Tomb Raider Underworld
Level 1: Mediterranean Sea - Part 3:  The Norse Connection

Health Items:  1 Treasures:  7 Relics:  1

Before turning your attention to the gate, pick up a treasure (20/26) in the room on the left.  It's in one of the breakable jars.

GATE PUZZLE:  In order to open the gate to the gauntlet room, you must solve another puzzle involving pressure pads and weights.  Face the gate and go to the right corner of the room.  Grab onto the narrow column and climb to the top.  Point the camera toward the hole in the wall and jump to land there.  Drop down into the room beyond.

Here you'll find 2 small, carved blocks and another pressure pad.  Pick up one of the small blocks and stand on the pressure pad, which opens the door leading back to the gate room.  Step to the edge of the pad nearest the door, face it squarely and then press the Grenade key to toss the block through the door.  Repeat with the second block.  Then stand at the edge of the pad and roll forward through the doorway before the door closes.

NOTE:  As in the serpent-head puzzle in The Path to Avalon, the small blocks can be a little temperamental—at least in the PC game.  If you're having trouble throwing them far enough, try standing at the edge of the pad and angling Lara slightly toward one side of the doorway.  Then chuck each block so it bounces off the doorframe and out into the room.

Place the 2 small blocks on one of the pressure pads on either side of the gate.  You'll need both blocks on one pad to weigh it down.  Doing this retracts one part of the gate's locking mechanism.  Stand Lara on the other pressure pad to retract the second part of the mechanism.  Move to the edge of the pad so you can see the gate.  Then grapple the metal ring on it and press Interact to yank the gate out of the doorway.  Now you can go through.

Cinematic:  Lara reaches out to touch the glove and it glows blue and disintegrates, leaving behind a small turtle-shaped device.  She places it on the back of her hand and it extends four straps to encircle her hand.  Faint tracings of blue energy outline the shape of a phantom gauntlet.

As Lara ponders the connection between Thor's hammer and Avalon, a squad of mercenaries in wetsuits sneaks up behind her.  They hold her at gunpoint while their leader takes the gauntlet device.  As they make their exit, the leader plants a bomb and tells Lara, “Amanda Evert sends her regards.” Lara quickly takes cover behind the pedestal as the bomb explodes, sealing the exit under a pile of rubble.

When the movie concludes, go toward the Thor statue and locate the clay jars on the ledge to the left.  One of these holds a treasure (21/26).

EXITING THE RUINS:  With the exit blocked, you'll need to find another way out.  Go through the room with the 2 pressure pads and into the smaller room on the right.  (If you didn't get the treasure here earlier, break the rounded jar and take it now.) The explosion must have knocked the large stone block out of the wall.  Use the block to reach the opening.  Then follow the passageway.

Before entering the next room, look for a single breakable jar in the corner just to the left of the door.  Break it and take the treasure (22/26) inside.

LONG ROOM WITH BROKEN COLUMNS:  Before starting to climb, run to the far end of the room and locate another treasure (23/26).  It's in one of the jars in the far left corner.

Return to the entrance, turn around so the doorway is behind Lara, and then climb the first column on the right.  When you reach the top, climb around the column so Lara is facing the second column, which is broken off at the bottom.  Point the camera toward it and jump to grab onto it.  Climb to the top, point the camera at the ledge behind Lara and then jump forward (i.e., in the direction the camera is pointing) to land there.

Cross the ledge and turn to face out over the room.  Jump forward to perch on top of the broken column ahead.  Point the camera toward the next column and jump forward to grab onto it.  Climb up a bit and then jump to the broken ledge beyond.  Turn right and take a running jump from this ledge to grab the broken column extending from the ceiling ahead.  Climb up a bit and then turn so Lara is facing the broken column ahead.  Point the camera toward it and jump forward to land and perch upon it.  Jump forward to perch on the next broken column.  Jump from there to the ledge ahead.

PASSAGE TO KRAKEN ROOM:  Follow the passage forward.  Duck to get through the low tunnel on the left.  When you emerge from the tunnel and Lara stands upright, look to the left.  One of the breakable jars on the floor here contains a treasure (24/26).  Take it and continue along the dark hall to emerge on a high ledge overlooking the KRAKEN POOL.

A brief cutaway shows the mercenaries leaving the area.

Approach the edge of the ledge and stand facing the metal ring on the ceiling.  Fire your grapple to hook the ring and then take a running jump off the ledge to swing across.  If Lara has enough momentum, just press Jump as she nears the opposite ledge and she'll detach the cable and land there.  Otherwise, keep the camera pointing forward and press and hold the Forward direction key (or push the left stick forward if you're using a gamepad or controller) to swing back and forth.  When you've built up enough momentum, wait for Lara to swing forward and then Jump.

Go straight ahead toward the dark area near the wall, where you'll find more breakable jars, one of which holds a treasure (25/26).

OBTAINING THE RELIC:  Now go around to the other side of the rock pile.  Pick up the health potion and then climb to the top of the rocks.  Jump to grab the horizontal pole sticking out of the wall.  Swing and jump to the next ledge.  Go toward the corner, turn right and slide down the slope onto the ledge below.  Drop and hang from the ledge so the KRAKEN POOL is now behind you.

Traverse along the ledge above the entrance, jumping to the right to clear the gaps in the ledge.  When you reach the end of the ledge, pull up.  Break the light-colored jar and retrieve the final treasure of the level (26/26).

Turn right and jump to the broken ledge ahead.  Go forward and to the right and duck through the low opening.  Inside on the left you'll find the only RELIC in the level.

NOTE: When you pick up a relic, it not only heals Lara completely, it also permanently raises Lara's maximum health.  So by the end of the game, she'll be able to withstand much more damage than she could at the start.  For more information, see the Underworld Rewards page.

Exit the small, dark room the way you came.  Cross the ledge to the right and jump back to the ledge where you found the last treasure.  Hang from the edge of the ledge and drop down to the doorway below.

RETURNING TO THE UNDERWATER ENTRANCE:  Go forward and to the left.  When you reach the wide corridor where you first entered the KRAKEN ROOM, turn right.

NOTE: If you didn't get the health potion and treasure #13 in the side alcoves here, you can do that now.

Level 1 Part 3 Screenshot #1

Follow the hallway away from the KRAKEN ROOM.  From here on out, you'll be retracing the path you took to reach this area earlier.  Head down the stairs.  To traverse across the two pits, jump up to grab the handhold on the left wall.  Jump up again to grab the handhold above.  Then traverse to the right.  Jump the gap tin the handhold below the torch and continue on to the right.  At the end of the ledge, drop down twice and climb around the corners to where you can pull up into the low opening.

Continue down the stairs.  Climb the rock ledges and jump onto the ledge that spans the width of the hallway.  Drop down and continue through the puzzle room with the serpent heads and pressure pads.  Continue to the rough stone room with the pool and ledges.  Jump to the small stone ledge on the left side of the pool and climb up into the doorway.  Climb over the rocks to the pool where you first entered the ruins (back in the PATH TO AVALON section).

HEADING FOR THE SURFACE:  Dive into the pool and swim down and forward through the big, round hole in the wall.  Follow the twisting underwater passage, avoiding the stinging jellyfish, until you reach the puzzle door with the 3 metal circles.  Swim up and out through the doorway ahead.  Head for the surface and swim to Lara's boat.

Cinematic:  Lara climbs on board and spots another, larger boat in the distance.  She uses her camera's zoom feature to scope it out and spots several armed mercenaries on deck.  Never one to be put off by a few bad guys with guns, she motors directly toward the threat.

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