Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 9: LOUVRE STORM DRAINS

SMALL HUB AT START: Follow the tunnel forward to a shallow pool.  There's a rat here.  I haven't mentioned every rat in the level, since most of the rodents don't bother you.  Save your ammo unless one of them is actually biting Lara.  Pick up the chocolate bar on the ground to the left.  (Guess fugitives can't be too particular about where they get their snacks.) Go up the stairs to the right and get a large health pack.  The door doesn't open so return down to the pool.  Follow the tunnel to the left.  Enter the narrow passage on the left.

SMALL FLOODED ROOM: Wade into the water and swim down to a small room where you can surface.  There are no other exits, so climb the ladder to a small room with a valve.  Shoot the rat if it's bugging you.  Lara isn't strong enough to turn the valve yet.  So, for now, follow the narrow hallway, get the Vector clip and continue through two doors to another tunnel.  Turn right and keep going to a hub where several tunnels meet.

HUB WITH VALVE CONTROLS (lower level): Avoid the deep hole in the center of the room.  You can walk around the sloping rim, but if Lara falls into the hole she'll die.  Note the water falling from above.  You need to do something about that.  The machine here can't be manipulated, but it does display the state of various valves you'll be working with soon.  Go to the left and climb the vertical pipe.  When Lara reaches the level of the walkway, traverse to the left and pull up onto it.

HUB WITH VALVE CONTROLS (middle level): Walk around the perimeter.  Use the switch to shut off a huge fan elsewhere.  There's another valve on the other side of the gap in the walkway, but Lara can't use it yet.  Return to the pipe and climb back down to the lower level.  Follow the left tunnel away from the hub (left when Lara is facing the middle tunnel).

HUGE FAN: Near the end of the tunnel is a short ladder on the right.  (There's also a chute just beyond it that's too steep to climb.) Climb the short ladder to reach the fan you just turned off.  Move the fan to gain an upper-body strength upgrade.  Crawl underneath the blades and pick up V-packer shells.  Continue to valve #1.  Now that Lara's buffed, you can turn the valve.  Do it.  A brief cut scene shows the valve control panel.  The third light from the left lights up.

Return past the fan and vault over the railing to get back to the tunnel.  Go left to the hub.  Go around the edge of the room and exit through the opposite tunnel.  Follow it to the room with two doors, go in there and continue to the small room where you were before.

SMALL ROOM WITH VALVE (again): Turn valve #2.  The cut scene shows the fifth light go on.  Follow the narrow hallway back to the tunnel, turn right and return to the hub.

Climb the pipe again to reach the middle level of the hub.  Walk across the black-and-yellow beam to valve #3.  When you turn it the cut scene shows water filling the shaft below and the rightmost light on the panel lights up.  Pick up the Desert Ranger clip to the right and climb the ladder above.  (The first ladder, near the valve, is broken.)

HUB WITH VALVE CONTROLS (top level): At the top of the ladder, follow the walkway around to the left.  Climb the next ladder, and follow the walkway.  You can't jump into the big pipe yet; the rushing water prevents it.  Stand under the narrow pipe running across the shaft.  Jump up to grab it, traverse all the way across and drop onto the walkway.  Turn valve #4.  The first light on the control panel goes on.  Grab the overhead pipe again and traverse to the middle of the shaft.  Drop onto the black-and-yellow beam.  Go to the right into a hall lined with rusted metal.  Pick up an M-V9 clip.  The door doesn't open, so return to the hub and drop off the center of the crossbeam into the pool below.  (If you drop too close to the edge, Lara will land in shallow water and die.)

FLOODED TUNNELS: Surface to breathe and then swim down the long tunnel.  It twists and turns in a few spots, but there are no side passages.  Just keep going until you reach the next room.

SECOND HUB AREA: Use the collapsed catwalk as a ladder to climb out of the pool.  Follow the walkway to a break in the railing.  Jump up to grab the horizontal pipe and shimmy out to the middle of the room.  Drop onto the black-and-yellow crossbeam.  Walk left to valve #5.  Turn it and you see the fourth light come on.  The ladder leads nowhere, so return to the middle of the crossbeam and jump up to grab the pipe.  Shimmy all the way across to the other side.  Climb the bent catwalk to get up top.

Follow the walkway around the room counterclockwise.  Ignore the large opening for now.  Instead jump the gap and turn valve #6.  This shuts off the water falling into the shaft where you were before, and turns on the final light on the control panel.

(NOTE: Unless you just want explore everywhere, don't bother going into the big pipe on on the left.  It's possible to crawl under the bars and slide down the ramp, but this dumps you way back near the fan where you got the strength upgrade.  Then you have to backtrack all the way up to the top of the shaft where the water was falling.)

From valve #6, return to the other end of the catwalk.  At top of the bent section where you climbed up, jump to grab the next section of walkway.  Pull up.  Go through the door and follow the hall back to the top of the first hub.  Walk across the beam and jump into the big pipe that was previously blocked by flowing water.  Open the door and enter a new area.

POOL and FUEL TANKS: Lara says she smells oil.  Keep that in mind.  Safety drop to the walkway below.  Now Lara needs to blow up one of the tanks to get into the Louvre.  (Guess nobody told her it was reduced admission on Tuesdays.) The effect is basically the same, whichever tank you choose.

To blow up the right tank, follow the walkway along the edge of the pool and approach the large tank.  Press Action and Lara places the explosives.  To blow up the left tank, swim across the pool and climb out using the ladder.  Climb the ladder on the wall ahead and jump from the catwalk to the platform in front of the two tanks.  Face the tank on the right and press Action.  Lara places the explosives.

Immediately jump into the water and submerge (a back flip is quick) before the tank explodes.  Stay underwater because there's burning fuel on the surface, and Lara will die instantly.  Instead swim down through one of the tunnels on the left side of the pool.  Swim forward (down) and then left to the spot where the tunnels come out of the water.  Run up the tunnel to the opening overlooking the flaming pool.

Depending on whether you blew up the right or left tank, the landscape here will be different.  If the right tank exploded, the room is basically intact, though there are a few fires burning along the walkways.  Avoid these or Lara will catch fire and die.  To get to the exit, safety drop from the opening to the walkway below.  Turn left, climb the ladder and cross the ledge.  Climb onto the ladder then back flip over the first flame.  Avoid the second flame by climbing the ladder and crossing the walkway above.  Safety drop from the other end.  Watch out for the third flame as you go through the hole you made in the wall.

Alternately, if the left tank exploded, there will be a lot of debris in the room with the pool.  You can't cross all the way over on the debris, so instead safety drop from the opening to the walkway below.  Turn left and climb onto the ledge ahead near the broken ladder.  Climb onto the curved piece of debris and jump up to grab the twisted length of pipe overhead.  Shimmy along the pipe to cross the pool.  At the end, let go to land on a bent section of catwalk.  Walk across the fat pipe to the hole you made.  Go through and safety drop to the floor.

ENTERING THE LOUVRE: Head toward the gold doors on the far left to end the level.

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