Secrets: 2*

You enter this level for the first time from the CITY OF THE DEAD level.  (For an overview of all of the Cairo levels, see this DIAGRAM.)

STREET OUTSIDE CHAMBERS OF TULUN: Turn left and ride down the hill to the street below.  At the base of the hill, turn right and run over a soldier.  There's a sniper on the balcony ahead.  You can circle back to the other end of the street to get out of range, or continue toward him, parking the bike just to the left of the wall with the balcony.  (Be careful not to go too far to the left, though.  There's a deep pit a bit farther on.) Dismount and take him out using the revolver and laser sight (or use the crossbow or pistols with the laser sight bug, described in the COASTAL RUINS walkthrough.

INSIDE THE CHAMBERS OF TULUN: Return to the "T" in the road near where you began the level.  Enter the building on the right.  Go under the arch into the main room.  The first alcove on the left contains the GRENADE LAUNCHER (or 10 grenades if you already have the weapon), and there's a small medipak in the far right alcove.

Return to the entrance and climb onto the block on the left. Turn around and take a running jump to grab the ledge above the archway leading into the main room. Pull up and cross the ledge to the far right. Take another running jump to grab the horizontal crevice in the right (west) wall. Traverse to the right until you can pull up. Take a standing jump to grab the ladder-like surface on the column to the right. Wait for Lara to pull her legs up onto the ladder, then climb around the column to the other side and drop onto the ledge. Follow the hallway to an opening in the ceiling, where you can climb up to the next level. The hallway there leads back out to the upper level of the main room.

There's a lever on the left that opens and closes the front and rear doors of the building. If you follow this walkthrough, you shouldn't need it. Just leave it alone. The rope is too far to reach from the ledge with the lever, so make your way over to the jutting ledge on the right (west). From here, you can take a running jump to grab the rope. Slide to the bottom of the rope and turn a little to the right to line up a swing to the ledge ahead (on the east wall). Swing and jump to the ledge. Kill the 2 giant beetles. One flies up from below and another lurks inside to the left. This is secret #1 (56/70), which includes a large medipak and wideshot shells (near where the second beetle was).

Take a diagonal running jump to the ledge below on the left (where you came through from the entrance earlier). It's too far to reach the upper ledge, so you'll have to make your way up to the rope again the long way. Use the rope to swing and jump to the high ledge on the south wall (above the entrance). Kill the soldier lurking inside on the right. Get the revolver ammo he drops, then slide down the ramp to the street near where you entered the building.

Now make your way to the other (north) side of the CHAMBERS. You can go through the building and out the back door, but I recommend taking the motorcycle, since you'll need it later on and this will save you some walking. Drive to the left (east) end of the street and jump across the deep pit on the left side. Make sure to take a long run-up, since you don't have that nitro boost yet. Drive on to where the road drops off near the back door of the CHAMBERS and dismount.

AREA BEHIND (NORTH AND WEST OF) CHAMBERS: The road to the north under the archway leads to the TRENCHES level. You're not quite ready to go there yet. In the far right (northeast) corner of the street, you'll see BROKEN STAIRS leading up to an opening with a sloped edge. Later, after you get the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER, you'll be able to jump the motorcycle up here. There's also a square opening in the north wall with a ladder leading down. You can also skip this area for now, since you'll be back later.

On the north wall above the archway (opposite the back door of the CHAMBERS) is a ledge. Pull up and follow the ramp to a crawlspace. Continue on hands and knees to secret #2 (57/70), a small room with flares, poisoned arrows, revolver ammo and a large medipak. Exit the way you came.

Continue along the street to the right (west). When you round the corner, you'll meet an armored Minotaur with a huge hammer that sends out shock waves when he pounds it on the ground. Oh, and did I mention he's invulnerable to your weapons? On the right side of the road, near where he's standing, there's a wheel which opens a nearby wooden gate.

