Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 21: THE STRAHOV FORTRESS

FIRST WAREHOUSE: You begin in a large warehouse with stacks of huge metal containers.  There's one open container on the far side of the room.  Inside there's a large health pack.  Now you need to get over the wall to the other side of the room.  There are a couple of ways to do this.

RIDING THE CONTAINER: Approach the big metal door with the red lion painted on it.  This triggers a cut scene showing a huge magnet moving to pick up one of the crates.  Don't wait for the crate to be moved all the way; you want to get Lara on top of it.  Climb onto the single crate just to the left (when facing the door with the lion).  Walk to the edge closest to the two stacked crates (the third one was just picked up by the magnet) and jump to grab the edge.  Pull up.  When the magnet brings the crate down between the two crates on the other side of the room, take a running jump to land on top of it.  Ride the box as the magnet moves it to the other side of the room.  Lara says something about not drawing attention to herself.

CLIMBING OVER THE WALL: If you miss your ride on the crate, you can get to the top of the wall by first climbing onto the single crate just to the left (when facing the door with the lion).  From there, jump to grab the edge of the two stacked crates.  Pull up.  Go to the other end of the crate and take a running jump to grab the air conditioning unit mounted high on the wall.  Pull up.  (A regular standing jump won't work here.) Now turn right and take a running jump to grab the top of the brick wall where there's a small gap to the left of the walkway.  Pull up.  (This jump is a bit tricky, so you might want to save your game first.)

There are 3 guards below.  Two of them patrol the floor.  The third stays inside the small office.  You can take them on or try and conserve health by sneaking around.

If you got the Strahov Low Security Pass from Luddick earlier, you can avoid the guards in the room below entirely if you want to.  If you rode the crate over to this side of the room, wait until the guards are looking the other way.  (Their flashlight beams show where there attention is.) Then drop down and sneak across the room, using the crates and pipes for cover.  Find the stacked crates below the ladder and climb onto them.  Jump up to grab the ladder and climb all the way to the top.

Or, if you're already on the high walkways, cross over to the far right corner of the room (i.e., on the right when Lara's back is to the area where you came in).  Jump over the hole in the floor to grab the ladder and climb up.  Go through the green door in the corner.  Pick up the walkthrough below under Low-Security Area.

If you don't have a Low Security Pass, you'll need to get one from one of the guards.  If you climbed to the top of the wall, rather than riding on the crate, first cross the walkways to the far right corner of the room (i.e., on the right when Lara's back is to the area where you came in).  Jump over the hole in the floor to grab the ladder and climb down.  Drop onto the crates below.

If you did ride over on the crate, just drop to the floor.  Now you can either confront the guards or wait until they're looking the other way and try sneak attacks.  (Their flashlight beams show where there attention is.) One of the guards on patrol drops a Mag clip when he dies.  The guard in the shed has the Strahov Low Security Pass you need.

There are a few movable objects down here, but no other goodies that I could find.  When you're ready, find the stacked crates below the ladder and climb onto them.  Jump up to grab the ladder and climb all the way to the top.  Go through the green door in the corner.

(NOTE: There are actually two green doors, one at each end of the walkway.  They both lead into the next room, but the one on the right, below the control room high on the wall, enters right next to the ladder you'll need to climb.)

LOW-SECURITY AREA WITH CATWALKS AND GUN TURRETS: Swipe your security pass to open the metal door.  Enter the next room cautiously, as there are 2 more guards on patrol.  As long as you don't cross their line of sight, they shouldn't bother Lara.

(NOTE: If you do decide to kill the two guards on the walkway, I'd suggest confronting them one at a time.  Each drops a Mag clip.  Unfortunately it takes almost that much ammo to kill them.)

Look for the ladder just beside the door where you came in.  Climb the ladder partway and watch the guard in the room above.  When he moves away from the door, pull up into the room and immediately go into stealth mode.  Sneak up and whack him.  He drops the MAG VEGA.  Use the lever to open the door to the crane control room on the other side of this area.

Climb down the ladder to the walkway.  Off to the left, there's an opening in the floor with a ladder leading down.  Don't go there yet.  If Lara climbs down, ceiling mounted machine guns will kill her.  Instead cross the walkway to the other side.  Again, you can avoid the guards by going into stealth mode and not crossing their line of sight.  Climb the very long ladder on the far wall.  At the top, dismount and head to the left.  Follow the walkway to the top of the crane control room and go down the steps toward its door.

Cut scene: Lara uses the electromagnet to destroy the gun turrets.

Return across the walkway to the long ladder and climb back down.  If you don't climb down below the metal rails around the ladder, the guard won't see Lara.  Wait for him to go to the left and drop down.  Enter stealth mode and sneak back across the walkway toward where you entered this room.  Ahead on the right is an opening in the floor with a ladder leading down.  Climb down.  Cross the room and go through the green door in the metal panel.

(NOTE: Even after disabling the guns, I experienced a bug where Lara would not climb down this ladder.  Tapping Action twice to let go and re-grab the ladder seemed to get her past the buggy spot.  She could then climb normally.)

