Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 22: BIO-RESEARCH FACILITY

FIRST GREENHOUSE: Go straight through the door to enter the greenhouse.  Go down the steps and talk to the man standing near the fountain.

Dialogue - Dr.  Muller: The scientist reveals more information about the Cabal.  He says they plan to bring about a new order of life on earth, starting with the revival of the Sleeper.  Eckhardt plans to use the Sleeper to breed a new race of Nephilim.  In return for their help, he's promised the other Cabal members immortality.  Lara is a bit skeptical, but Muller insists.  He's convinced Eckhardt's plan will work, but he does hint that their previous experiments weren't completely successful.  Apparently his colleague Boaz created a half-breed "Proto-Nephilim" that turned out to be not an angel but an abomination.  Muller then spritzes Lara with pesticide and sneaks away.

Step into the fountain and pull on the blue gargoyle to open a secret passage in the corner to the right of where you entered.  Go through the passage, climb the ladder, pick up Vector and Mag clips and pull the switch to open the exit.  Drop down and return to the greenhouse.

On the way out, make a couple of pick-ups.  In the far left corner there's a Viper clip on the walkway.  Watch out for the carnivorous plant.  It will try and bite Lara.  Search in the undergrowth behind the spore-spitting pitcher plants.  (In the PC game at least, these don't seem to do any harm.) You'll find a Vector and Mag clip.  Go up the stairs into the airlock.  Press the button and exit through the other door.

SECOND GREENHOUSE WITH MUTANT INCUBATION TANKS: A panoramic cut scene shows the layout of the area.  One of the tanks bursts open and a mutant with long, knife-like claws escapes.

If you kill this mutant, 6 giant pillbug mutants enter through the chutes lining the side walls.  You can either kill them all, try and outrun them or just don't trigger them by killing that first mutant.  The last way also saves health and ammo.

The big door at the far end of the room doesn't open.  You'll need to find another way out.  But first get a few useful items.  Go down the first set of steps on the left and jump over the railing to land in the bushes beside the steps.  Pick up some bandages.  Now run along the length of the room to the far right corner.  Go up the steps there and head back toward the entrance along the ledge.  Get the Mag clip at the end of the ledge.  Slide down to the ground and run back along the length of the room to the far left corner.  Go up the steps.  First follow the ledge all the way back toward the entrance and pick up another Mag clip.  Then backtrack along the ledge to the middle.  Get another Mag clip and jump straight up to grab the silver drainpipe.  Monkey swing up the pipe to the top and drop onto a narrow platform.

Activate walk mode and follow the narrow walkway to the right.  Turn the first blue valve.  Now head for the other side of the walkway.  When you reach the broken section, walk as close as you can to the first gap and jump forward to clear both gaps.  Continue to the second blue valve and turn it.  This opens a trapdoor at the bottom of the tank from which the live mutant emerged.  If you climb down the broken ladder and drop or jump from the end, Lara will lose quite a bit of health and may die if she's already lost some.  If you have health items to spare, then go for it.  Otherwise, return to the silver drainpipe and climb down the way you came.  Drop through the hole in the mutant tank and fall into a pool of green bacta-looking stuff.

AREA WITH POOLS and WALKWAYS: Climb out of the first pool and follow the passage to a slope above another pool.  Stand at the center of the ramp where there's a strip of decorative grating on the floor.  Step off and slide forward, jumping at the end of the slope to grab the ladder ahead.  Climb up and take the small medipak.  Go through the door, follow the steamy hallway to the end and go through another door.

(Alternately, if you miss grabbing the ladder after sliding down the ramp, you'll splash down in the pool below.  Swim through the hole in the grating.  Then quickly swim up and right to a ladder where you can climb out of the water.  Don't linger too long in the pool, since there's a huge fish-mutant swimming around here.)

There's a guard on patrol here.  Depending on where you enter, he may be above or below you.  Kill him and then head for the vine-covered wall in the corner.  (This will be ahead and to the left if you climbed out of the pool, or below if you came in through the door.) Climb up the vines to reach the ledge high above.  You'll need to climb up, then diagonally up and right, then straight up again.  This screenshot shows where to go.

