Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 6: THE SERPENT ROUGE

IMPORTANT: Although one of the strength upgrades can only be had by entering this level through the garage entrance (i.e., with Bernard's key), you will not be penalized later in the game for not getting this upgrade.

If you are on Bernard's mission, you will enter the club through the garage on Cours la Seine.  Follow the walkthrough below.  If you are helping Pierre, you enter through the stage door.  Skip down to the Stage Door section below.

GARAGE: After entering the garage using Bernard's key, check the counters and cabinets to find a socket spanner (that's a wrench for us Yanks), Desert Ranger clip and bandages.  Use the switch on the side of the lift to raise the jeep revealing a trapdoor below.  Use the other lever on the side of the room and Lara gets an upper-body strength upgrade.  She can now break down the office door at the top of the stairs.  Go into the office and pick up the DESERT RANGER and another clip for it.

Go back downstairs and drop through the trapdoor.  Climb down to the lower crate and pick up M-V9 ammo and a chocolate bar.  Follow the hallway and climb the ladder.

NIGHTCLUB STOREROOM: Use the socket spanner to repair the switch on the wall.  Use the switch to call the dumbwaiter.  This also attracts the attention of a security guard.  It may be possible to kill him stealthily but in my haste to get this walkthrough done, I didn't experiment too much.  A few shots will take care of him.  He drops M-V9 ammo.  (It looks like the gun when you pick it up.  Perhaps it is the gun if you don't already have it.)

The dumbwaiter doors are malfunctioning, so leave it for now.  Exit through the door where the guard came in.  Skip down to the Main Room/Dance Floor, below.

STAGE DOOR: When you enter the club using Pierre's key, you come in backstage.  A brief cut scene reveals the layout of the area.  You can take out the guard with firepower or, if you prefer, stealth.

Press Enter to go into stealth mode.  Go forward to the switch.  Use it to turn off the lights in the office.  Then quickly, but still in stealth mode, sneak into the corner room between the switch and the office.  Lurk to the right of the right door until you see the guard go past the first door.  Then move to the corner between the two doors.  When the guard passes the left door, wait until he stops and then sneak up behind him.  Press Action to take him down.  Get the M-V9 ammo he drops.

Turn the lights back on if you want to.  Then head for the office.  Pick up a Desert Ranger clip on the box to the left of the office door.  Go through to the inner office and take everything off the desk: the DESERT RANGER, another clip for it, the Stage Door Key and a chocolate bar.

Go all the way to the other end of the hall, past the switch, and up the stairs to the stage door.  If you have the key, it will open.

MAIN ROOM/DANCE FLOOR: There are 2 security guards out here.  I'm not sure if stealth will work here, but you can try it.  Otherwise, just shoot them.  Both drop M-V9 ammo.  Go behind the bar.  Use the switch to call the dumbwaiter and get 2 boxes of V-Packer shells from it.  Get the goodies off the bar as well—2 chocolate bars and a bottle of Vintage Cognac.

Go around to the right side of the DJ booth and get some health pills.  Climb into the booth and take the Antique Record off the turntable.  Use the switch to turn on the lights and music.  This also attracts 2 guards.  Both drop M-V9 ammo when you kill them.

Now go up the stairs on the side of the room opposite the bar.  Another guard comes through the door at the top.  Take him out and get his M-V9 ammo.  Go around the perimeter of the room.  The stairs leading up are blocked, so push the nearby box out onto the balcony.  Climb onto the box and jump up to grab the scaffolding above.  Pull up.

Walk along the beam out into the middle of the room.  The scaffolding ahead collapses.  Better not be on it when it does.  Jump from the end of the jutting beam to grab the opposite edge.  Pull up and grab the large health pack.  Go right and shoot another rent-a-cop.  Pick up the M-V9 clip he drops and the bandages near the door.  Then turn around and kill his buddy who's coming from the other direction.  He also drops M-V9 ammo.

