Secrets: 1*

HALL WITH SWINGING BLADES: Head down the ramp, killing a bat as you go.  To get through the swinging blade, position Lara at either side, close to the blade (but not too close) and run through as the blade starts to swing toward the other side.  Repeat the process for the second blade.  And kill a few more bats in the room beyond.

STAIRS DOWN TO ROOM WITH HUGE BASIN: Start down the stairs.  About a third of the way down, Lara will look up at a recessed spot the ceiling containing a gold star.  Use the revolver or crossbow (normal arrows) with the laser sight to target the star.  One shot should break it, opening a trapdoor in the room below.  Continue down the stairs a little farther and you'll see 2 mummies shambling around near a white marble basin.  If you wait for them to move near each other, you can destroy both with a single grenade or explosive arrow.  (Other weapons are ineffective.) Switch to pistols, then enter the room and kill another bat.  Pick up the revolver ammo on the floor behind the basin.

PITS WITH CONCEALED SPIKES AND DANGLING ROPES: Stand on the edge of the low platform supporting the basin.  Take a standing jump diagonally over the edge of the basin to get into it.  Drop through the trapdoor you opened by shooting the star.  Follow the ramp down to a large pit filled with concealed spikes that has a rope dangling above it.

Take a running jump to grab the rope.  Scoot down to the bottom and swing across the pit, jumping off the rope to land on the opposite ledge.  The next room contains 2 more mummies and a bat.  If you Advance slowly toward the entrance, you can destroy the mummies without triggering the bat.  Then switch to pistols, go in and look for the bat on the left.

Beyond this are two more pits with concealed spikes and ropes.  First swing across the pit on the right: Take a running jump to grab the first rope.  Climb to the bottom then swing and jump to grab the second rope.  Climb to the bottom of that rope, then swing and jump to the doorway.  Go up the ramp and use the switch to open a trapdoor elsewhere.  Swing back across the spike pit.

Go around the corner to the second pit.  Repeat the rope swinging business to get across this pit.  Go up the ramp to the trapdoor you just opened.  A hawk-headed guardian (perhaps a minion of Horus?) waits in the room above.  When you climb through the opening, he begins to shoot energy bolts from his staff.  It isn't too hard to dodge them if you immediately start flipping from side to side while firing.  You can use any weapons you like, but grenades or explosive arrows work fast.  When he is destroyed use your CROWBAR to pry the WESTERN SHAFT KEY from the wall with the huge star.

(NOTE: Alternately, you can climb into the room, run across and get the key, then run back to the trapdoor, using medipaks as needed.  Once you get the key and escape, the guardian won't follow.)

Cut scene: Taking the key also causes a block to recede elsewhere, revealing a doorway.

Return down the ramp to the spike pit.  Swing back across the pit, then back across the first pit (the one with only one rope).  Go back up the ramp and jump out of the basin in the room at the foot of the stairs.  Go upstairs and turn right (east) to find the door that just opened.

Enter and slide down the ramp to a dark tunnel.  Crawl along the long, straight passage to avoid the converging horizontal blades.  Go around the corner and up the ramp to a trapdoor in the ceiling.  Jump straight up to grab the switch at the edge of the door to open it.  Climb through the trapdoor to the desert above.

(NOTE: You'll probably recognize this area from the previous level.  The building where you rescued the guard from the scorpion is off to the south beyond the deep excavation pit.)

OUTDOORS NEAR TWO SMALLER PYRAMIDS:M Two giant scorpions attack almost immediately.  You can use the tunnel opening for cover if necessary.  When the scorpions get too close, drop back into the opening and they'll soon lose interest.  Then you can climb out and start shooting again.  When you've killed both, go between the two pyramids and find the button in the small alcove on the left.  Press this to open up the top of the other pyramid.  This also releases another giant scorpion.

Climbing the pyramid is a bit of a challenge.  Save your game first, since any misstep will likely result in Lara's sliding into the excavation pit.  (Refer to this screenshot if necessary.  The numbers in this text refer to the numbers on the picture.) (1) Walk onto the flat spot at the bottom left of the pyramid.  From here you can climb up one tier.  (2) Take a running jump across the sloped section to the right, landing on the next flat spot on the same level.  (3) From here you can climb up two more tiers.  (4) Walk onto the flat step to the right, then climb onto the ledge at the very top center of the pyramid.  Turn around, drop back and catch the edge of the opening.  Then climb down the ladder into the pyramid.

INSIDE THE SMALL PYRAMID: Go up the ramp to a spike pit.  Take a running jump across.  Use the monkey bars on the ceiling to traverse across the next deep pit.  The next pit is a wide one with concealed spikes and a swinging blade.  To get across, position Lara facing the pit and close to either of the side walls.  Take a running jump to grab the opposite side of the pit, starting to run when the blade reaches your side.  By the time you get to the blade, it will have swung away.  Pull up and continue.

Around the corner you'll need to repeat the running jump across a second spike and blade pit.  On the other side there's a deep pit with monkey bars off to the left and another spike and blade pit ahead.  First go across the spike and blade pit.  Around the next corner is a chain.  Pull it to open a gate elsewhere.  Return across the spike pit then use the monkey bars on the ceiling to traverse across the deep pit on the right.  Continue to the gate you opened using the chain.

LARGE CAVE WITH SLOPE AND SPIKES: Save your game first if you like.  You may need to try this bit more than once to get the secret.  Slide down the slope, jumping to the right at the end to land in the one safe spot in the spike pit (or on the tiny, triangular ledge just above this safe spot).  Pick up the UZIS (Uzi clips if you already have the weapons).  This is secret #1 (66/70).  Climb out of the pit onto the triangular ledge and continue sliding through the small, square opening at the bottom of the cave.

You'll find yourself in the passageway where you began the level UNDERNEATH THE SPHINX.  At the bottom of the hill is the HALL WITH BULL GUARDIANS AND HIEROGLYPH BUTTONS (the gate is still closed).  Go to the top of the slope to re-enter the SPHINX COMPLEX level.

SPHINX COMPLEX - EXCAVATION PITS REVISITED: Climb out of the pit between the sphinx's paws.  Go to the right (west) around the corner, which is the right paw of the SPHINX, toward the excavation pit.  Take a running jump from the triangular flat spot at the left side of the pit (near the wall).  Tap the left directional key while in the air if necessary, to land near the stone gate supports.  Use the GUARD'S KEYS (which you should still have from the MENKAURE'S PYRAMID level) to unlock the doors.  Go through the dark opening to finish the level.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not leave this level without the WESTERN SHAFT KEY.  Since taking it opens the exit, this shouldn't be a problem unless you use the level-skip cheat.  You will need this key, along with three others, when you get to the level INSIDE THE GREAT PYRAMID.  Once you enter the next level, THE MASTABAS, you won't be able to backtrack to this level.

*NOTE: There are 70 secrets in the entire game.  These are marked "(x/70)" in this walkthrough.  To check your progress in-game, press Pause and choose Statistics.

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