The door ahead doesn't open.  So climb the ladder to the high walkway.  Use the switch to move a small platform toward the far end of the room.  Return to the bottom of the ladder, but instead of climbing back down the vines, safety drop to the walkway below.

Go up the first short flight of stairs and down the other side.  Jump onto the fat pipe next to the right wall.  Pick up a Mag clip and turn the valve.  This shuts off the steam leaking from a pipe on the opposite wall, which would otherwise prevent you from climbing up there.  Walk back along the fat pipe and jump to the walkway.

Now go up two flights and left to the broken section of walkway.  Jump across and then climb the ladder on the left wall.  Go around the clump of foliage and pick up Viper and Mag clips plus some health pills.  Return down the ladder (or safety drop through the opening to get down faster).  Cross the walkway to the other wall and walk out onto the narrow ledge.  Sidle across and climb the pipe.  At the top, press left and up together to grab the ledge to the left.  (Lara seems to only want to go right unless you force her.) Shimmy left, then around the corner and pull up.

Save your game before the second part of this tricky climb.  Grab the vines on the wall and climb straight up to the ceiling.  If you jump to grab the vines when starting out, you'll have a little more hang time.  Just keep pressing forward and Lara will climb straight up and then turn to face the middle of the room.  Once she reaches the metal track on the ceiling, turn right and move forward a little more to position her above the platform you moved here earlier.  Let go to land there.  (Here's another screenshot in case you need it.)

Cross the walkway and climb down two ladders to a blue door with a button.  Press it to open the airlock.  Go in and press the yellow button to open the other door.

ROOM WITH MUSHROOMS and VALVE PUZZLE: Go to the right.  A brief cut scene shows a huge vine pulling the exit doors shut and holding them fast.  Climb down the ladder and head toward the raised walkway.  Underneath you'll find a clip for the Mag Vega.  Go up the stairs to the valves.  Each of the five valves is labeled with an arcane symbol.  The diagrams on the bulletin board to the left show different chemical mixtures you can make by turning different valves.  Push the table away from the bulletin board to reveal a clue.  The diagram with the red X shows a bad mixture for plants.  Turn the valves corresponding to the symbols shown in that diagram: valves 1, 2 and 4 from left to right.  Now pull the lever to the right.  This feeds the bad mixture to the giant vine, killing it and opening the door.  Exit there.

Cut scene: A flyby of the area.  Most important is the dead guard with the keycard on one of the higher walkways.

BIG ROOM WITH GLASS GREENHOUSE AND CATWALKS: There's a guard on patrol off to the right.  I wasn't able to sneak up on him, but maybe it's possible.  Kill him and take his Botanical Low Access Pass.  Beyond his post in the far right corner is a short hallway with 3 card readers.  This is the exit.  You'll need three pass cards to get out.  You've already got one.

Go to the raised plant bed in the middle of the room and climb the low wall to get up there.  Climb the ladder to the walkway above.  Now you're on level 2.  Go to the left, and up two flights of stairs to level 4.  (There's only a small landing here on level 3.) Here you'll find a blue door, which only opens from the other side, and a series of small blocks arranged so you can jump across the greenhouse roof.

First, take a short hop from the walkway or the first block to the second block.  (Or step back a bit and use a regular standing jump.) Jump from the middle of the second block down to the third.  You may be able to shoot the guard on patrol above and to the left from here.  If not, just keep going; you'll get him later.  Jump from the middle of the third block to the fourth.  Walk to the edge of the fourth block and jump to grab the walkway ahead, just to the left of the railing.  Pull up.

If you miss any of these jumps, don't worry.  Just slide down the roof and press Action to grab the edge.  Traverse to the left and drop onto the small corner ledge where you'll find some bandages.  You may want to do this once on purpose just to get the pick-up.  Jump into the water, swim to the steps and climb out.  Then retrace your steps up the ladder and stairs to the blocks to try again.

