Tomb Raider Anniversary Level 2:  City of Vilcabamba

Kills:  17 Supplies:  7 Artifacts:  1 Relics:  0 (*)

ENTRANCE FROM CAVES: CHECKPOINT 1 registered between levels.  Start up the stairs but get ready to move when a bear appears in the doorway ahead.  You can back flip down the stairs shooting.  (The dart traps should be deactivated now.) Or, follow the on-screen instructions for using the adrenaline dodge move.  (Press G or L1 to lock onto the enemy, the press a direction key and Duck to perform the adrenaline doge.) Or, run down the stairs, cut to the right (left when facing the doors) and climb the handholds to the ledge above, where you can shoot the bear from safety.  If the bear moves directly under the ledge and you can't get a clear shot, you can make your way around to the opposite ledge, like you did before, and shoot it from there.

If Lara is injured in the fight, note that medipaks and other equipment carry over from level to level, unlike in Legend.  So you will probably have a few health packs left from the caves.

When the coast is clear, return up the stairs and follow the corridor to a pit with a vertical wooden column.  Jump to grab it, slide down and press Duck to drop off.  Go under the ledge to get a small medipak.  To grab onto the second pole—the one with the stone base—run up the low ramp and jump to grab it.  Alternately, grab the handhold on the wall, jump to grab the next handhold to the left, jump up to the one above and from there, jump to grab the vertical pole.  Climb up the pole and jump to the rim of the pit.  Follow the passage through the wooden doors to CHECKPOINT 2.

OPEN AREA WITH HUTS & POOL: Go down the steps toward the village.  When you reach the landing above the last flight of steps, 2 wolves attack.  Shoot them and then continue downstairs to CHECKPOINT 3.

As you approach the pool, another bear emerges near the buildings beyond the pool.  You can confront it or retreat up the first flight of stairs and shoot it from there.  It won't follow.

Jump into the pool and swim down to the bottom, where you'll find a small medipak in one corner.  Surface to breathe.  Now get ready for a longer swim through the underwater tunnel.  If you're unfamiliar with the controls, it may help to first scope out where the tunnel opening is and come to the surface again.  Then position Lara so she's treading water facing the opening, dive down and swim down through it.  Tap Interact as you go to make Lara swim faster.  Follow the passage as it curves around to the right.  When it opens into a small, flooded room, swim straight across to the opposite wall and press Interact to pull the lever mounted there.  This opens the grating at the top of the room so you can surface and breathe.  Climb out of the water at CHECKPOINT 4.

HUT INTERIOR: Use the switch on the wall to open the door leading back out to the area by the pool.  CHECKPOINT 4a registers after you pull that switch.  (If you save and reload, the game puts Lara in this hut with the door open.) Go up the wooden stairs and take a running jump to grab the window of the next hut.  Pull up.

If you miss the jump and land between the huts, just go back through the door you just opened, climb the stairs and try again.  If you didn't open that door, you'll need to swim through the underwater tunnel again to get inside the hut.

INSIDE THE SECOND HUT: From the windowsill, run forward across the unstable wooden platform and jump at the end to grab the edge of the alcove ahead before the platform collapses.  Get the small medipak and drop down.  If you don't make it to the alcove, just pull the cage out of the doorway, push it beneath the alcove and use it to climb up.  To move the cage, stand next to it and press Interact to make Lara grab onto it.  Then use the direction keys to push/pull.  Press Interact again to let go.

Push the cage through the doorway into the next room and use it to climb onto the ledge on the right.  Cross over the wooden platform and pick up a box of shotgun ammo and another small medipak.  Drop down and get more shotgun shells and the VILLAGE KEY in the alcove beneath the platform.

Pull or push the cage back through the small doorway into the other room.  Shoot the lock holding the wooden doors closed.  Then push the cage out into the open area, past the next hut and the pool, then to the right.  Push it up against the vertical pole with the stone base.

PATH TO THE ARTIFACT: Climb onto the cage and jump to the base of the pole.  Jump again to grab the pole.  Climb to the top of the pole and jump to grab the stone ledge.  Traverse to the left, pull up and quickly shoot the 2 bats that attack Lara.

Across the valley on a ledge above the pool there's an artifact.  This is where you're headed.  Jump to grab the horizontal bar.  Swing around and jump to grab the ledge ahead.  Pull up near CHECKPOINT 5.  Turn left and grapple-swing across to the narrow handhold on the far wall.  Climb to the left then jump to grab the nearest horizontal bar.  Swing, jump and grab the next bar.  Then swing and jump to land on the ledge next to the small pool feeding the waterfall.  Another pair of bats appear, though they may get stuck under the ledge.  You should be able to draw them out by walking to the opposite edge.  Pick up ARTIFACT #1.  To get down from the ledge, jump to the sloping roof and slide to the ground.  You can also drop into the pool, but you'll have to swim through the underwater tunnel to the hut in order to get out of the water.

VILLAGE GATE: Go to the wooden gate between the two buildings where you jumped from window to window earlier.  Use the VILLAGE KEY in the lock on the right to open the gate, and then go through to CHECKPOINT 6.

