Secrets: 1*

You enter this level from the TRENCHES.  (For an overview of all of the Cairo levels, see this DIAGRAM.)

GARAGE WITH DYING SOLDIER: Once again, you've temporarily lost control of the Look key.  The sounds of the storm brewing and the skirmishes in the streets are a bit intimidating, but it's OK to climb down the ladder into the room below.  Approach the dying soldier.

Cut scene: The soldier and Lara both draw their weapons.  (A transcript of their dialogue appears at the bottom of the page.)

Pick up the MINE DETONATOR BODY.  Also get the CAR JACK BODY behind the blue taxi and the HANDLEon one of the tables.  Press the red button to open the two doors.  First, go through the door at the top of the ramp.  (You'll go the other way at the end of the level.  Right now you're still missing something you need.)

GARAGE RAFTERS: Return to the GARAGE and go through the door at the top of the ramp.  Crawl into the small opening for a large medipak.  Crawl back out and climb the ladder next to the crawlspace to emerge near the ceiling.  Take a diagonal standing jump to the bottom of the stairs on the right.  (Alternately, take a standing jump to grab the bars on the ceiling and traverse there.) Go through the crawlspace on the right to a small room with a padlocked grate in the ceiling.  Climb onto the corner block.  Combine the CAR JACK BODY and the HANDLE, and use the CAR JACK on the low stone wall to pop the grate.  Climb through the opening onto the roof.

ROOFTOP NEAR BRIDGE AND LIGHTNING ROD PAD: Take care to avoid the lightning rod pad while exploring this area.  A swarm of locusts emerge when you stand on the low step to the left of the pad.  When the swarm abates, go around to the left to get behind the lightning pad.  Here you'll find two metal boxes and some kind of machine with a wooden top.  Pull the box nearest the pad away from it into the hall.  Go around it and push it into the alcove to get it out of the way.  Pull the machine out of its alcove, then go around it and push it onto the lightning rod pad.

Cut scene: This causes the pad to sink.  Now the lightning strikes the ROOF BRIDGE, blowing away half of it.

Walk out onto the broken bridge and take out the soldier lurking below on the right.  Then take a running jump from the end of the ROOF BRIDGE to grab the ladder.  Climb around the corners to the left until you reach a ledge.  Turn around (to face north) and take a diagonal standing jump to the right toward the walkway lined with greenish stone.  Go around the corner to the right to find secret #1 (60/70), a large medipak, poisoned arrows and flash grenades, with a special bonus swarm of locusts.

Make the pick-ups and return the way you came.  Watch out for the roof's sloped edge.  The flat spot at the end of the green walkway is safe, but from there you need to jump back to the ledge near the ladder or you'll slide off the roof.

Climb into the opening to the left of the ladder.  Turn around and drop backwards, pressing and releasing Action to grab the edges as you slide.  If you break your fall in this way, Lara won't lose health.  Follow the hallway.

OPEN AREA WITH CRATES AND A BALCONY (BULLFIGHT): You can't shoot, move or stand on the crates, so leave them for now.  Go down the ramp (in the northwest corner).  Pick up the MINE POSITION DATA from the headless Saida.

Return up the ramp to find a huge armored bullójust like the GUARDIAN OF SEMERKHET.  And just like the guardian, he can't be killed.  The low ledges offer safe spots to stand if you need them.  As in Semerkhet, use the bull to do the heavy work.  If you stand on the low ledge in the corner, he will eventually bust open both of the crates there.  The third one is a bit trickier.  I found the easiest way to get him to break it was to jump Lara into the crate.  Then he charged right at it.  These boxes contain flares, a small medipak and Uzi clips.  You also need to get the bull to open the exit for you.  Position Lara in front of the stack of smaller boxes.  When the bull charges, jump out of the way at the last minute.  He'll shove the crates aside so you can exit.

Go up the ramp to the balcony.  Kill the soldier near the left corner.  Go through the doorway under the jagged hole with the sunbeams.  Slide down the ramp to the TRENCHES.

(NOTE: You may notice the crates in the bull room mysteriously reappear down below.  You can even go down and have the bull break them again, but they're empty now.)

TRENCHES - STREET WITH PALM TREE: Slide down the ramp into the street.  Go through the doorway and past the palm tree, and continue straight ahead (west).  Turn right at the end of the street and go down the hill toward the TWO STAIRWAYS.  Continue to the ledge with the huge sand hill.  Now you are able to climb up by jumping from the small, square ledge at the base of the sand hill to grab the ledge near the base of the ladder.  Climb the ladder back to the STREET BAZAAR.

STREET BAZAAR - GARAGE (AGAIN): Exit the garage through the door at the base of the ramp.  Follow the hall to a green door, which you can open by pressing Action.  Run through and kill a soldier on the left if you didn't already shoot him from the bridge above.  There's another soldier lurking in the far corner.  Take him out as well.  Pick up some Uzi clips beneath the overhang with the columns.  The doorway in the northwest corner (where you can see barricades with skulls and crossbones), leads to the MINED AREA of the TRENCHES level.  If you have the MINE DETONATOR BODY and the MINE POSITION DATA (above), you're ready to go there now.

Continue with the walkthrough for that level, with the section titled TRENCHES (third time).

Dialogue from cut scene:

Lara: Put your gun away.  Azizus sent me.

Soldier: Help me, Englisher.  I bleed to death.  I tried to hide, but those things smell the blood on me.

Lara: I've come for the mine frequency.  I need to get back to Azizus through this rabbit warren with both legs intact.

Soldier: I do a good job with the mines.  Ah, not that it does us any good.  We are all dead or dying.  (He drops the mine detonator on the floor.)

Lara: Where are the rest of you? I need those explosive codes.

Soldier: Saida (sp?), my colleague, lies across the roof bridge in the mosque.  As we retreated, something new that we had not encountered before came from the shadows like lightning and took his head.

Lara: The codes?

Soldier: Inside his head! Inside the creature!

Lara: I need those codes!

Soldier: Search his body.  I don't know.  Leave me for now, for I am weak and wish to prepare myself for God.  (He dies shortly after that.)

*NOTE: There are 70 secrets in the entire game.  These are marked "(x/70)" in this walkthrough.  To check your progress in-game, press Pause and choose Statistics.

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