Secrets: 1*

Cut scene: Lara standing in a train yard.

Go through the area with the posters on the walls to the dark corner at the foot of the staircase.  Kill 2 black scorpions and pick up a small medipak from the ground.  Go up the stairs to the street.

Follow the blue-robed bad guy who crosses the COURTYARD WITH THE FOUNTAIN.  He heads into an alley on the right, then enters the first building on the left, a WAREHOUSE containing many wooden crates.  Kill him and 2 of his buddies lurking among the crates.

Backtrack out to the street, turn right then left at the COURTYARD and enter the BUILDING WITH THE BLACK DOOR.  (Press Action to open the door.) This is a library or reading room of some sort, and another bad guy waits inside.  Take care of him, then note the closed door at the back of the room.  This is a secret room, but it can't be opened from here.  Go back out to the courtyard and notice the black switch high on the outside of the BUILDING WITH THE BLACK DOOR.  This will open the secret door.  Now you just need to get to it.

Cross the COURTYARD WITH THE FOUNTAIN to the building with the columns and balcony.  Around the other side of the building, in a short alley to the right, is a locked cage with a MOTORCYCLE inside.  You can't open the cage yet, so open the door of the building with the columns and go upstairs to JEAN-YVES'S STUDY.

FMV Sequence: Lara enters Jean-Yves's study and finds her friend working at his desk.  (A transcript of this exchange appears below at the **.)

(NOTE: If you return to Jean-Yves after visiting the next levels, Coastal Ruins, etc., there will be a short cut scene, in which your friend provides clues as to how to proceed.  Transcripts of each of these are included below.)

After Jean resumes his work, pick up a few items lying around the study: shotgun shells on the floor between two of the bookshelves, as well as the LASER SIGHT, arrows and more shotgun shells on the small chest of drawers on the other side of the room.

Go out onto the balcony and head to the left.  Two snipers start taking pot shots at Lara from the next building.  Kill them, then take a running jump over to where they were standing.  Pick up the Uzi clips dropped by the sniper on the left.  Take a running jump to grab tiled roof of the BUILDING WITH THE BLACK DOOR.  Traverse to the right, around the corner, then release and re-press Action to let go and grab the black switch on the way down.

Go back into the BUILDING WITH THE BLACK DOOR and enter the back room for secret #1 (44/70), a large medipak and 2 quivers of arrows.  Exit and go around the building to the right, into the alley and past the room with crates.  Continue to the end of the alley, killing another blue-robed bad guy along the way.  He drops a small medipak.  When you reach the end of the alley, you'll enter the COASTAL RUINS level.

*NOTE: There are 70 secrets in the entire game.  These are marked "(x/70)" in this walkthrough.  To check your progress in-game, press Pause and choose Statistics.

(**) Dialogue from FMV in the middle of this level:

Jean-Yves: Lara, you are alive.  I feared for you.  What.  .  .  ?

Lara: Von Croy has the amulet.

Jean-Yves: Ah, this is bad.  But he doesn't yet have the armor.  There is still time to prepare for Set.

Lara: Jean, I'm tired.  Give a girl a break. 

Jean-Yves: My dear, when all this is over you can retire.  But now we must move swiftly.  My men dive in the bay for remnants of Cleopatra's lost palaces.

Lara: Cleopatra?

Jean-Yves: Yes, she realized the armor's significance and had it brought here.  Some was subsequently scattered but.  .  .  .

Lara: Where do you recommend I start looking?

Jean-Yves: In the catacombs under Alexandria.  My diggers have unearthed chambers connected to the Great Library.  This would hold the true location of Cleopatra's palaces.

Lara: Take me there.

Jean-Yves: There is a problem.

Lara: Von Croy.

Jean-Yves: Yes.  His dig is expanding, crossing many of my own tunnels.  Of course, my men would no longer work when Von Croy's thugs appeared on the scene.

Lara: Time to introduce myself to Werner's loyal workforce.

Jean-Yves: First you must get into the catacombs.  Von Croy has been completely sealed up, and I fear he will soon have the armor.

Lara: Over my dead body.

Jean-Yves: This I fear also.  I shall wait here for you.  Return if you feel I can help in any way.  Good luck, Lara.  I fear you may need it.

Lara: I make my own luck.

First cut scene (shown if you revisit Jean-Yves in ALEXANDRIA before entering the EGYPTIAN ADVENTURE area in COASTAL RUINS):

Jean-Yves is sitting at his desk.  Lara sits in a chair and puts her feet up on the desk.

Jean-Yves: More information, oui? I believe some of the armor could be here in the town.  A local collector had a mall exhibition and was rumored to own a piece.  It's hard to say if this is true.  The man was a fool.  A while back he vanished, leaving the exhibition boarded up.  So if Von Croy hasn't got to it, perhaps this would be the place to begin.

Second cut scene (shown if you revisit Jean-Yves in ALEXANDRIA after entering the EGYPTIAN ADVENTURE area in COASTAL RUINS):

Jean-Yves is standing at the bookcase.  Lara leans against it and listens.

Jean-Yves: Lara, I've been doing some reading and it is highly probable that some of the armor is hidden down in the catacombs themselves.  But you must take care.  Word of Von Croy's men fleeing the tunnels has reached me.  Set's apparitions have begun to move into the city, gathering at the ancient sites.  You must hurry and find the library.

Third cut scene (shown if you revisit Jean-Yves in ALEXANDRIA after entering the LOST LIBRARY):

Jean-Yves is sitting at the small table on the left.  Lara perches on the edge of the table as she listens.

Jean-Yves: Greetings, Lara.  Remember, somewhere in the library will be the means to guide you to the location of Cleopatra's Palaces.  Von Croy will not know you have found the library yet, but I have heard.  .  .  through connections.  .  .  that he has hired new local help and is doubly searching for another way in.  For the moment we have the advantage, but I fear that we must move quickly if we are to stay ahead.  Remember, the great library was very much like a university to ancient Alexandria.  It will be full of knowledge, puzzles and invention.  You will need quick wits to get through.  Good luck, my friend.

Fourth cut scene (shown if you revisit Jean-Yves in ALEXANDRIA before entering PHAROS, TEMPLE OF ISIS):

Jean-Yves is standing before his desk.  He is about to reach for the bottle, when he hears Lara enter.  He turns around, bumping into the chair.

Jean-Yves: Ah, Lara, you have most truly put Von Croy's nose out of joint this time.  If events were less catastrophic, I would be very happy.  As it is, we must now be even more careful.  He will become even more desperate and thus more dangerous.  Be on your guard.  Use the artifact to get into Cleopatra's palaces and find the rest of the armor.  Tread carefully now.  .  .  and not too much sightseeing, hmm?

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