Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 27: BOAZ RETURNS

Kurtis must now fight the powerful mutant Boaz.  This sequence is probably the most frustrating in the game.  Boaz is strong.  She shoots streams of toxic green grossness that knock Kurtis off his feet, and by the time he gets up again, she's moving in for the next attack.  Also, Kurtis seems to have a problem targeting the parts of Boaz that need to be hit.  Plus there's the problem of not having enough ammunition.  As in the Proto-Nephilim battle, there's a respawning Boran clip on one side of the arena.  It will give you unlimited ammo if you can manage to pick it up before Boaz devours Kurtis.

First, get as close as you can to Boaz without getting chomped and shoot her head, which is underneath near the front.  Back flip or jump to the side when she lunges.  After you shoot her head a few times, she'll start spewing venom.  Then you need to move around to either side and eliminate each of the four venom sacs.  You'll need to shoot the sac that's actively squirting, so tap the Roll button (End on the PC, square on the PS2) if necessary to change targets.  (Each sac is a separate target.) When all four sacs are destroyed (two on each side), she'll fall down for the first time.

Some tips: Put away your gun when trying to evade Boaz, when moving around to her side after you shoot her head, then again when moving from one side to the other.  It's much easier to move in the direction you want to go when not holding a weapon.  Unless you have lots of ammo left, don't stray too far from the ammo respawn point as you do all this.

When you have destroyed Boaz's first form, there's a brief cut scene.  Kurtis says, "That wasn't so hard." But then Boaz in flying form crawls out of the carcass of her spider form and you must kill her all over again.

Avoid the bug woman's slashing attacks by stepping backwards or to the side (jump to the side if she gets Kurtis against a wall) and keep shooting.  Again, there's unlimited ammo off to one side if you need it.  Destroying the second form doesn't take nearly as long as killing the first.  When the flying Boaz falls, approach it to trigger another cut scene.  (NOTE: There's a fairly long delay before this cut scene.  Be patient; eventually it'll kick in.)

Cut scene: As Kurtis turns to leave, Boaz uses her last ounce of strength to skewer him through the gut.  He looses his magic shuriken and slices her head off.  (Now why the heck didn't he do that in the first place?) But apparently it's too late for our hero.  He slumps to the floor.

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