Enter, approach the deep pit and turn right.  Find the movable section of wall and push it to reveal a small room.  Pick up 2 vector clips.  Use the lever to open the gate at the other side of the area and raise some logs for Lara to jump across.  Return to the rim of the pit.

Because the logs keep swaying back and forth, this series of jumps is basically trial-and-error.  Just be sure not to jump when the carved heads are blowing their Hades breath, or Lara will fall to her death.  Also, remember the difference between the short hop (Walk + Jump) and the regular jump (Jump + Forward).  Sometimes you can use the regular jump to leap over one log and land on the next.

On the other side, pick up the Air Crystal.  Turn around and start back toward the entrance.  The wind has stopped now, making the jumps a little easier.  Jump from the first log to the one closest to the right side of the room.  When you land there, one of the stone heads slides back, revealing some goodies.  Jump to the alcove and pick up a large health pack and 2 boxes of V-Packer shells.

Then make your way back across the logs to the entrance.  I found it easier to jump from the log that triggered the movement of the head back to the left (nearer to where you got the crystal) and then across the logs on the other side of the room.

Return through the various gates to the Hall of Seasons.


When you enter this area, a fire knight begins hurling fireballs in Lara's direction.  He is similar to the other undead knights you've encountered except for his flaming sword and missile weapon.  Shooting doesn't kill him; it only subdues him temporarily.  Dodge the fireballs and either outrun him or knock him into one of the holes in the floor using your shotgun.  Just be careful Lara doesn't fall through the first hole.  The fall will kill her.

There are 2 boxes of V-Packer shells in the corners.  If you can't get them now, you'll get another chance later.  Run into the second room and hop into the water.  (You can also come here to extinguish Lara if a fireball hits her.)

Swim down, then forward through a room with some fish swimming around in it.  Swim into the small room ahead, avoiding the blades in the doorway.  Pull the lever to raise the water level in the surrounding rooms.  Swim back out, past the blades and up through the hole where you came in.  Climb out of the water.  Go into the other room, near where you entered, and drop into the hole.  Now that the water level is higher, Lara will splash down harmlessly.

Face the archway with the carved stone face above it.  Swim down on the right side, through the small opening at floor level.  Pull the lever to raise the water level once more.  Swim back to the surface.

Now you can get to the three doorways that were too high to reach before.  All three doors lead to sections of the same tunnel.  Go through the door on the right to get a Vector clip.  The middle door has a large medipak.  The left door leads to a square opening in the floor.

Jump through that opening and swim down and forward to get another large medipak.  (You may have noticed it behind the bars before.) Continue forward and down through another opening to another large medipak.  Then turn around and swim through the hole near the top of the bars.  Continue to an opening above where you can get air.

Save your game.  Beyond the spot where you got the last medipak, the tunnel is lined with retracting spikes.  At this point my computer system was overloaded and chugged along so slowly that it was hard to see what was happening.  So I apologize in advance if this is wrong, but it seemed like each set of spikes was not a complete circle.  By staying close to the side of the passage where no spike was coming out, I was able to get through.

Beyond the spikes, swim straight on through the holes in the bars.  Turn right at the T-intersection to get air.  Backtrack for the Vector clip at the opening to this square side tunnel.  Get air again if you need to, then swim straight down the square tunnel.  Swim down to get the Water Crystal off the pedestal.  Down on the side of the pedestal is another lever.  Pull it to open the door below the carved face and the grating above.

Swim up for air.  Then swim down through the opening below the carved face.  This takes you back into the room where you pulled the first lever.  Don't go all the way to the lever.  Instead swim up through the hole in the ceiling to emerge at the small pool where you first dove in.  Climb out and exit the way you came in.  (Pick up the V-Packer shells in the corners if you didn't get them before.) Return through the various gates to the main room of the Hall of Seasons.


Cut scene: The gate closes and lava flows in, triggering a series of eruptions.

Wait near the entrance for the pyrotechnics to subside a bit.  Then cautiously move forward.  You'll want to avoid the darker colored blocks, since these explode out of the ground, taking Lara with them.  (This usually isn't deadly, and it's definitely worth trying once just to see it.  Save first just in case.)

Now you'll need to use the blocks to jump across the lava pool.  Perhaps it's because of the hexagonal shaped blocks, but the short hop doesn't work here.  Instead of hopping forward, Lara swerves randomly and usually lands in the lava.  Instead, use regular forward jumps, but judge your distance carefully.

