Tomb Raider 2 Level 10: The Deck

Kills: 30 Items: 24 (28)* plus 3 keys, the Seraph and 3 secrets

(*Under found items, the number in parentheses shows total including extra items granted for finding all three secrets.  Note that the regular pick-ups here will include the grenade launcher, shotgun, Uzis, Automatic Pistols and the M-16 if you didn't get them earlier.)

NOTE: The main section of this level involves the decks of the sunken ship Maria Doria.  This has four levels.  To help clarify the directions I call the lowest (and largest) of these the MAIN DECK.  This is where you begin the level.  Above that is the LOWER-MIDDLE DECK.  (This is actually two half-decks, one on each side, that don't connenct.  There are movable crates on each side for climbing if you need them).  The next higher is the UPPER-MIDDLE DECK (with the swimming pool), and above that, the TOP DECK.

MAIN DECK AND POOL ALONGSIDE: Go to the right and take out the 2 bad guys with wrench and flame-thrower.  Pick up the small medipak one was carrying, then go around to the other side of the deck to grab 2 pairs of grenades (or one pair and the GRENADE LAUNCHER, if you don't have it already) left lying on the ground.  Return to where you came in, climb up into one of the windows and dive into the water below.  There are 2 barracudas in the water so, harpoon them or look for a flat place to climb out on the left, then use your pistols.

Climb the rocks around the perimeter of the water to get the STERN KEY.  Jump in the water, go through the underwater tunnel and follow the passage until you can surface.  A goon with a wrench is waiting, so take care of him.  Head down and to the right, taking out the flame-thrower guy in the next alcove from a distance.  Note the trapdoor here, but for now continue around the hull to the left.  Here you'll find some movable crates.  Push the crate on the left against the others.  Climb on top of it and push the upper crate on top of the rightmost crate.  Pull the left crate out again then go around to the other side and push it.  Turn around to face the remaining crate and pull it once to reveal the door to the STERN.  Take the flares on the ground and unlock the door.

THE STERN: Jump into the water, swim down and forward, then make a sharp U-turn to the right.  You'll see a lever on the wall.  Pull it to open a trapdoor elsewhere.  Return to the rusty ledge where you just killed the guy with the flame-thrower.  Another live thug awaits.  Kill him and take his shotgun shells before dropping down through the trapdoor.  (NOTE: If you opened the trapdoor previously, he'll be walking around near the opening; otherwise, he may still be lurking below.  And, if you don't have the SHOTGUN already, you'll get it from him instead of shells.)

Follow the passage to a ladder.  (Above is the door you opened with the underwater lever.) Climb up and pull the switch to drain the water from the stern area.  Go back there and find the movable crate.  Pull it out to reveal an opening.  Follow this passage past the propeller until you come to a large underground lake.

(BUG WARNING: Some people have reported a problem here in which pulling the switch shows the propeller moving when, in actuality, it does not move.  Then when they get down into the drained stern, they can't go any farther.  This seems to be a bug and may be confined to certain CD's distributed in parts of Asia.  So far I haven't found any way around it short of using the cheat code to skip the rest of the level.)

CAVERN WITH LAKE: In the middle is an INFLATABLE RAFT with some crates on it guarded by 2 scuba divers.  You can kill them with harpoons or swim past them and head for a landing on the left with some wooden crates on it.  Climb out of the water here, kill the guy with the wrench, then shoot the divers from dry land.

You can't climb into the raft from the water, so even if you've killed the divers in the water, head for the ledge now.  Take 2 sets of Uzi clips (or the UZIS and one set of clips) from behind the crates here.  Then climb over the rocks on the other side of the landing until you come to a rock bridge.  Look down in the water to the right and you'll see something shiny amid the seaweed.  Dive down to find SECRET #1, the Silver Dragon.  There's a small opening in the rocks under the stone bridge that you can swim through to get back on the shore.  Be careful of the barracuda lurking nearby.

Climb out of the water, enter the cave opening and follow the passage.  A guy with a shotgun tries to stop you, so kill him and take his shells.  Bypass the opening on the left for now.  This leads to the TOP DECK.  Continue straight ahead until you come to an opening in the floor with a large medipak nearby.  Get that health meter up to 100% then hang and drop through the opening onto the raft below.  Take the CABIN KEY and 2 bunches of harpoonsTwo sharks have come out of hiding and will begin to circle in the water below.  You can take them out with pistols from here or do it the hard way with harpoons.  A third shark will come out if you swim toward the stone bridge.  You can kill him as well, or avoid the issue by climbing over the rocks.  Return to the cave, follow the passage and take the left fork this time to emerge near the TOP DECK.

TOP AND UPPER-MIDDLE DECKS: Two baddies will come out when you start exploring.  Kill them and take their flares.  Also take 2 pairs of grenades left in a depression at the far side of the deck from where you came in.

