Kills: 37 (14/29) Items: 30 (20/25), plus 2 keys (optional) Save/power-up crystals: 7 (6/6) Secrets: 5 (5/4)*

*There are two main paths through this level.  These are described in detail in the section titled "IMPORTANT - CHOICE OF PATHS" (below).  You can complete the level by taking either path; however, if you choose the path THROUGH THE RUINS, you will miss one of the secrets.  If you choose the path ALONG THE RIVER, you can get all four secrets but fewer kills and pick-ups.  You need to find all the secrets to access the bonus level at the end of the game.

It is possible, though tricky, to complete the path ALONG THE RIVER and then jump back across the river on foot to explore the RUINS.  This is not necessary, but it is the only way to get all of the kills and items.

The numbers for kills, items, etc., above are the total number of each type for the level, followed by the totals for the RIVER path only and the RUINS path only in parentheses.  The keys are found only on the path through the RUINS.

If you have already taken the path through the ruins and missed one of the secrets, you can make it up by finding the extra secret in the South Pacific Coastal Village level.  (Details appear in the walkthrough for that level.)

Objectives: Travel down-river on your borrowed quad bike to find the level exit.  If you take the path through the ruins, you'll need to locate 2 keys and open the gates that will let you drive the quad bike through for the final jump across the river.

LEDGE JUMPING ALONG THE RIVER - SECRET #1: Don't get on that bike yet; first, find a secret.  Turn around; go past the temple and the fallen blocks to a ledge above the river.  Turn around, drop back and climb down the rock ladder and left to a green ledge.

(NOTE: The path to the first secret is illustrated in this series of screenshots.  Save your game frequently if you can.  If at any time you fall into the river, you'll need to restart since the strong current and the piranhas will quickly put an end to poor Lara.  Also, if you don't already to so as a matter of course, I strongly encourage you to try the technique for setting up jumps described on my Strategy page.)

Turn around and take a running jump to the stone ledge ahead.  Run, jump and grab the next ledge; pull up.  (This jump is quite tricky.  Be sure to use the Look button to line it up carefully.  Jump from the left side of the block and hold Forward and Jump the entire time.) Turn left, take a running jump to grab the next ledge, and pull up.  Turn right and take a running jump to the L-shaped ledge.  Take a standing jump to the next ledge, jumping on the left side and using the Action key to lower Lara's arc so she doesn't hit the low ceiling.  Take a running jump to the next ledge.  Turn right and take one more running jump to grab the last ledge.  Pull up and enter the room for SECRET #1.

Inside is a series of angled blocks above sharp blades.  Stand with the first angled block on Lara's left.  Position her at about the middle of the floor tile front-to-back and her right foot is touching the pillar to her right.  Side flip onto the slope and hold Jump to spring off each of the blocks in turn, landing on the square pillar above.  Collect shotgun shells, a save/power-up crystal and a large medipak from the ledges and drop down.  Return to the beginning of the level the way you came.

(NOTE: I recommend saving about 20 shotgun shells for the end of the India levels.  They'll come in handy taking care of the powerful "boss" character.)

INTO THE CAVES: Above and behind the quad bike is a small opening containing MP5 clips and flares.  Crawl in and pick those up.  Then get on the bike and ride around almost to where you climbed down the ladders.  Jump the bike over the river from the little hill into the tunnel on the other side.

[NOTE ON QUAD BIKE CONTROLS: To get up some extra speed use "turbo": hold the brake—same key as Sprint—and press Action to rev the engine.  Then release the brake and go.  To dismount, press Roll + Left/Right.  Note that using Forward + Reverse controls together to substitute for Roll won't work here as it does for a standing reverse roll.  You must use the actual roll key (End on the PC, backslash on the Mac, and Circle on the PSX).  A complete list of vehicle controls appears on my Gameplay page.]

Ride through the tunnel, past the first pit on the left.  Park and get off the bike before the next gap.  Climb down the ladder into the pit to get SECRET #2shotgun shells, flares and a large medipak.  Climb back up and jump the bike over the pit.  Continue to an area with several ramps.  Jump the first gap, turn left and jump the next gap.  Park the bike near the gold gate.  Drop down into the area below ramps and then climb to the top of the first ramp.  Take a running jump to grab the edge of the opening on the left.

Follow the passage.  There's a cobra just around the first bend.  Kill it and continue.  Soon you'll come to a hole in the floor above the gold gate and bike.  Jump over it.  Continue, killing another cobra and picking up the small medipak nearby.  Drop through the next opening to land on the other side of the gold gate.  Kill 2 monkeys, grab the save/power-up crystal and press the button to the right of the gold gate to open it.

