulty with this jump.  Just to make sure you're in the right spot, check out these screenshots.  Then, make sure to do a running jump without grabbing: Walk Lara to the edge, hop back once, then press Forward and Jump.  She should just make it to the edge of the angled block across the water.)

Now, jump to the next block on the right.  Hop down to the flat ledge on the left to get the shotgun shells.  Take a standing jump back to the ledge, then a running jump across the water to grab the ledge below the rock ladder.  Climb up to the cave mouth where you entered the canyon.

Circle back around the way you went earlier to get secret #2.  This time jump to the rock ladder area but pull up onto the ledge instead of climbing down.  Follow the ledges to the left, killing the snake behind the shrub.  Turn right and jump over the angled block, to land on the flat spot on the left.  (Be careful not to fall into the hole next to it.)

Now, either take a standing jump over the slope, turning to the right in the air to land facing up the next slope, or a side flip onto it so Lara ends up facing uphill.  Then slide back, grab the edge, traverse left and pull up.  Or, on the ledge near the hole, drop back and grab the outside edge.  Let go and grab the crevice below.  Traverse left until you can pull up.  Jump to grab the ceiling and monkey climb to the wall with the hand-holds.  When Lara's chest is up against the ladder, let go of the ceiling and grab the ladder.  Climb left and up, into the opening.

TNT CAVE: Here you'll find a save/power-up crystal (on the ledge outside), a small medipak and a DETONATOR PLUNGER.  Follow the wires down into the cave.  Behind the box of TNT is a greenish cave.  Inside are some flares.  Get them and climb back up the slope to the opening.  You'll need a key to use the detonator, so continue on.

Jump to the angled block on the right of the cave opening (left if you're standing outside facing the opening).  Slide back and grab the edge.  If Lara brings her feet up onto the rock ladder, just momentarily release and re-press the Action key so she'll let go and grab the edge with her hands only.  Traverse to the left until you can pull up on a sloped ledge.  (Alternately, climb down the rock ladder from the opening of the cave with the TNT.  When you reach the first ledge on the left, climb to the left and drop onto the ledge.  Follow the ledge the end.  Then jump to grab the ladder next to the waterfall.  Climb up and back flip onto the ledge behind.)

HEADING UPSTREAM: Turn to face the block between the two waterfalls.  The side facing you is flat, the other side is angled.  Jump and grab it, pull up and slide forward, jumping as you slide, to land on the ledge beyond.  Get the small medipak and hop back down to the ledge just below (where you landed when you slid).  From here, take a standing jump to grab the horizontal crevice.  Traverse to the right.  Drop onto the angled block and immediately press Jump to back flip onto the ledge across the water.  Turn to face upstream and take running jumps from block to block to reach the cave interior, where there's a huge water wheel.

(NOTE: If you need help with this sequence, check out this series of screenshots.  Try not to fall into the water or the current will sweep you downstream and you'll have to climb all the way back up or restart.  If you do fall in and don't have a convenient saved game to reload, you can minimize the time to get back to the top by aiming for the right channel of the waterfall.  If you go over there, you'll most likely land on a small square ledge about halfway down the falls.  Then you can jump over to the rocks on the other side of the falls and climb up from there.  Thanks to Fred in the Netherlands for this tip.)

WATER WHEEL AREA On the left bank (when facing the wheel) is a rock pillar with a rattlesnake behind it.  Crawl under the nearby rock overhang and climb the ladder for SECRET #3—the loaded UZIS (or Uzi clips if you already have the guns), guarded by another snake.

Climb back down and go around the back of the water wheel.  If you need a save/power-up crystal now, go into the passageway on the left.  There's a crystal on the other side of the elevator shaft.  Return to the big wheel and subdue the cranky guy who tries to beat on Lara.  Now climb the ladders on the side of the wheel.  Follow the sluiceway to the right.  Kill 2 vultures in the open area and a snake in the bushes on the left.  In the back, beyond the two water slides is another snake and some grenades.

