Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 3: INDUSTRIAL ROOFTOPS

At various points in this level, Lara comes under fire from the police helicopter; however, she won't take too much damage from this, so don't hurry.  Falling from the rooftops is much more dangerous.

ROOFTOP TO ROOFTOP: Climb the ladder ahead and use the wire to traverse across the alley.  Lara explains what to do: Stand below the wire and press Jump to grab it.  Press forward to swing across.  When you reach the obstacle, hold Duck and Up cursor to pull Lara's legs up and continue forward past the obstacle.  Release duck, continue to the ledge and drop.

Move under the small enclosure with the crates.  Pick up bandages.  Beyond the crates is a section of roof with a ladder on it.  Activate walk mode and move carefully down this ladder.  (Lara can still slide off if you step off the ladder.) At the bottom, jump to grab the edge of the roof across the gap and pull up.  Crawl into the box to get more bandages.

There are two ways to get down from here.  The more stylish is to walk to the edge, turn around and slide backwards (Action + Down) to crash through the skylight and grab the edge of the opening.  Then tap Action again to drop to the floor.  This is fun but you miss the doubloons in the hall below because the door to the hall only opens from outside.

If you want everything, from the crate with the bandages, safety drop onto the small landing between the two buildings.  Open the door and enter the second building.  Pick up Antique Doubloons in the hallway and continue to the next room.  (This is where you land if you crash through the skylight.)

Get the M-V9 ammo on the floor to the right and a chocolate bar on the small table.  Exit through the door near the table.  You emerge on a walkway outdoors.  Ahead are a door and a ladder.

There are several ways you can explore this area.  I've covered one possible sequence, which will (I hope) get you all the pick-ups.

ALLEYWAYS: Walk to the ladder and climb to the top.  Here there's a storage tank of some kind and another short ladder.  Climb it to find V-packer ammo.  It's possible to slide down the other side of the roof where there's a pack of health pills, but by doing this you'll miss some other pickups.  You can get the pills later.  So, for now, return to the ladders and climb down to the ground.

You land near a flaming barrel.  First, go left, around the corner, past a closed garage door and left again into a dead-end alley with a large health pack.  Get it and return around the corners to the right to the ladder and flaming barrel.

Find the movable crate to the left of the ladder and pull as far as you can to gain a lower-body strength upgrade.  (You can also use this crate as a boost to the ladder, but you don't need to climb back up there now.)

Continue past the flaming barrel to a corner with a heap of wooden cable spools.  Pick up M-V9 ammo on the ground.  Continue around the corner and crawl under the partially open roll-up door.

(NOTE: Ahead, beyond the roll-up door is a chain link fence that Lara can climb.  However, there's only a mean old dog on the other side.  No goodies.  So I'd suggest you avoid it.)

EMPTY WAREHOUSE: Inside the building there's a large health pack on the floor near a climbable pipe.  This pipe leads up to the door where you would have entered had you not come down the ladder.  No need to go there now.  Instead, climb onto the box on the other side of the room and jump to grab the ledge to the left (i.e., left when Lara's back is to the roll-up door).  Pull up and cross the ledge to the other side.

If you've gotten the lower body upgrade earlier, Lara will tell you she can make the jump across the room.  Take a running jump across the room to grab the narrow ledge on the other side.  Traverse to the left and pull up.  (To go back for the upgrade, crawl back outside, head to the right around the corner and find the movable crate.  Pull it as far as you can to strengthen Lara's legs.  Return to the warehouse and make that jump.)

Climb the ladder to the walkway above.  Dismount on the right and pick up V-Packer normal ammo.  Jump the gap and exit through the door.  Follow the hallway to the second door.  This opens onto an alley with fire escapes and a dog below (if you didn't kill him earlier).  Jump across to the fire escape.  Go down one level and get some Antique Doubloons.  Then climb to the very top of the fire escape.

(NOTE: There's no need to drop to the ground, but if you do make it down there without dying, you can fight the dog, climb the chain link fence and return to the warehouse.)

Enter the building, climb another ladder and exit the room at the top to emerge on the roof.

FINAL ROOFTOP: Go around the back of the structure to find more Antique Doubloons.  Now, if you want every pick up, go to the edge of the building nearest the hovering helicopter.  At the break in the fence take a running jump to grab the rooftop on the other side.  Pull up and go forward to find some health pills.  Return the way you came but, instead of jumping across the gap between the buildings, climb the short ladder and take the jump from the higher roof.

When you're ready to end the level, approach the side of the Final Rooftop farthest from the helicopter.

Cut scene: The police helicopter corners Lara on the rooftop.  She makes a daring leap to a drainpipe, then falls into a dumpster.  Our heroine emerges unscathed and heads off to find Von Croy's friend Margot Carvier.

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