IMPORTANT - CHOICE OF PATHS: Drive through the gold gate and choose your path at the fork.  The RIGHT PATH leads down a rocky slope to a spot where you can jump the quad bike back across the river.  This way you get to explore the ruins but you miss one of the secrets.  The LEFT PATH leads upward through a series of caves and along the river.  You bypass the ruins ruins but are able to find all the secrets.

(NOTE: It is possible, though difficult, to explore both areas.  To do this, you must take the LEFT PATH - ALONG THE RIVER first.  Then, when you reach the GREEN CAVE area at the end of the level, you can jump back across the river and explore the ruins in reverse.  See the WALKTHROUGH UPDATE at the end of this document for details.)

LEFT PATH - ALONG THE RIVER (all secrets): Ride up the main path.  Jump the next large gap on the right side and quickly cut to the right onto the uneven green area to keep from falling into the chasm.  Ride forward slowly, hugging either wall to avoid falling into the hole.  Continue to the well-lit opening on the left.  Ride down onto the stone bridge and dismount.  Jump to the ledge on the right, where you'll find some Desert Eagle clips.  The small opening above leads to SECRET #3harpoons, Uzi clips and a save/power-up crystal.  Return to the bike.

Continue forward, jumping the gap, and proceed to a fork.  Drive down to the left and leave the bike near the base of the stone ramp that runs up the left wall.  Walk forward past the ramp to an opening with a tree on the right.  Go around the tree and jump to the root that sticks out over the river.  Take a running jump to grab the rock ledge opposite.  Pull up and take the Uzi clips.  Shoot 2 vultures and return to the bike the way you came.

Slowly ride up and around the narrow ledge.  Stay on the rocks when you come to the trees, or you'll fall through.  Continue along the ledge to a corner just before a straightaway with a small gap.  Position the bike in the corner facing the gap.  Use turbo to jump the small gap and keep going, jumping the river and landing on the other side.

Dismount, grab the save/power-up crystal and climb down the rock ladder, getting off on the block on the right side.  Kill the cobra in the small, dark cave.  Take the Desert Eagle clips and climb back up.  Drive the bike around to the area above the cobra cave.  Now jump the river one more time, starting at about where the save crystal was.  You'll end up in a rocky canyon on the other side, where you can leave the bike.

Slide down the slope near the left wall to land on a small ledge.  Pick up the walk-through below at the ** (the section titled 'THE TWO PATHS CONVERGE AGAIN').

RIGHT PATH - THROUGH THE RUINS (missing one secret): Drive the quad bike down the rocky path to the right and jump across the river.  Drive forward to the right corner of this overgrown area and down into the hole.  There's a monkey carrying a small medipak in this area.  You may be able to run him over with the bike.  Otherwise, dismount and shoot him.  (Depending on how long you take, he may climb up out of the hole and you'll have to follow him.)

TUNNEL INTO THE RUINS: You'll need to find the keys and open the gates before you can drive the quad bike through.  So leave the bike near the hole for now and proceed on foot.  Go up the tunnel, you'll meet 3 more monkeys between the first bend and the top of the hill.  At the first bend, you may notice a small, raised crawlspace on the right.  Pass this for now.  When you reach the place where you have to take a standing jump to get up the slope, make the jump and then climb onto the ledge on the left.  Go through the greenery-covered passageway at the left end.  Kill the cobra inside the cave and crawl into the low area to find the FIRST GATE KEY.  (The key is marked with an orange 'K' on the map.  This cave is drawn with dotted lines since it is above the main passageway on the map.) Exit the way you came.

Continue uphill.  Pass the entrance to the ruins on your right and look for another smaller opening on the left.  Inside are flares and Uzi clips.  Return down the slope and climb through the small opening (now on your left).  This leads into the building.

L-SHAPED ROOM WITH LIT TORCHES and TWO KEYHOLES: Kill the 3 monkeys that emerge as you explore and pick up a small medipak (dropped by the first monkey) and shotgun shells (in the alcove opposite the first torch).  Continue around to the left, where you'll see a relief of Ganesha (the Hindu god with the elephant head) and two locks in raised alcoves on either side.  Continue underneath Ganesha to a dead-end passageway with a hole in the ceiling.  Climb up through the hole into an outdoor area.

OUTDOOR AREA WITH QUICKSAND POOL: The next area has two locked gates.  The gate in the far right corner is surrounded by a pool of quicksand.  There's a save/power-up crystal on the ledge opposite the quicksand, and 2 monkeys lurking about.

The gates don't open yet, so you'll need to find another way into the next area.  Climb onto the low rock ledge to the left of the first gate (the one without the quicksand).  Turn left to face the greenish stone wall.  Position Lara at the outside corner of the block (as shown above) and take a standing jump to grab the edge of the wall where it sticks out from underneath the overhead ledge.  Turn to face the tree and take a running jump from the green wall to the branch.  Take a standing jump from the branch to the opening between this area and the next.

