Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 18: GALLERIES UNDER SIEGE

Run forward up the stairs.  Turn left then right up the next set of stairs.  Keep going up.  The guard in the gallery on one of the landings drops a Vector clip when you kill him.  Grab it and continue upstairs.

Cut scene: Gunderson's men infiltrate the Louvre with the aid of teargas and large automatic weapons.

Continue upstairs.  Zap the guard, take the Vector clip from his body and follow the hall to a door with poisonous gas leaking through it.  Go through.

Now you need to get one of the respirators shown in the short cut scene before Lara runs out of breathable air.  Enter the room and take out the swat-team guy on the left.  He drops the MAG VEGA (not loaded).  Grab it and run through the door behind him.

(NOTE: I found that the Impactor works great on the swat team.  Shock them from a slight distance, put away the gun and keep running toward them.  By the time you reach them, they'll be dead and you can pick up anything they drop.  You'll spend less time breathing the foul air, and this also helps make up for Lara's unfortunate tendency to run like a drunken sailor when she's got a weapon out and there's a target nearby.)

Run through the next gallery.  Another commando slides down a rope from the ceiling.  Shoot him and grab the Mag clip he drops.  At the end of this gallery, exit and go through the door on the left.  Shoot the commando in the stairwell and pick up another Mag clip.  Run up the stairs and go through the door at the top.

MUSEUM WORKROOMS and OFFICES: Run forward, shooting the swat guy down the hall.  Go through the first door on the right.  The glassed-in room at the end of the lab has a cabinet with respirators.  Grab one (unfortunately you can only take one) and use it by selecting it from your inventory.

Now Lara can breathe without taking damage.  Keep an eye on your breath bar, though.  When it runs down, you're back to breathing the poison gas.  You should have plenty of time to finish the level before then.  When you get the respirator, Lara also gains the ability to sprint, a special lower-body upgrade.  To sprint, press the Look button while running (Pad0 on the PC, R2 on the PlayStation).

Exit the lab.  Go back to the left and through the door where you came in.  Go down the stairs and follow the hallway.

BACK IN THE GALLERIES: Two commandos lurk on the other side of the open door.  Kill them (they don't drop anything) and continue through this room and out the door on the left.  Go through this gallery, killing the commando who slides down the rope.  Keep going; he doesn't drop anything.  In the next room, you can go through either doorway.  You'll meet another commando on the other side and one more at the base of the stairs ahead.  Go to the bottom of the stairs.  There's a ladies' room through the green door on the right, in case Lara needs to touch up her mascara.  When you're ready, enter the next gallery.

Cut scene: Kurt and Lara finally get together...a textbook example of boy meets girl, boy frisks girl, boy and girl make daring escape from heavily armed goons...swoon! Unfortunately it ends badly.  They're both knocked unconscious and Bouchard's doorman is seen leaving the scene.

Lara awakens with Bouchard hovering over her.  He claims he was monitoring the police radio frequencies and heard about her predicament.  Naturally he rushed down to the Louvre to lend a hand.  Not one to lose sight of her mission, she demands that Bouchard take her to Von Croy's apartment.  During the ride, Bouchard tries to grope Lara and tells her about another Monstrum killing—this time in Prague.  Lara, beginning to put the pieces together, guesses the victim was a dealer called Mathias Vasily.

When they reach Von Croy's place, Lara insists on going in alone.  Bouchard, the dirty dog, uses his cell phone to make a call.  He tells the person on the other end, "She's inside now.  You can send in the Cleaner."

FMV: Lara flashes back on Von Croy's murder, filling in a few of the blanks that she was unable to remember before.  Now she knows she's not at fault.  The trick will be finding the person who is.

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