Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 7: ST. AICARD'S GRAVEYARD

If you enter this level through the gate on the Rue Dominique guarded by Bouchard's doorman, you come in at ground level, through the wooden door at one end of the L-shaped area.  Skip down to the Ground Level section.

FRANCINE'S APARTMENT/ROOFTOPS: If you enter this level through Francine's apartment, you speak to her first.

Dialogue - Francine: She says Bouchard's hideout is located in the church basement, which you can get to through one of the mausoleums.  Her apartment overlooks the graveyard, so you can go out her window to get there, but she warns you to be careful on the dangerous ledges.

You can steal a sports watch and health pills from the china cabinet if you're feeling unscrupulous.  (If you want to pawn the sports watch, you'll need to leave the apartment now to do so.  Once you descend to the graveyard, there's no going back.)

Exit through the balcony door.  Jump to the ledge on the right.  Vault over the low railing and climb the pipe to the roof.  Traverse to the right and pull up.  Jump over the crumbling section of ledge ahead.  Jump forward or run across the next crumbling ledge to the corner.  Hang and traverse to the right to the ledge below the red wire.  (There's a pipe leading down to the right but nothing of interest in the courtyard below.)

Jump up to grab the red cable.  Press Duck to pull Lara's legs up and traverse forward.  You can let her legs drop once you've cleared the railing.  Continue across the cable to the other side.  Drop.  Follow the ledge and safety drop onto the mausoleum roof below.  Drop down and go to the right, back toward Francine's building and the big wooden door.  (This is where you enter if you come past the doorman.)

GROUND LEVEL/TOMBS: There are 2 guard dogs patrolling down here.  They are triggered differently depending on which way you enter, so keep that gun handy or make your way around on top of the crypts.  There's a small medipak behind some shrubs to the right of the wooden door at one end of the graveyard.  (This is where you enter if you come past the doorman.) At the other end of the area, near the metal gate, you'll find some bandages behind the tombs on the right.

Find the two tall mausoleums opposite each other on the path near the bend in the L-shaped area.  Lara can't reach the tops of these, but she can climb onto the smaller mausoleum next to one of the tall ones and jump from there to the taller one.  Then, from the top of the first tall mausoleum, take a running jump across the path to the top of the other.  Walk to the back of it and jump to grab the vine-covered ledge.  Pull up.

In the PC version at least, you lose control of the camera.  Activate walk mode and go to the left to get a chocolate bar.  Return to the ledge above the tall mausoleum.  You'll have to estimate since you can't really see it.  Face the mausoleum, take a few steps back from the edge and jump forward to land on top of the mausoleum.  From there, jump down into the fenced-in area to the left.  There's a grave with a statue of an angel here.

Bust down the door of the tomb for an upper-body strength upgrade.  Pick up a Desert Ranger clip inside.  If you don't care about getting all pick-ups, you can skip this next bit and go right to the exit.

Now climb onto the roof of that tomb and jump back over the fence to the tall mausoleum roof.  Drop to the ground and head for the corner, where you'll find another small, fenced-in area.  Climb onto the roof of the adjacent tomb and, from there, jump over the fence.  Break down the door of the tomb and pick up more Desert Ranger ammo and some bandages.  (If you haven't already received the upper-body strength upgrade, above, Lara will tell you she's not strong enough to do this yet.) Climb on top of the tomb and jump over the fence.

Return across the path and climb onto the smaller mausoleum next to the tall one.  Jump across the path to the other tall mausoleum and from there into the enclosure with the angel statue.

Climb up behind the angel statue and push it over to open the way into the tunnels.  (You'll need the upper-body strength upgrade to do this as well.) Drop into the hole to enter the next level.

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