You may be able to kill the 2 thugs with wrenches on the UPPER-MIDDLE DECK (the level just below) and a guy with a shotgun at the left side of the LOWER-MIDDLE DECK (the level below that).  The two wrench guys will climb up onto the top deck at the left side when they notice Lara.  Also on the UPPER-MIDDLE DECK below is a guy with a flame-thrower patrolling near the SWIMMING POOL.  Take him out from up here if possible before descending.  You can probably get a good shot from the left side of the deck.

[NOTE: Sometimes the flame-thrower guy doesn't emerge until you approach the swimming pool.  (Perhaps he's triggered by walking over a certain spot on the top deck.) To kill him without getting Lara toasted, first shoot the barracuda in the pool (so Lara doesn't target it when you want her to target the bad guy).  Now jump over one of the outer corners of the pool (farthest from the wall) toward the outside to trigger the flame-thrower.  Roll and shoot him from the opposite side of the pool.]

When all is clear, head for the swimming pool.  Kill the barracuda if you didn't already.  Then jump in and approach the tiled door in the corner.  A scuba diver emerges.  Climb out and shoot him from the edge of the pool, then swim into the opening to find SECRET #2, the Gold Dragon.  Before moving on, locate some Uzi clips in an alcove beyond the pool and 2 sets of M-16 clips behind a movable crate on the other side of the deck.

ONTO THE OVERTURNED HULL: Head for the left side of the deck and try to shoot the thug with the gun on the LOWER-MIDDLE DECK (the level just below) if you didn't get him earlier from above.  Then cross to the right side and jump down to the LOWER-MIDDLE DECK there.  From here, do a running jump to the flat rock with wood on top, and a running jump to grab the metal duct ahead.  (Notice the Jade Dragon off to the right, but don't go there yet.) Take a running jump from the highest part of this duct—the left side when Lara's back is to the deck—across the gap to the overturned hull.  Cross the hull to the propeller then turn so Lara's back faces out (the propeller is on her right).  Drop and hang from the edge, then release and grab the crevice below.  Traverse to the left until you can pull up.

BLUE CAVE WITH STEPPED BLOCKS: Take a running jump into the cave opposite.  Follow the passage to a large cave where you can use running jumps from one flat block to another to hop up the steep slope.  Take care of the 2 bad guys with wrenches at the top.  One has a large medipak.

TOP DECK: Continue to the top of the cave where you can do a running jump to grab a roof on the TOP DECK and pull up.  Cross the roof to the right where you'll see a trapdoor on the roof opposite (just to the right of the top section of rusted hull).  Jump over and drop through this door.  Kill the thug with the wrench and retrieve 2 sets of automatic pistol clips from the floor.  (NOTE: If you didn't get the AUTOMATIC PISTOLS earlier, you'll get them now along with one set of clips.) Go around to the exit, which opens automatically.  Before leaving, pull the lever to the right of the door out from the wall, then to the side, to reveal a switch.  Flip the switch to open a door at the other end of this deck.

A guy with a gun is lurking outside to the left.  Kill him, take 2 sets of automatic pistol clips off the body, then return past the door you just came out of.  Continue to the end of the alley, then head to the right, toward the front of the deck, to find the door you just opened.  Here you'll find 2 sets of M-16 clips on the floor and a locked door.  (NOTE: If you didn't get the M-16 RIFLE earlier, you'll get it now along with one set of clips.) Use the cabin key to open the door.  In the cabin are some breakaway tiles concealing glass shards below.  Run across them, keeping to one side, to reach the one solid bit of floor.  Press the button to open a door at the back of this deck (opposite the room where you moved the crate and pulled the switch).  Run back across the remaining breakaway tiles.  Kill the wrench thug as you exit, and head for the door you just opened.

CAVE LEADING TO UPPER HULL: Enter and go up the stairs.  Climb up the two higher metal blocks and go into the cave on the left.  Follow the cave to a high wall with an opening at the top, a low step and a high rectangular stone block.  Stand on the low step and jump to grab the block.  Turn around and take a running jump to the opening.  From here you can safety-drop down onto the hull and find the STORAGE KEY.

Make your way down to the UPPER-MIDDLE DECK (the level with the swimming pool).  Go to the right side, drop down to the LOWER-MIDDLE DECK and repeat the series of jumps to the metal duct.  From here you should be able to dust off 2 goons with flame-throwers milling about near the crates below.  (NOTE: If Lara won't target them with the pistols, try the M-16.) Now you can go for that Jade Dragon.  Take a running jump and grab the crevice to the left of the broken glass.  Traverse to the right, pull up and walk carefully over to take SECRET #3 (with a bonus of 4 pairs of grenades if you've found the other two secrets).

STORAGE SHED: Make your way down to the floor of the cavern.  (The quickest way is by taking a running jump from the main deck to the overturned hull and sliding down.  But you can also go via the pool where you found the stern key near the beginning of the level.) Behind the overturned hull, on the far side from the decks, you'll find the storage shed door, where you can use your newly acquired key.  Enter and take the SERAPH to end the level.

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