When you step forward, 2 wolves spring out.  Retreat to the open area to fight them.  When you re-enter the dark room with the carved column in the middle, another wolf comes from the area ahead on the right.  Kill it and continue.

TEMPLE WITH ORNATE FAÇADE AND DOUBLE DOORS: On the other side of the open area is a large building with big double doors in the middle and two smaller doorways on each side.  You'll need to enter each of the side rooms to unlock the big doors, and it doesn't matter which way you go first.

Go through the RIGHT DOORWAY and follow the hallway past CHECKPOINT 7 to a pool.  Swim to the bottom to collect a small medipak.  Climb out of the water near the entrance, go up the steps on the left and follow the walkway around to the end.  Take a running jump across the water to grab the handhold on the far wall.  Jump up to grab the decorative molding.  Climb to the left and then jump up to grab a higher handhold.  Climb to the left as far as you can and then jump to grab the molding on the next wall near the corner.  Traverse to the left and pull up onto the jutting ledge.

Follow the ramps to the top.  Step out onto another ledge overlooking the same pool and.  Shoot 2 bats.  Then jump to grab the next ledge.  Pull up and go through the doorway, which overlooks the roof of the temple.  Take a running jump to grab the thick wooden beam that protrudes horizontally from the door mechanism.  Lara's weight moves the mechanism, unlocking one side of the double doors.  Drop to the roof.

You can't quite reach the ledge jutting out from the room on the other side of the roof.  So instead climb down the face of the temple.  If you drop and grab one of the small ledges above either doorway, you can then drop safely down to the ground.

Go through the LEFT DOORWAY and follow the hallway past CHECKPOINT 8 to another pool.  Go up the steps and around to the end of the ledge.  Take a running jump to grab the ledge ahead; pull up.  Jump to grab the narrow ledge on the wall ahead and to the right.  Climb to the right as far as you can and then jump past the gap in the ledge to grab on where it continues.  Climb nearly all the way to the corner.  Then jump back to grab the ledge behind.  Pull up and go through the doorway.

NOTE: There is a potential bug here in which Lara will not grab the ledge in front of the passageway with the ramp.  So far I have not heard of a definitive solution, but I have listed several possible solutions in a footnote below.

Follow the ramps to the top.  Step out and shoot 3 more bats.  Take a running jump to grab the opposite ledge and pull up.  Go through the doorway and jump to grab the beam protruding from the door mechanism, just as you did before.  This time, when the mechanism turns, the doors open and CHECKPOINT 9 registers.  Drop down using the ledges above either doorway and go through the doors.

BEYOND THE BIG DOORS: Follow the hall to CHECKPOINT 10, which is above a pit.  Jump over to the ledge at the top of the ramp.  Slide all the way to the bottom and kill the wolf lurking in the dark area ahead and then pick up the shotgun ammo.  To get out of the pit, pull the cage out of the small alcove and move it under the light-colored handhold on the wall beside the ramp.  Climb back up to the rim of the pit where you started.

Jump back to the ledge above the ramp.  This time slide down and jump to grab the horizontal bar.  Swing, jump and grab the ledge ahead; pull up.  The on-screen instructions explain how to jump on top of the vertical pole and perch there.  Basically, you just jump in that direction and Lara perches automatically.  If she loses her balance, just tap Interact once to right her.  Jump to grab the next ledge on the left or right side, not in the middle where the edge is broken.

Follow the hallway to the next pit.  Take a running jump to grab the light stone handhold on the far wall.  Drop to the ground.  Go to the other side of the pit and climb onto the chunk of rock on the right.  Grab the handhold on the wall, traverse to the right a bit and then jump back to grab the horizontal pole.  Swing around and jump to grab the handhold on the opposite wall.  Climb to the left a little and then jump up to the higher handhold.

Climb around the corner and on to the left so Lara is hanging near the middle of the ledge with the flying darts above.  Pull up and quickly step forward to get out of the way of the darts.  Turn to face the vertical pole.  Run past the darts and jump to perch on top of the pole.  Jump to the ledge ahead, landing where it juts out on the left side.

Continue along the hallway.  As you near the waterfall ahead, the air grows misty (a nice design touch).  Head toward the opening to trigger CHECKPOINT 11 and end the level.

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*ABOUT ARTIFACTS & RELICS: Finding artifacts and relics (formerly known as "secrets") unlocks various extras like outfits and concept art.  A complete list of these bonuses and how to get them will be added soon.

**ABOUT TIME TRIALS: After completing a level, you will be able to replay it in Time Trial mode to unlock cheat codes.  Again, more info will be added about this once the main walkthrough is done.

POSSIBLE FIXES FOR BUG IN LEFT SIDE OF TEMPLE: A number of players have encountered a bug in which Lara will not grab the ledge in front of the passageway with the ramp.  Perhaps this will addressed in a forthcoming patch, but in the mean time, here are a few suggestions other players have shared with me: (1) Reduce the screen resolution in the Options menu.  You may need to experiment a little to see which setting works best for you, but if you have a very high-res or wide-screen monitor, a lower setting may do the trick.  (2) Disable 'Full Screen Effects' in the Options menu.  (3) If you encountered a problem while installing the game in which the installation stalled at 95%, follow the instructions on the Eidos support site to reinstall.  This may also solve the jumping problem.

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