Tomb Raider Anniversary Level 6:  The Coliseum

Kills:  21 Supplies:  10 Artifacts:  1 Relics:  0 (*)

RUINED COLISEUM ENTRANCE: CHECKPOINT 1 registers when you finish the previous level.  Turn left and follow the hallway to CHECKPOINT 2.  Kill the 2 rats and enter the room ahead.  This looks like it once may have been the front entrance to the coliseum, but it's now just a jumble of broken stone ledges.  You'll have to find another way in.

Run up the small sloping chunk of marble to the left of the doorway and jump to grab the ledge above.  Pull up, turn around and jump to grab the top of the fluted column.  Pull up and get a small medipak.  From here, you can shoot another rat on the wide, ledge across the room.  Hop back down to the lower ledge, go to the right and running jump to grab the next ledge.  Pull up, cross over it and jump to grab a handhold on the wide ledge with the columns below.  Climb up and kill that rat if you didn't before.

Cross to the far end of the ledge and hop down onto the ledge below.  From there, climb down near the small pool.  Jump across the water and vault up onto the ledge to get a box of shotgun ammo (if you have room in your inventory for it).  Now hop into the water.

To more easily navigate the underwater tunnels, begin with Lara treading water facing the small, square ledge that juts out into the pool.  The ledge where the shotgun ammo was should be on her left.  Swim down then forward.  (There's another passage leading in the other direction but it's a dead end.  Swim through the manmade stone archway above the fallen rock that's partially blocking the way.  Beyond this archway is a passage running left to right.  Head to the left and swim upward to an air pocket where Lara can breathe.

When Lara's lungs are full, swim downward and through the next manmade stone archway There's only a rough stone opening on the side leading back to the start.  Here you'll need to swim under more broken stones partially blocking the opening and then to the right.  The passage to the left is a dead end.

From here, keep swimming forward.  Here you'll probably want to follow the on-screen instructions and tap Interact to make Lara swim faster.  When you come to a rough vertical shaft, swim upward to the surface and CHECKPOINT 3.

ROOM WITH POOL AND CAGES: When you climb out of the water 2 bats and 2 rats attack together.  Shoot them all.  Then climb onto the low wood-and-metal box to the right of the pool when facing it.  Jump and grab the handhold on the wall above.  Climb to the right, jump and grab the next handhold.  Climb around the corner and jump and grab another handhold.  Then jump onto the cage to the right and get the large medipak.

Hop down to the floor and again use the low box to reach the nearest handhold.  This time, climb to the left and jump to grab the square protrusion above the pool.  Climb all the way around to the other side and jump back to grab the next rough handhold.  Jump back to grab the vertical pole.  Climb to the top and jump from there to the top of the metal cage.  (Here it may help to point the camera toward the cage and jump forward, rather than attempting a backward or sideways jump.)

Take a running jump over the wooden wall to land on the box on the other side.  Follow the sloping passage up to CHECKPOINT 4.

As soon as you enter the coliseum proper, a cut scene shows a huge gorilla clambering down to meet Lara.  It picks up a chunk of rock and hurls it at her, but she manages to dodge and draw her guns.

THE FLOOR OF THE ARENA: The first ape is joined by a buddy.  You have a wide open space in which to fight the 2 gorillas, but if you prefer a less hands-on approach, run to the left and head for the sloping chunk of rock where the ledge above appears to have broken off.  Run up the slope and jump to grab the broken wall ahead.  Pull up and shoot the gorillas from above.  You may need to move off to one side or the other to get a clear shot.  Just be sure to move to one side if one of the gorillas decides to throw another boulder.

After the gorillas are dead, you can find a box of shotgun ammo on the floor of the arena near the wall below and to the right of the SPECTATORS' BOX.

If you didn't already climb up to the seating area to shoot the gorillas, do that now.  When you climb up, Pierre's voice rings out from some hiding spot telling Lara to pick up the pace.

CLIMBING TO THE BALCONY: If you have room in your inventory, you can get more shotgun shells at the far right end of the curved ledge surrounding the arena.  Now you're headed for the upper level of the larger building—the one with the statue of Athena and the big wooden doors on the lower level.  To get there, go up the ramp between the tiered rows of seats.

