Secrets: 1*

DIRT ROAD: Follow the road to the big doors with the "Do Not Enter" signs. As you approach, 2 blue robed baddies emerge from the rocks on the right side of the road. When you kill them, one drops a SILVER KEY. Use it to open the smaller door on the right.

WALLED AREA WITH LEDGES AND LEVERS: There are 2 more enemies inside and some shotgun shells in an alcove in the far left corner. Jump over to either of the 2 levers in the corners of this area, taking care not to fall into either of the deep pits.  After you use both levers, the door in the northwest corner opens and one of Von Croy's assassins enters.  Kill him, then go through the door you just opened.

(NOTE: Now that you've got the crossbow—or should have it anyway—you might try using poisoned arrows on the assassins.  They seem to get past the whirling knives quite easily.)

EXCAVATION PITS: Approach the pit on the right (north).  Slide down the slope onto the ledge inside the pit.  Jump to the ledge ahead on the left, and from there take a running jump to grab the flat spot on the north rim of the pit.  Pull up and continue forward (north) to the next pit.  There's a wooden door on the right, but you can't open it yet.

From the edge of the second pit, take a standing jump down to the ledge with the large medipak.  When you land, another guy in blue robes appears on the north rim of the pit.  Kill him.  Then take a running jump from the medipak ledge to the next ledge to the north (below where the bad guy just stood).  Climb out of the pit.  Kick open the gray door (Action key) and enter the building.

STORAGE BUILDING: One of the crates near the door contains Uzi clips.  The others are empty.  Push the metal shelf unit out of the way.  Shoot the grate.  (Pistols worked fine for me, though others have reported problems here.  You might want to try shooting from different angles.) Crawl through and kill another enemy in the next room.

Shoot the crate in the corner and pick up a METAL BLADE.  Move the shelf unit on the left twice to the left.  Move the other shelf out of the corner and pick up secret #1 (63/70) from the floor where the second shelf was.  This is the SHOTGUN (or shells if you already have the weapon).  (NOTE: It's fairly easy to overlook this pick-up in the dark corner.) Pick up some more shotgun shells on the floor to the right of the door.  Push the button to open the door.

EXCAVATION PITS AGAIN: There are 2 bad guys waiting outside. After dispatching them, head to the left. (You emerge through the wooden door between the two pits you crossed earlier. Now you want to head back to the south.) At the first pit, take a running jump back to the ledge on the right, a standing jump to the next ledge and another standing jump out of the pit.

Now you're back at the door where you entered from the WALLED AREA WITH LEDGES AND LEVERS. Continue past that door (south) to the next pit. Slide or jump down onto the ledge inside the pit on the left. Take a running jump to the ledge ahead (also on the left side of the pit). Turn right and take a running jump to the ledge in the opposite (southwest) corner. From there you can jump out of the pit.

You'll see the "Do Not Enter" doors to the left. Go to the right (west) around the corner, which is the left paw of the SPHINX. Go between the paws and approach the white stone.

Cut scene: Lara kneels near the monument and examines it closely.

Lara: The inscription reads, "One night. . . in dreaming. . . came to me. . . the spirit of the sphinx. In his passing, he spoke unto me words of great wisdom. 'Thutmosis, here is your true destiny: This land of Egypt is forever yours to rule. In return, protect me always from the sands of time. As you are, I must be free from head to toe. So that we both may see the divine beauty of creation.' "

(NOTE: While not exactly relevant to the plot, it's an interesting tidbit if, like Lara, you're keen on ancient Egyptian history. See below for more info on Thutmosis and the Sphinx.)

Walk around the right front paw (the sphinx's right) toward the next pit (to the west). Beyond the pit lurk 2 more assassins. You can take them out from this side using the crossbow with laser sight and an explosive arrow or two. (Or, to conserve ammo, use the laser sight bug, described in the COASTAL RUINS walkthrough.) Then take your time crossing the pit: Slide down the slope near the paw to the trapezoid-shaped ledge. You can then take a running jump to the next ledge on the right side of the pit if you line it up very carefully. If you're not sure of your jumping skills, jump across to the ledge on the left side, then to the ledge farther ahead on the right. Climb out of the pit.

To the left of the door you'll find either a crate containing a WOODEN HANDLE or the handle itself (if you blew up the crate when you killed the assassins). Pick it up. Then climb onto the square block near the sphinx's paw. Take a standing jump up onto the paw. Walk to the end to get some shotgun shells then slide down on the side near the white monument.

Combine the METAL BLADE and WOODEN HANDLE to make (ta da!) a SHOVEL. Use the shovel in the cracked area of ground in front of the monument to start digging.

Cut scene: Lara digs a rather large hole. (Where does this girl get all that energy?!)

Drop into the hole and walk down the slope to end the level.

(NOTE: There are still a few areas of the SPHINX COMPLEX you haven't explored yet. Don't worry. You'll be back later.)

*FYI: For more information about Thutmosis and his dream, check out this article, "History of the Conservation of the Sphinx."

*NOTE: There are 70 secrets in the entire game. These are marked "(x/70)" in this walkthrough. To check your progress in-game, press Pause and choose Statistics.

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