Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 10: LOUVRE GALLERIES

Your notebook is updated as you begin the level.  The note says, "Locate Carvier's office.  Need security pass to reach archaeological dig."

FIRST STAIRWELL: As you go up the stairs you'll encounter either one or two guards.  I believe one always appears and the other only does if you pass under the sweeping red light from the security camera on the landing.  I tried using stealth on this guard but had no luck.  The K2 Impactor taser worked great, though.  Though enemies take a second or two to fall down, one shock is usually all you need.  The first guard drops Impactor batteries.

Lara isn't strong enough to open the door under the security camera.  You'll be back later, though.  Continue up the stairs and around the corner to a door.  Open it and go in.

FIRST GALLERY WITH ALARM SYSTEM: This room is protected by a series of laser tripwires.  I've marked these as hazards, with pink type, but the ones in the first two galleries won't harm Lara.  If you touch one, it triggers an alarm, security gates come down at both ends of the room and an armed guard appears.  You can still go on if you trip the alarm.  Just kill the guard, reset the security system using the button to the right of the first painting on the right, and try again.  You will need to successfully circumvent the lasers to get out the other side.

Climb onto the first display case.  Turn left, walk to the edge and jump to grab the top of the frieze.  Pull up and take the large health pack.  Turn to the right and take a running jump to the left of the three display cases ahead.  Hop over to the middle case and turn toward the end of the room.  To get over the moving lasers, take a running jump when they are almost at their lowest point.  Walk to the end of the case.  The next set of lasers cycle on and off.  Take a standing jump from the edge to the next case when the lasers turn off.  Don't use a running jump or you may run on into the next laser.

Now hang from the right side of this display case and shimmy to the right above the floor-level lasers.  (There's a waist level laser on the left, so don't use that side.) When you've cleared the lasers, drop to the floor.  Climb onto the cabinet on the right and jump through the gap in the crisscrossing lasers to land near the exit.  Go through.

SECOND GALLERY WITH ALARM SYSTEM: A cut scene shows some guards, goodies and points of interest.  Crawl underneath the X-shaped laser trap.  Turn sideways and side flip to clear the next set of lasers.  (If you trip the alarm, a guard with a gun comes in to join the one with the taser near the middle of the room.) Now go into stealth mode and sneak along the right side of the room.  You may be able to take out the guard with a stealth attack, depending on which way he's facing.  If not, use your trusty taser.  Pick up the Louvre Low Security Pass he drops.

Continue forward to the end of the room.  Beyond is a small vestibule.  On the left is a sign about the archeological dig and a door you can't open yet.  To the right there's a large health pack.  Stay out of the red light from the security camera or another guard will appear at the end of the previous room.  Return to the middle of the previous room where you killed the guard with the pass.  Go through the door into another gallery.

MONA LISA DISPLAY: Once more, watch out for the security camera.  If you're caught in the red light, a guard comes up from behind.  If you want to, you can go into stealth mode and sneak up on the guard in the next room.  He moves around quite a bit though.  Remember you can't use the stealth attack on a moving target.

So, this is where they keep Leonardo's famous Mona Lisa.  It's well guarded, though, with lasers and, in case someone manages to penetrate them, a vent that pumps out poison gas.  Better stay away from it for now.

The large display case in the middle of the room is movable, but Lara lacks the muscle to do it.  Go to the smaller case in the far left corner and slide it out along the wall.  This gives Lara a lower-body strength upgrade.  Now she can move the bigger box.  Push it as far as you can toward the Mona Lisa.  Return to the corner where the small case was and use the Low Security Pass to temporarily disarm the lasers around the painting.

(NOTE: There's a brief cut scene showing what happens.  I recommend saving your game after this cut scene.  Then if you need to redo the timed run, you can swipe the security pass again and not have to wait through the cut scene.)

After swiping the card, roll, run to the big case (jump over the low benches if it's easier for you) and climb on top.  Jump to grab the edge of the Mona Lisa display before the lasers come back on.  Pull up.

VENTILATION DUCTS: Crawl through the ducts to the right.  When you come to a split in the passage, go right (left is a dead end).  Continue to a yellow ladder and climb up.  Kick down the grate.

LOUVRE ROOFTOPS: There's a guard out on the roof.  You can go into stealth mode, peer out and try to sneak up on him.  Or just pop out and shock him.

From the opening where you emerged, go right and climb onto the air conditioner and then the curved metal vent.  Turn toward the wall and jump up to grab the ledge.  Pull up.  Walk along the ledge.  When your path is blocked by decorative grille work, hang from the ledge and shimmy past, then pull up and keep going.  When you reach the overhead cable, jump up to grab it.  Traverse along the cable without hesitating.  Lara has just enough 'grab' to make it to the end and when she does, you get an upper-body strength upgrade.