At the top, turn left to face the large fluted column.  Shoot the 2 bats that fly out of the dark area ahead then climb up behind the column and jump to grab the horizontal crack in the side of the column.  Climb around to the left, jump to grab the crack above, climb around some more and then jump back to the flat rock behind.  Take a running jump to the next wide, flat ledge, where you'll find a small medipak.  Go forward and slide down into an area with a few rows of seats and a lot of fallen rocks.

Vault up onto the ledge ahead and to the right and then turn to face out over the arena.  Step onto the sloping rock, slide and jump onto the flat rock ahead.  (It's wide with a slightly rounded shape.) Turn right and take a running jump to grab the edge of the balcony.  Pull up.

BALCONY WITH LOCKED GATE AND LEVER: At the back of this room is a closed gate with a keyhole for which you don't yet have a key.  In front, surrounded by huge fluted columns, is a lever.  Use it to open one of the doors at the base of this building.  (The other door is where you entered the arena.) CHECKPOINT 5 registers and dramatic music plays, though there are no visible enemies.  .  .  yet.

ARENA FLOOR (again): Hang from the edge of the balcony where you climbed up earlier and drop down.  Hop down into the arena and get ready to take on 2 more gorillas, as well as 2 lions, that emerge through the door you just opened.  (I wonder what these guys have been eating for the last 2,000 years.)

As before, you can make a run for the angled rock on the left, run up it and jump to grab the ledge above.  Then pull up and shoot the beasties from safety.  If you happen to be on the floor of the arena when the last of the four creatures die, CHECKPOINT 6 registers.  If you've climbed up to the seating area, this won't occur.

GLADIATOR CAGES: When the coast is clear, go through the door where the animals came out.  Follow the ramp down to a room with more cages.  There's something shiny on top of the cage to the left, but you can't reach it from here.  So head to the right.  Get some shotgun ammo in the alcove just beyond the doorway.  Then continue around and over the sloping planks.  While standing on these planks, face the second larger cage and use the grapple to snag the smaller metal box on top of it.  Pull it down and across the room toward you.  Step back and pull it up the sloping planks and off the edge.  Or, get behind it, grab and push it.  Drag or push it all the way across the room and use it to get up onto the first cage.  Picking up the BALCONY KEY also triggers CHECKPOINT 7.

Return up the passage to the ARENA.  There are 2 more lions waiting for you.  Combat is a little easier with just two enemies.  If you like, once you get a lock on one of them, you can back down the tunnel shooting.  Just be careful not to get cornered at the bend.  Then repeat the process with the second lion.  Or, run out into the open where there's room to maneuver.  Or, run to the sloping rock and climb back up to the seats where it's safe.  Then, if you don't care about getting all the kills, you can just go on about your business.  You won't have to descend to the floor again.

CLIMBING TO THE BALCONY (again): Return to the balcony the same way you went before.  (Check the walkthrough above if you need a reminder.) Go to the back of the room and use the BALCONY KEY to unlock the gate.  Enter and climb the ladder to CHECKPOINT 8.  (Tap Interact as Lara climbs to make her go faster.)

BALCONY ROOF: If you want all the kills go forward to the far end of the roof and shoot the 2 bats that fly toward you.  Then return past the ladder to the opposite end of the roof.  Take a running jump to grab the edge of the large, table-like rock ahead.  Pull up and go to the far edge.

There's a small medipak on the rock below, but if you want it, you'll have to make quite a long trip to get back to the table-like rock.  So you may want to skip it.  If you decide to drop down and pick it up, after doing so, turn to face the balcony, hop down onto the rounded stone ledge below.  From there, jump back to the balcony, climb the ladder, cross the roof and jump back over to the big table-like ledge.

50-CALIBER PISTOLS: When standing on the table-like rock looking out across the seating area, you can see two metal grappling rings.  If you look just beyond the second ring and a little to the left, you can glimpse the telltale shine of an artifact in a small alcove.  You'll be getting it soon.  The 50-CALIBER PISTOLS are also hidden in that area.  You may notice their glow on the ledge above the second ring.