Once you reach the walkway (also on level 4), head around to the left.  When you reach the circular clump of plants, Lara says she's not strong enough to make the long jump to the next walkway.  Instead, head left.  Shoot that guard if you didn't get him before.  Go to the blue door and open it.  This isn't necessary, but it saves you from having to repeat the block jumping if you fall later on.  From the blue door, return past the big tree and continue straight on to the far wall.  Follow the walkway around to the left until you come to a gap.

Take a running jump across the gap to grab the opposite edge.  Pull up.  This gives Lara the lower-body strength upgrade she needs to get across the other big gap.  Pick up the large health pack and then jump back across the gap.  (This time you won't need to grab, since Lara can jump farther.)

(NOTE: If you miss the first jump across the gap, you can either reload or continue forward along the lower walkway.  Vault over the rail at the end and continue up the stairs to the blue door and blocks.  If you opened the blue door, you can go through there instead of having to jump across the blocks.)

Once Lara has the upgrade, return along the level 4 walkways to the circular clump of plants.  Save your game.  Then face the wide gap that Lara couldn't jump before.  Line up the jump carefully so she runs and takes off on the left side, where the broken edge juts out a little farther.  Run, jump, grab the other edge and pull up.

Go to the left and up the stairs to level 5.  Follow the walkway all the way to the left.  Climb the vine-covered pole, traverse to the right and pull up on level 6.

Cut scene: Lara sees Dr. Muller working on a computer.  Eckhardt and Gunderson approach Muller demanding to know what's going on.  Muller tells them it's not his fault; the power is down everywhere.  Gunderson takes over at the computer and soon has things under control.  Then Boaz arrives with news of problems down in the Sanatorium.  She confesses that she didn't kill the Proto-Nephilim as Eckhardt ordered.  According to her, because the Proto is half Nephilim, it can only be killed with Eckhardt's Periapt Shard.  Meister Eckhardt is not too thrilled about this.  He sends Gunderson to clean up Boaz's mess and, as punishment, feeds her to one of Muller's "creations." Joachim Karel, the blond in the red scarf, has nothing to say at this point.

After the cut scene, continue forward to the dead guard near the plant.  Pick up his Botanical High Access Pass and the Viper clip near the end of the walkway.  Then return to the broken edge and drop to the level below.  Return to the other end of the level 5 walkway and down the stairs.

Go to the very end of the walkway.  (The spot where you grabbed after making the very long jump is on Lara's right now.) You may be able to shoot the guard on the level below from here.  Hang from the edge of the walkway and traverse to the right.  Grab the vines on the brick wall and climb down to the stairs.  Go up the stairs, shoot the guard if you didn't before and get his Botanical Medium Access Pass.

Return down the stairs and follow the walkway toward the glass greenhouse.  Pick up a Mag clip at the end.  Climb down the broken ladder and drop to the ground.

(NOTE: Twice while playing this level I experienced a bug where this guard would die without my doing anything.  When this happened I found his security pass on the ground below the walkway, near the small lamppost.)

When you have all three pass cards, head for the far right corner of the room (i.e., to the right when Lara's back is to the entrance and she's facing the glass greenhouse).  Go into the short hall and use the cards at the 3 card readers to open the exit.

DARK AREA WITH STEAM PIPES and POISON GAS: Go down the steps to the right.  This area is full of poison gas, so move quickly.  Pick up 2 Vector clips—one near the right wall just before the small pool, the other in the far left corner against the wall.  Drop into the water and swim through to another small room.  Climb out on the ledge and pull the small box under the hole in the walkway above.  Climb onto the box and pull up through the opening onto the walkway.  The door is jammed.  So search the lockers to find bandages and health pills.  Then hop back in the water and swim back to the poison gas room.  Climb out of the water, return up the stairs and then cross the elevated walkway to the far end.  Enter the first airlock and press the button to exit on the other side.  Go left into another airlock.

Cut scene: Kurtis traps Lara inside the airlock to keep her from wreaking more havoc while he sorts out a few things.  Before he takes off, Lara makes sure he sees the Periapt Shard she took from him at the Louvre.  Now he'll be sure to return.

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