Now take a swim: Head back toward the yellow blocks near the water and jump in on the left.  Pull the underwater lever to open the door opposite.  Inside are pistol clips.  Avoid the area downstream or you'll be swept over the falls.  Instead go left back toward the two water slides.  Pull the underwater lever in the corner to open the trapdoor between the two yellow footings.  Swim down through it.  There's another lever just inside and above.  Pull it to open a trapdoor at the end of the underwater tunnel.  On the way up, or after getting some air, pull the lever on the side to open another door near the trapdoor.

Go down the short hallway.  Use the switch at the end to turn on the water wheel, diverting the river into the sluiceway.  This also raises the elevator.

Slide down into the pool and climb out before you're swept into the sluiceway.  Drop down into the now dry area where you pulled the first underwater lever.  Walk along the riverbed to get a large medipak.  Then jump to grab the opposite ledge for a small medipak.  Jump down onto the square corner ledge.  Take a standing jump with a slight twist to the right to land in the alcove behind the waterfall, where you can pick up a rocket.  Jump back out to the corner ledge.  Then jump downstream from ledge to ledge back to the river near the water wheel.

Go around behind the wheel to the passageway leading to the elevator.  Kill another ill-tempered gentleman and get the DETONATOR switch inside the elevator (and the save/power-up crystal if you didn't get it earlier).

BACK AT THE TNT CAVE: Return to the river and jump from rock to rock over to the small ledge between the two waterfalls.  From here, jump to the ledge on the other side of the falls on the left.  Climb down to the middle ledge and up the rock ladder on the right to the cave with the TNT and DETONATOR PLUNGER.  (NOTE: If you fall in, just ride the river to the pool below and climb up the way you did before.) Use your switch to detonate the explosives and quickly get out of the way of the rolling boulder.

Go down into the pit and use the ledges to climb out into the next area.

OUTSIDE THE HIGH-SECURITY COMPOUND: Don't touch that electric fence! Pick up some grenades on the ground near the bushes.  Then head around the fence to a hole in the rock wall.  Crawl/walk through the passageway until you come to a gap.  Don't drop down yet.  Instead, jump and grab the opening opposite.  Pull up and follow the tunnel to a pool.  Pull the 2 underwater levers: The one behind the metal column opens a yellow door outside and the other opens a door in the nearby water tank, which you can't reach yet.

Return via the passageway to the electric fence area.  Enter the tunnel on the left and slide down.  Kill a couple of snakes and go through the door you just opened.  Pull the switch to flood the water tank.

Go back up the slope (climb onto the low block and take a standing jump to the higher block) and return to the tunnel near the fence.  This time drop down when you reach the gap.  Follow the tunnel to the elevated water tank.  Kill the 2 tough guys milling around and climb the ladder to the tank.  Jump in and swim to the ledge with the open door.  (Pull the lever in the underwater passage to open it if you didn't before.)

Take a running jump from the door, over the fence, to land on a block beyond.  Another guy in jeans rushes in from the right.  Yet another bearded guy (Are they starting to remind you of the clones in The X-Files?) shows you the gate switch then starts to beat on poor Lara.  Kill him but don't touch the switch yet, or you'll get a nasty shock.

Inside the storage shed is the quad bike and 2 more Jerry Garcia clones (one comes out right away, the second when you start to explore).  You'll find a small medipak on one of the guys and Uzi clips in a corner.

Drive the quad bike up the ramp on the side of the next building over.  Brake when you reach the top to avoid going over the edge.  Dismount and pick up the GENERATOR ACCESS CARD.  (NOTE: If you do drive off the other side of the roof you can drive around and try again, or walk to the side of the storage building, climb onto the crate and jump to grab the grate on the side of the office, which extends only after you drive the bike onto the roof.  Pull up and cross the roof to get the card.)

Climb or drive down and go into the office (the building you were just on top of).  Kill the computer technician/pool shark and use the card to open the door.  Take care of one more angry guy and throw the switch to turn off the electric fence.

Now you can safely use the switch on the fence to open the gate.  Drive the quad bike out and down the sloped tunnel.  Gun it up the rock ramp to jump the fence and end the level.

A brief cut scene follows: Lara crashes the bike and lands unconscious in a small pool.  Two military police officers find her and drag her into the high security compound.

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