SECOND OUTDOOR AREA WITH TREE BRANCHES CONNECTING TO L-SHAPED LEDGE: Jump from the opening in the wall to the first tree branch.  Jump to the branch on the left, which connects with the L-shaped ledge on the side of the building.  Below this ledge, at ground level, is a small closed gate.  Kill the monkey on the ledge and follow the ledge to an entrance into the building (next to the gold lattice).

(NOTE: Both floors of this building are shown on the map.  They're labeled 'Second Key Room, upper and lower levels.' The upper level, where you enter, is shown offset from the main map.)

BUILDING WITH TWO FLOORS and FIRE-BREATHING STATUE: Go in past the opening in the floor and around the corner to the left.  Kill 2 monkeys.  When you approach the goodies, 2 more monkeys come in from behind.  Kill them all and pick up a rocket, Uzi clips and the SECOND GATE KEY.  Return to the hole in the floor and drop down into the room below.  (Be sure to drop on the side away from the fire-breathing statue.) Kill another monkey.  Go around to the left, kill yet another monkey, and push the button in the alcove at the end of the room to open the small gate, as well as the larger gate outside near the quicksand pool.  This also lets in 4 more monkeys.

Exit through the small gate.  Now you're back in the SECOND OUTDOOR AREA.  Go around the corner to the right toward the gate with quicksand around the bottom.  There are shotgun shells in the high alcove opposite.  Jump up to grab the edge at either end where it's lower.  Now return to the tree, climb the greenish rocks in the corner nearby, jump to the opening in the wall and drop down into the previous area.  Drop into the hole behind the tree to re-enter the L-SHAPED ROOM WITH LIT TORCHES and TWO KEYHOLES.  Use the gate keys in the two locks to open the big gate outside.  Go around to the right, past the torches, and crawl through the opening in the far left corner, where you entered.  Return to the quad bike.

DRIVING THROUGH THE RUINS: (NOTE: This path is marked with red dots on the map of the ruins.) If you didn't do so after jumping the river, drive the bike down into the hole.  Follow the passage up the hill.  Turn right and drive past the gold lattice windows, through the gate and up to the ramp near the quicksand.  Use turbo to jump over the quicksand and sail through the second gate.  Turn right and drive past the tree and the small, square gate.  Then turn left and continue around the back of the building to the opening in the green wall.  Go through to another landing near the river and run over the 2 monkeys.  (They won't even move unless Lara gets off the bike.)

A TRICKY PICK-UP: You're now next to the river again.  If you want to, you can get off the bike and go for a rather difficult pick-up.  (See the diagram at left if you need a visual.  The path to the ammo and back is marked with red arrows.  First jump to the tree root that juts out over the water (not marked).  From there, take a running jump to the green stone ledge (arrow 1).  Now make a tricky running jump across the water to grab the left edge of the tree root (2).  (Angle this jump so Lara takes off from the peak of the ledge and grabs the left side of the root, otherwise she won't be able to grab the edge.) Take a standing jump to the other triangular area of root (3).  From there, jump to the ledge (4).  Pick up Uzi clips and harpoons.  Take a running jump from the other end of this ledge (near the corner) to grab the closest root of the tree where you started (5).  For this last jump, aim for the middle-right of the block and hold Forward + Action so Lara climbs up right away and doesn't slip back into the water.  Pull up, jump around to the other side of the tree and return to the bike.  The last jump is quite temperamental, working sometimes and not others.  So if you can't make it, instead jump from the tree root to the left end of the green ledge (not marked).  Then jump back to the first tree (reverse of arrow 1).

When you are finished exploring this side of the river, jump the bike across the water to the GREEN CAVE opening, landing on the slope at the cave opening and continuing up into the cave.  (This jump is marked with a green arrow and number 6 on the diagram.)

(**) THE TWO PATHS CONVERGE AGAIN: Now, whether you took the left path ALONG THE RIVER or the right path THROUGH THE RUINS, you will arrive in the area shown in the diagram above.  Because of the two possible paths, this part can be a little confusing.  I have tried to make it as clear as possible, but please read carefully if you aren't sure what to do.

The three main areas at the end of the level are what I call the ROCKY SLOPE, the GREEN CAVE and the WATERFALL.  If you took the path ALONG THE RIVER, you'll enter this area by sliding down the ROCKY SLOPE.  The GREEN CAVE will be on the right at the bottom of the slope.  If you came through the RUINS, you'll land in the GREEN CAVE when you jump the quad bike across the river for the last time.  The ROCKY SLOPE is outside the cave to the left.  Between the GREEN CAVE and the ROCKY SLOPE is a well-lit opening above a WATERFALL.  This leads to the end of the level.  Don't go there yet.