Now walk to the edge of the ledge nearest to the lighting rig that's going up and down.  When it reaches its lowest point, jump over to it.  (You might want to activate walk mode beforehand to keep Lara from falling off when she lands.) Jump to the other side of the moving platform.  (Don't grab or Lara will fall short.) Climb onto the framework in the far left corner.  Climb around to the back and then up to the top of the frame.

Once Lara's on top, jump back across to the other side.  Position Lara with the raised drawbridge on her left and walk to the edge.  When the rig moves to its highest position, jump down to the walkway with the ladder.

Either climb the ladder or just pull up onto the ledge above.  Slide down the ramp on the other side and jump to land on the ledge in the corner.  Turn left, jump the gap and walk to the edge.  Jump to grab the support beam ahead and traverse to the left.  A pipe running along the top of the beam prevents Lara from pulling up right away, so traverse to the left until she can.  Go left and jump down to the ledge near the control room door.  Lara isn't strong enough to open it yet.

Go to the drawbridge, just to the left and press Action to kick it down and get a lower-body strength upgrade.  Now Lara can kick the control room door down and go inside.

LIGHTING BOOTH: Pick up the Ticket Office Key on the floor.  The switch on the wall doesn't do anything that I can tell.  Use the levers to manipulate the lighting rig that isn't moving up and down.  The lever on the left rotates the lights.  You'll want to use it twice to move the light that's flashing to the bottom-center.  Then use the right lever to slide the light into the cabinet.  Exit the booth and go across the drawbridge.

Either climb the ladder or just pull up onto the ledge above.  Reach into the wooden cabinet (Action) to get the trinket box.  Climb back down to the drawbridge.  Another guard comes up through the lighting booth, so wait for him to come out and shoot him.  Otherwise, he may corner you in the small room.  Get the M-V9 clip he drops.

Once you have the trinket box, you can leave right away through the other door in the lighting booth.  (Skip to the end of this page.) Or, head back downstairs for a few more pick-ups.

BACK DOWN TO THE DANCE FLOOR: Go through the lighting booth and down the ladder.  Pick up the chocolate bar on the floor.  Go through the door to the middle level of the disco.  Follow the walkway all the way around to the other side.  Jump from the first break in the railing to the jutting support beam (not the lighting rig, which is a bit farther on).  Cross the beam and hop down on the other side.

At this point, there will be another security guard either heading up the stairs or on the landing with you.  Take him out, get his M-V9 ammo and go downstairs to the dance floor.

Use the Ticket Office Key to get through the door to the right of the main entrance (i.e., if the DJ booth is behind Lara and the bar to her right, this door is ahead and a bit left).  Inside you'll find another Ticket Office Key, to open the exit, and €160.

If you entered the club through the garage (with Bernard's key), you've gotten everything you can.  The door to the backstage area doesn't open without Pierre's key, so you can't get the stuff there.  Skip the next paragraph.

If you entered the club through the stage door (with Pierre's key) you can get a few more items by exploring the garage entrance.  Find the two doors just to the right of the bar.  Go through the left door.  Pick up the Vintage Cognac in the storeroom and follow the other passage to some stacked crates with a chocolate bar and M-V9 ammo.  You can't go any farther since the trapdoor above the crates blocks your way.  So return to the disco.

EXITING THE CLUB: Now make your way back up to the lighting booth the same way you went before.  Exit through the door opposite the levers that control the lighting.  Climb down the ladder and drop through the hole in the floor and go down the steps to an opening.  Safety drop to the alley below.  Exit the alley onto the Cours la Seine.

Now might be a good time to explore the Tunnels if you haven't already.  The manhole in the alley leads down there and the walkthrough is at the end of the Parisian Ghetto section, under Metro Tunnels.

Before continuing to St.  Aicard's Graveyard, you must return the trinket box to either Bernard, Pierre or the doorman, in the Parisian Ghetto level.

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