Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 8: BOUCHARD'S HIDEOUT

TUNNELS: You'll encounter several rats in this level.  Most don't bother Lara much, so save your ammo and just continue on your way.  You begin in a tunnel that is blocked by a heap of rubble.  Follow the tunnel in the other direction, past a door that doesn't open.  Walk at the corner because the floor collapses just ahead.  Drop down into the pit and climb out on the other side using the vine-covered wall.  Use the pipe on the right wall to traverse across the second pit.

Alternately, when the first section of floor collapses, drop down into the pit and crawl through the low, rat-infested tunnel to the second pit.  At the far end, find a small rock for a boost so you can jump up to grab the ledge above.  You'll need to turn Lara to the right to get the correct angle to grab the ledge above.  Climb out and go on.

When you reach the third pit, the floor collapses.  There's a crevice on the wall to the right, but it doesn't go all the way to the other side, so don't bother with it.  Just drop into the water, swim down under the obstacle and continue swimming to the far side of the pool.  Lara can climb out using the vine-covered wall on the right.  Climb all the way up to the crack in the wall.  Then traverse left to the ledge.

Continue along the passage to a cave-in.  Pull on the boulder to shift the pile of rubble.  You still can't get through there, but it unblocks the passage on the other side.  Open the grating on the right.  Shoot this rat because otherwise it will gnaw on Lara as she crawls through the opening.  (Strange how Lara can subdue a big burly dude but won't step on a tiny rodent.) Pick up Vector ammo in the next room.  Go through the door, then another door to return to where you started.  To the left is the same pile of rubble, only now you can get past it.  Swim across the next pool and climb out (Action).

STORAGE CELLS: Enter a room with a bright light and some pipes.  Exit through the hole in the wall to a storage area with barred cells and a few coffins.  In the next room to the left you'll find a hideously deformed man squirming on a cot.  Next to him is a small medipak.  Exit through the other open door and go left.  Open the metal door with the rivets.  (You might want to save your game before going inside.)

BOUCHARD'S OFFICE: At last your hard work has paid audience with the kingpin himself.

Dialogue - Louis Bouchard: When choosing the first dialogue option, go for polite.  If you tell him not to jerk you around, he gets angry and it's lights out for our heroine.  He refuses to say what happened to Arnaud, the guy in the next room.  He claims not to know Eckhardt or Von Croy, but if you tell him you lost your friend yesterday and are now wanted for his murder, he'll be more forthcoming.  You can go either way for the other dialogue choices, but you'll get a bit more info if you choose "A front, obviously" and "Passports?" The upshot is that Von Croy wanted weapons, maps and information on an archeological dig beneath the Louvre.  When Lara asks for the same, Bouchard says he can't help but he proposes a deal.  If you carry a bunch of Czech passports to the pawnbroker, Daniel Rennes, he will know you've come from Bouchard and will sell you the stuff you need.

After this conversation your notebook is updated and you have a wad of passports in your inventory.  Pull the lever in the corner to open one of the cell doors outside.  Exit the office and search the cells.  The first one on the left has wad of passports on the floor behind a coffin.  The second cell has a Vector clip and a movable box.  Slide the box toward the door and use it to jump up and grab the ledge above.  Pull up.  Use the lever there to open the exit in Bouchard's office.  Return to the office and exit up the stairs.

You emerge in St.  Aicard's Church.  (If you haven't been here already, see the section about it in the Parisian Ghetto walkthrough.) Exit through the front door onto Rue Dominique.  Turn right and go to the end of the street.  Turn left at the Charcuterie and continue to the stairs leading down.  At the bottom of the stairs, turn right on Cours la Seine and find Rennes' pawnshop near the end of the street.  Go in.

Cut scene: Lara encounters Eckhardt, though she doesn't know him yet, coming out of the shop.

RENNES' PAWNSHOP: Go into the back room to find Daniel Rennes.  A strange symbol is scrawled in blood on the floor near his body.  Pick up Rennes' wallet and examine it (go to Inventory, Items, and use it) to see a scrap of paper with a code: 14529.  Use this code to open the door at the back of the room.  Pick up a load of stuff intended for Von Croy: a map of the archeological dig, a map of the sewers around the Louvre, explosives, two guns—the DART SS and K2 IMPACTOR—and ammo for both.  The last pick-up will trigger a sensor that arms the bomb in the next room.

TIMED RUN: Turn right toward the button on the wall.  Wait for the cut scene showing the bomb counting down.  Then press the button to open the door.  Run out and swerve to the right to the trapdoor.  Press Action to open it then jump forward into the hole, rather than safety dropping, which wastes time.  Run down the hall, jump near the end to land in a hole and immediately run to the left along the pipe to escape the billowing flames.  Or, to get away from the flames faster, jump forward and then start running.  (When Lara drops into the pipe and you lose control of the camera, try not to think about what you're seeing and just press forward and left to get Lara running in the right direction.)

Cut scene: Kurtis has a smoke as he watches Lara explode from the burning building.

Second Cut Scene: Eckhardt addresses the Cabal.  He informs his fellow bad guys that they are now in possession of three of the Obscura paintings.  According to Eckhardt, Von Croy located the fourth in Paris and, once they have it, they will assemble in Prague, obtain the fifth painting and awaken the Sleeper...whatever that means.  He then calls in a hulking man named Gunderson and tells him to dispatch his team to get the fourth painting.

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