Now check your inventory to see if you have a crowbar.  (You should have gotten one in the first level, Parisian Back Streets, and it should carry over.  But if you don't have it, or you just want to do everything in this level, continue with the walkthrough below.  If you have the crowbar, you can skip climbing in through the window and instead climb down the pipe to the ground.)

Go to the right along the next ledge to a drainpipe.  Climb down, traverse to the right and pull up into the open window.  None of the doors here open, so don't bother with them.  Just go to the left.  About halfway down the hall, go into stealth mode, sneak up on the guard and punch him out.  Take the Louvre Guard's Key he drops.  Return to the open window, climb out and shimmy down the drainpipe to the ground.

Go up the steps, open the mesh door and go through.  Go to the blue door on the right and bust it down.  (Lara is unable to do this before getting the previous upgrade.) Get some bandages inside.  Lara can break down the other blue door, but there's nothing inside.  Return through the mesh door to the drainpipe and climb to the top.  Traverse to the right and pull up onto the ledge.  Continue to the right along the perimeter of the area to a caged storage area.  If you have the crowbar, use it to bust open the cage door.  Skip the next paragraph.

If you don't have a crowbar, climb down the ladder and go to the right.  Open the blue door using the Louvre Guard's Key.  Enter and get a crowbar.  Exit, go right, climb the ladder and use the crowbar to pry the lock off the storage cage door.

Enter the storage cage, climb up on the whatever-it-is and crawl through the duct.  Climb down the ladder and follow the duct to an opening in the floor.  Drop into a storeroom.

MUSEUM WORKROOMS and OFFICES: There are no goodies in this storeroom.  Watch through the small window until a guard walks past the door.  Then open the door, go into stealth mode, sneak up on the guard and take him down.

You don't have a pass for the door at the near end of the hall, so head the other way.  The first door on the right is a lab.  You can skip this for now.  (There are respirators in a cabinet but you can't get them yet.)

The second door is a security office.  Enter.  There's a guard in the glassed-in room ahead.  You may be able to sneak up on him.  If not, use one of your trusty weapons.  Pick up Vector ammo on the shelf on the right.  (This appears to be the gun, so I assume you get it here if you don't already have it.) There are also several security camera monitors.  Use the one on the left to spy on Margot Carvier's office.  Use cursor keys/mouse to move the camera, Action and Jump to zoom.  Zoom in on Carvier's computer to see a post-it with her office access code: 14639.  Press duck to disengage from the camera.  Return to the hallway and turn right.

MARGOT CARVIER'S OFFICE: Use the keypad near the office door to enter the code you just found.  Go into the office and snoop around.  The cabinets on the right are empty.  The right side of the desk contains Carvier's Security Pass.  Activating other objects in the room—the computer, the worktable, etc., provides information about Carvier's work on the Obscura paintings.

Run to the far end of the hall and use Carvier's Security Pass to unlock the door.  Enter and go down the stairs to the bottom.

Follow the hall to a room with doors on the left and right.  Go through the right door (the left doesn't open).  You may be able to sneak up on the guard there.  If not, shock him.  Go to the far end of the room, swipe your security card and go through.

SECOND GALLERY (revisited): The security camera alerts a guard to your presence.  Enter, go left and shoot him before he gets to you.  The exit is on the right, near the Archaeological Dig Site sign.  If you want every pick-up, don't exit yet.  If you don't care, skip down to the last paragraph.

Go through the gallery.  It's OK to trigger the alarms, but if you do, a guard appears behind you.  At the far end of the room, turn left.  Swipe your card to raise the security gate (if you tripped the alarm) and go through the door.

FIRST GALLERY (revisited): The alarms are no longer set, so just run through to the end.

FIRST STAIRWELL (revisited): Go down the stairs where you entered this level.  When you pass under the security camera on the landing, another guard comes from upstairs.  Shoot him and open the office door.  (Lara couldn't do this before getting the upper-body upgrade.)Enter and pick up bandages and a small medipak.  Return up the stairs and go through the first and second galleries.

At the far end of the second gallery, go to the left.  Use Carvier's Security Pass to unlock the door to the left of the Archaeological Dig Site sign.  Go down the stairs.  You may be able to sneak past the guard in the gallery off to the right.  (No goodies in there.) If not, kill him or just keep running to the exit.  At the bottom of the stairs, go through the doors, turn left and go through a storeroom, then turn right and continue down the stairs to the dig site entrance.  Go through the blue metal doors to finish the level.

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