Take a running jump off the ledge near the right side of the table-like ledge.  This particular jump-and-grapple sequence can be a bit temperamental.  Notice how the edge of the ledge is perfectly straight? It seems to help if you make the jump at the right side of that straight section then release the Forward and Jump keys and quickly press Grapple once Lara is out in mid-air.

Once Lara is hanging by the grapple cable, adjust her position left to right and lengthen the cable if necessary.  Then swing and jump to land on or grab the top of ledge that has the second grapple ring underneath.  Cross to the other side of the ledge.  From here, you can see two goodies: a small medipak on the ledge ahead and a silvery glow from behind the rocks to the left.  If you shift the camera, you can see the 50-CALIBER PISTOLS in a little niche.  You'll get those momentarily.

First, take a running jump off the pointed part of the ledge to grab the horizontal handhold below and to the left of the ledge with the medipak.  It's a long jump, so press Interact for a saving grab if necessary.  Then jump straight up to grab the ledge, pull up and take the small medipak.  Turn around and take a running jump to grab the crack on the side of the fluted column ahead.  Climb around and jump back to grab the edge of the ledge behind you.  Pull up next to the DUAL 50-CALIBER PISTOLS.  (The secret chime sounds showing you've found something important.) After getting the guns, drop back and hang from the ledge and traverse along the ledge to the left.

NOTE: You can also skip the medipak and simply hang from the ledge above the grappling ring, traverse to the right to get the guns, then traverse back to the left and continue along.

THE ARTIFACT: When Lara is hanging from the ledge just in front of the second metal grappling ring, let go and immediately press Grapple to snag the ring.  Continue hanging from the grapple cable and turn to face the alcove containing the artifact.  Lengthen the grapple cable (Interact + Back/Down) so Lara can get a good long swing going; otherwise she'll miss grabbing the ledge and you'll have to start over from the BALCONY ROOF.  Swing as high as you can and jump to grab the edge of the alcove.  Pull up and take ARTIFACT #1.  Hang from the edge of the ledge but do not drop down.

NOTE: If you accidentally fall or drop down either before after getting the artifact, you'll have to return to the balcony and swing across to this point again.  Or, save manually, reload at CHECKPOINT 8, on the BALCONY ROOF, be sure to re-do the part where you get the guns, and then drop to grapple the second metal ring.  Then swing over to the artifact alcove again and continue.  This is one of the few sequences in the game where I cursed the designers for not including a couple of extra save points.

When Lara is hanging from the artifact alcove, instead of dropping down, climb to the right and jump straight up to grab the ledge above.  Pull up onto the narrow ledge.  Step onto the slope ahead, slide and jump to grab the next ledge; pull up.  Now grab onto the crack in the fluted column.  Climb around to the left and jump up to grab the top of the column.  You can't pull up, so climb farther around to the left and jump back to the top of the next column.  From there, running jump onto the roof.

SPECTATORS' BOX: Cross the roof and jump forward to land on the flat rock below.  Do not hang and drop off the edge or you'll miss that rock.  There's no way to climb back up so you'll have to repeat the entire grapple-swing experience from the BALCONY ROOF.  Take a running jump from the flat rock into the spectators' box.  Cross CHECKPOINT 9 and pick up more 50-caliber ammo if you have room in your inventory.

Follow the hallway down a series of ramps to a landing.  The passages ahead and to the right are caved in.  (Maybe this is the other side of the collapsed entrance at the start of the level.) Go to the left.  Continue down a long flight of spiral stairs, killing 2 more bats on the way to the bottom.  Continue toward a room with a huge statue to end the level.

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*ABOUT ARTIFACTS & RELICS: Finding artifacts and relics (formerly known as "secrets") unlocks various extras like outfits and concept art.  A complete list of these bonuses and how to get them will be added soon.

**ABOUT TIME TRIALS: After completing a level, you will be able to replay it in Time Trial mode to unlock cheat codes.  Again, more info will be added about this once the main walkthrough is done.

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