First, walk down toward the middle of the pool.  Step back from the edge (avoiding the darker block) and take a standing jump to land on one of the first two hexagonal blocks.  Walk out to the farthest block.  (The previous block sinks into the lava after you pass.) From there, jump to the block ahead, then to the lighter colored block in the group beyond.

Jump to the rightmost block in the group of three ahead and to the left.  From there, jump to the nearest in the next group of three blocks, off to the right.  Go to the end of this group of blocks.  Then jump over the single block to land at the base of the stairs.  Go up the stairs and take the Fire Crystal.

Before or after taking the crystal, you can pick up a few health items in a high alcove.  To get there, take a standing jump from the top of the stairs to the first floating platform.  Jump straight up to grab the edge of the platform above and pull up.  Jump from there to grab the edge of the alcove; pull up.  Take the bandages and V-Packer shells.  To get back, take a running jump from the alcove over the floating platforms to the steps.

To get back across the lava after getting the Fire Crystal, don't jump from the base of the stairs or you'll overshoot the first block and land in the lava.  Instead walk down the steps to about the third step from the bottom and jump to land on the first block.

Several floating platforms rise up from the lava.  Turn right and jump to the first floating platform.  Grab the floating platform above, pull up and turn to the left.  Jump to the next set of floating platforms.  From there, turn left again (toward the middle of the pool) and jump down to the next set of platforms (one floater joined to one that is anchored).

Stand on the solid block for a moment and new platforms will appear ahead.  This is not a bridge.  There's a gap between the last two blocks.  So step out onto the first floating block and then jump to the solid one.  More floating platforms appear to the left.  Jump over to them.  Another floating platform appears ahead.  Walk to the end of the three joined floaters and jump over to the single one.  From there, jump to the solid blocks near the exit.

Return through the various gates to the main room of the Hall of Seasons.


Cut scene: A huge statue collapses, destroying most of the floor.

Walk forward.  The ledge ahead falls away.  Drop down on the right to get some bandages.  Climb back up near the doorway.

Drop down on the left side and follow the ledges around to the left wall.  At the first gap, walk to the edge and take a short hop to the next block.  (Short hop = Walk + Jump.  A longer jump can land you on the orange block beyond, which sinks into the abyss.) Turn right.  Run across the uneven bridge of orange rocks.  It crumbles away beneath you, so jump at the end to land on the solid block near the wall.

Walk along the narrow ledge near the wall.  (If you approach it at a walk, Lara will automatically turn her back toward the wall.  Then just press left/right to maneuver.) Walk out onto the slightly lower green block.  When Lara steps on the far side (marked X), it starts to slide across the gap.  Jump onto the orange block ahead when you get close enough.  This block starts to fall in, so immediately turn to the right and jump to the next block, then the next.  Turn right and immediately run up the collapsing stairs, jumping to land on (or grab) each of the higher blocks.  This sequence is quite tricky because the blocks fall away as you stand on them, so the right jump to use depends on how far the block has sunk.  The last block, near the wall, is solid.

Turn right and walk to the pointed edge of the ledge.  It's hard to see in the darkness, but ahead is a higher block.  Jump forward to grab the edge above.  Pull up.  Immediately jump to the next higher ledge as the lower one collapses.  Walk forward and jump to grab the edge of the walkway above.  Pull up and turn right.  You can now see the final approach to the steps.  Start running back near the wall so Lara can build up some speed.  Run along the right side of the walkway.  (The left side collapses more quickly.) Jump near the end to land on the steps.

Go up the steps and pick up 2 boxes of V-Packer shells and the Earth Crystal.

Cut scene: Shards of rock swirl up from below, rebuilding the floor.

When you step out into the room, 3 fire knights appear and begin hurling fireballs in Lara's direction.  These guys are similar to the other undead knights you've encountered except for the fireballs and flaming swords.  Shooting doesn't kill them; it only subdues them temporarily.  Dodge the fireballs as you outrun them.  You can knock them into the abyss in the center of the room, but I found this to be a major waste of ammo and health.  Instead, stand Lara under the rushing water near the steps.  This will protect her somewhat as the knights approach.  (There's another cascade near the exit, which you can also use to extinguish Lara if a fireball hits her.)

When the knights come toward you, run past them to either of the 2 levers on the sides of the room.  Lara runs much faster than the knights, so you shouldn't have too much trouble outrunning them.  Pull the lever, run to the other lever and pull it.  That opens the exit.  Return through the various gates to the main room of the Hall of Seasons.

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