STORAGE AREA WITH CRATES and BARRELS: Here what remains of a circular wall surrounds a small open area with some barrels and other debris.  Don't touch the electrified door to the left.  However, approaching this door triggers a notebook update: Gain access to the bio dome.  Just beyond the electrified door, near the corner, are two stacked crates.  Lara isn't strong enough to move these yet.  Straight ahead and around the next corner is a corridor lined with lasers, mines and a deadly electric force field.  Avoid this area for now.

To the right of where you entered this room are more crates, several of which are moveable.  Beyond them is a fence topped with barbed wire holding back a pair of snarling rottweilers.  Lara spots a pipe she can use to climb over the fence, but she can't quite manage this yet.  A leaky pipe above the crates will cause fatal steam burns if she stands on the uppermost crate.  You'll need to shut off that steam.

THE OBLIGATORY MOVABLE CRATE PUZZLE: Face the fence and crates.  Push the single movable crate on the right against the chain-link fence.  Then push it to the left against the stack of crates.  Stand on top of the box you just moved.  Push the box on the second level of the stack that is closest to the fence so it is between the fence and the highest part of the stack.

Go to the other single crate in the middle of the floor.  (It's slightly smaller than the others and has red designs on it.) Push it up against the stacked crates.  Return to the first crate you moved.  (It's now up against the door in the fence.) Pull it back from the fence.  Then go around to the right side and push it alongside the box with the red stencil.

Go around to the right side of the stack (when facing the fence) and climb onto the box nearest to the fence.  Turn so Lara's back is toward the fence and push the box in the second level on top of the last box you moved.  Go around to the other side of the box you just moved.  Lara will be standing on top of the box with the red stencil.  Pull the box you just moved toward the wall as far as you can.  Climb over it and push it from the other side so it's on top of the red-stenciled box.

Climb on top of the last box you moved and push the topmost box toward the fence.  Doing this gives Lara an upper-body strength upgrade.

(NOTE: I experienced a bug here where one of the rottweilers somehow got through the fence.  This only happened once but I figured I'd give a heads-up.)

Hop back down and return to the 2 stacked crates near the electrified door.  Get behind the crates and push them straight ahead as far as you can.  (Lara can't do this before the upgrade.) Use the stacked crates to climb up onto the ventilation unit.  Turn the valve to shut off the steam.  Drop down and then climb to the top of the big stack of crates.  Now Lara can jump up and grab the horizontal pipe.  Press Duck to tuck her legs up and traverse forward over the barbed wire fence.  Drop down on the other side and kill the dogs.

Climb the ladder near the right wall and use the lever to operate the huge saws.  This cuts the slab of stone and also slices open the ventilation duct above.  Climb onto the beam above and just to the left of the lever.  Walk across the beam toward the saws.  Where Lara steps up onto the crossbeam, turn left and climb onto the square steel duct.  Go to the end.  Drop and hang from the edge.  Let go and quickly press Action again to catch the bottom edge of the duct.  Pull up.

THROUGH THE VENTILATION DUCTS: Crawl forward.  At the drop-off, tap forward and Lara will somersault forward.  Continue on to a vent in the floor.

Cut scene: Gunderson hauls the journalist Luddick into the room for an audience with Meister Eckhardt.  Eckhardt dismisses his minion and then kills Luddick, who apparently knew too much.  As the reporter writhes in agony, the mysterious symbol Lara found at the scenes of the other Monstrum killings is inscribed on the wall, as if by magic.

HALLWAY WTH LASERS/SECURITY OFFICE: Crawl forward to the end of the duct.  The camera shifts to a wide-angle view.  When the guard moves off to the right, tap Forward to somersault out of the duct.  Then go into stealth mode, sneak up behind the guard, and knock him out.  Take his Strahov High Security Pass.

In a short hallway to the right of the duct opening (when facing it), there's a locked door.  Use your security pass to get in.  Here you'll find Luddick's smoldering body, along with bandages in a locker and the SCORPION X (or clips) on the bed.

Exit to the main hallway and turn right.  Go past the duct opening to a windowed office.  Climb the stairs, use your pass to open the door and kill the guard inside.  Two more guards are having lunch in the small lounge beyond the control room.  You may be able to avoid them using stealth, but if you kill them you can pick up 3 Mag clips and a chocolate bar.  Use the control panel in the office.

Cut scene: Lara traces the route she needs to take and notes an ominous biohazard symbol.  She wonders what needs the kind of security shown on the schematic.  Then she shuts off the power to clear a path through the bio dome.  Next, we see a rather nasty critter escaping confinement and terrorizing some poor guards.  (Shades of Half-Life!) Lara says she must move fast before the power comes back on, but I don't believe there is a specific time limit here.

GETTING PAST THE MINES and LASERS: Exit the control room and return toward the lasers.  Shoot the red fire extinguisher near the big, upright cable spool.  Lara targets it automatically.  Be sure to stand back to avoid taking damage when it explodes.  The cable spool rolls down the hall, detonating two of the three mines.  Commando crawl under the deadly lasers, staying to the left to avoid the remaining mine.  With the power off, the electric force field is down.  Continue around the corner to the left.  Follow the right wall to the door that was previously electrified.  Use the keycard to unlock the door and enter the bio dome.

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