Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 4: MARGOT CARVIER'S APARTMENT

Dialogue - Margot Carvier: The level begins with a conversation between Lara and Margot.  Lara finds out more about Von Croy's final days and (with your help) persuades Margot to part with Von Croy's notebook.  To get the notebook, choose the non-threatening dialogue options and insist that you didn't kill Werner.

When the conversation is over, you have a little over a minute to search the apartment and flee before the police bust in.  You might want to save as soon as the conversation ends, so you can reload and not have to go through the dialogue again.

Two brief cut scenes warn you that time is running out.  First, you see the police car pull up outside.  Then, when you see the gendarmes at the door, you'd better be on your way out.  If they catch Lara, she will surrender...Game Over.

Get health pills in the desk, a diamond ring on the lamp table to the left of the kitchen door and vintage Cognac on the left counter in the kitchen.  If you didn't persuade Mlle.  Carvier to part with Von Croy's notebook, it will be in a cabinet on the right side of the kitchen.  Exit through the door at the end of the short hallway to the right of the fireplace.  (The other door is where the police come in.)

Cut scene: Lara climbs out a window and flees into the night.

VON CROY'S NOTEBOOK: Once you have the notebook, you can access it from the inventory screen.  See the Gameplay and Controls page for more info on using the notebook.

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