GREEN CAVE: In this cave you'll find 2 monkeys and a save/power-up crystal.  If you're on the bike, you can kill the monkeys by running over them.

ROCKY SLOPE: Kill the 2 vultures that fly down from the top of the hill.  Now go rock climbing for a secret.  First, find the jutting block along the rock wall.  You'll be standing just below it if you took the river path and slid down the slope from above.  If you came in from the ruins and are facing the rocky slope, you'll find this block along the right wall.  Climb up the rocks and then turn around so the wall is on Lara's left.

Take a standing jump from the edge of the flat spot below to grab onto it; pull up.  Cross the ledge and jump to the next ledge, a path between two clumps of rocks.  Go through to the other side and take a running jump to grab the high ledge opposite.  Pull up and walk to the end of the ledge.  There's another smaller ledge with a green opening in the cliff wall ahead.  Take a running jump to land on the angled block just to the left of the opening.  Slide back and grab the edge.  Traverse to the right, pull up onto the ledge and crawl in to find SECRET #4Desert Eagle clips and a small medipak.

Crawl out of the cave and turn to the right.  Take a running jump to the angled block near the wall.  Hold the Jump key to spring off of the slope and land on the ledge to the left.  From there, return to the ground the way you came.

If you have come from the path ALONG THE RIVER and want to try to jump back across the river to explore the ruins, see the WALKTHROUGH UPDATE below.  Otherwise, go through the opening on the right at the bottom of the ROCKY SLOPE into the GREEN CAVE.  If you haven't already done so, kill the 2 monkeys and get the save/power-up crystal.

WATERFALL: Go through the well-lit opening between the GREEN CAVE and the ROCKY SLOPE.  Here the river spills over a cliff into a small pool.  Climb onto the tan rocks on the left side of the opening.  Walk down the slope and jump the gap to the next stone ledge.  Kill 3 more vultures.  (Notice the broken raft in the pool below the falls.  Apparently your quarry came this way as well.) From the end of this ledge, jump to the small square ledge ahead.  Safety-drop to the ledge below and pick up harpoons and MP5 clips.  Turn around and take a running jump across the pool to grab the horizontal crevice.  Traverse to the right, pull up and crawl into the cave.  This is SECRET #5.  Get the goodies—a save/power-up crystal, harpoons and shotgun shells —back out and drop into the pool.

Swim down and grab the small medipak on the bottom.  Then climb out of the water and go through the rocky passage behind the falls to finish the level.


Previous versions of this walkthrough stated that is impossible to get all kills and pick-ups in this level.  Thanks to hints from Lin and Laura, I have found that it is possible.  Here's how:

At the point in the walkthrough where you must make a CHOICE OF PATHS (above), you should already have secrets #1 and #2.  Choose the left path (ALONG THE RIVER) and proceed, following the walkthrough as written, picking up secret #3 on the way.  When you come to the ROCKY SLOPE, go after secret #4 as described in the walkthrough for that section.  Then enter the GREEN CAVE at the base of the ROCKY SLOPE.  From here, you can jump back across the river to the ruins.

IMPORTANT: BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR GAME in a separate slot before trying this in case you are unable to get back.

Position Lara at the left side of the cave opening overlooking the river.  The opening to the WATERFALL is behind her.  A carefully angled running jump, just skirting the left corner of the cave opening, will land her on the tree root jutting out into the water on the opposite side of the river.  This jump is also shown by the pink number 7 arrow in the diagram above.

Once you have crossed the river, you can go after the ammo shown in the diagram and described in the walkthrough paragraph "A TRICKY PICK-UP" (above).  Then enter the RUINS through the opening indicated in the diagram.

At this point, you're on your own, but you can basically follow the RUINS section of the walkthrough backwards.  Keep in mind that you won't have the quad bike, so you don't really need to open all of the gates since you won't need to drive through.  When you're done exploring, return to the riverbank opposite the GREEN CAVE.

The easiest way to jump back across the river is to first jump from the jutting tree root to the long, rectangular ledge on the right of the GREEN CAVE opening (i.e., jump indicated by the red number 1 arrow in the diagram above).  Then take a running jump along the short edge of the ledge, around the corner and into the GREEN CAVE.

I had originally suggested jumping across the river and back at the same point (arrow 7).  This method (suggested by the most excellent Laura, who also provided the screenshots) is MUCH easier.  But if you still can't make it, reload your earlier save.  If you use the level-skip cheat to bypass the rest of the level, you'll miss secret #5.  (If you have already used the level skip cheat, don't worry too much.  You can make up the extra secret later on in the Coastal Village level.)

Once you're back on the other side of the river, resume the walkthrough with the WATERFALL section, above.

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