(NOTE: In my original walkthrough for this level, I had suggested luring the Minotaur into the CHAMBERS and using the lever to close the doors, trapping him inside. Doing this buys you a few moments to run and turn the wheel to open the exit to the CITADEL GATE level. However, I have found that this takes a lot more effort than it's worth. It will save you a few medipaks, though. So if you're very low on health, you can try this instead of the method suggested above. See the notes on how to do this below at the **.)

Run over to the wheel, stand facing it edge-on and turn it until you see the wooden gate raise. As you do this, the Minotaur will be banging on the ground, so pop medipaks as needed. Once the door is open, jump over the wheel, run through and let the door close behind you. Whew!

EXIT TO CITADEL GATE: Climb the ladder to the next level, CITADEL GATE. If you have trouble climbing the ladder because of the Minotaur's percussive hammering, try grabbing the ladder at either side, so only Lara's hands catch hold and her feet dangle free. Climb up that way and you should make it.

CHAMBERS OF TULUN (second time)

(NOTE: You also make another brief visit to this level after completing your first pass through the CITADEL GATE level. This is included in the walkthrough for CITADEL GATE.)

IMPORTANT: If you haven't yet found the two components to modify the motorbike with the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER (i.e., the NITROUS OXIDE CANISTER in the CITADEL GATE level and the VALVE PIPE in the TRENCHES level), you will not be able to complete this section. You'll need to first go back to get whichever component(s) you're missing. (If you need help getting back to any of the previous levels, see the notes below at the ***.) Also note that it is possible to skip this entire section and still complete the TRENCHES level without the ROOF KEY. (See the walkthrough for that level.)

Enter from the TRENCHES and turn left (east) toward the deep pit. Do not jump the pit at this time. Instead line up the motorcycle for a long run-up along the east wall toward the northeast corner. Use the nitro boost (Sprint key) for extra power. Race up the right side of the BROKEN STAIRS, jumping into the opening with the sloped edge.

Dismount and enter through the yellow-and-white door to the left. Take out the soldier waiting inside and slide down the ramp.

ROOM WITH RED SPRINKLER HEADS, ROPE AND PULLEY: Go straight through this room into the hall opposite (north). Kill the soldier in the next room and pick up the WOODEN TORCH on the floor. Return to the previous room then go down the ramp to the right of where you entered (southwest corner).

Press the draw weapons key twice to drop the torch and pull out guns to kill the soldier in the hallway. Don't bother picking up the torch again immediately, since you have a little more to do first. Continue through a yellow-and-white door. Turn right and press Action to open the gray door. Kill another soldier inside the room. Go back for your torch, then bring it back here to light it on the burning torch.

(NOTE: If you explored this area on your first pass through this level, the gray door will be open already and the soldier dead.)

Return up the ramp to the ROOM WITH RED SPRINKLER HEADS, ROPE AND PULLEY. Go up the ramp on the east side of the room to the ledge below the sprinkler heads. Stand below the first sprinkler head and press Action to use the lit torch to set off the sprinklers. This opens the remaining yellow-and-white doors. Go through the door near the sprinklers and use the lever to activate the pulley, carrying a box into the next room.

(NOTE: Seting off the sprinklers also opens third yellow-and-white door in the area at the bottom of the ramp, where you lit the torch. However, there's nothing inside that room.)

Return through the PULLEY ROOM to the room to the north. The box that came in on the pulley is now stacked on top of one of the others. Climb onto these boxes to and take a running jump to grab the high ledge. Climb over it into a ROOM WITH MANY CRATES. All but two of the crates can be broken by shooting them (crouch if necessary). Inside you'll find a small medipak, normal arrows and wideshot shells. Shoot the padlock on the barred door to break it. (NOTE: I found that standing on the low step near the door and crouching let me to use pistols for this, rather than wasting revolver ammo.) Reach into the niche in the barred alcove to get the ROOF KEY.

Climb back over the wall and return to the PULLEY ROOM. Go back up the ramp near the sprinklers, exit through that door and return outside to the motorcycle. Drive the bike back over the sloped ledge to the street.

If you haven't already done so, you might want to go back to the CITY OF THE DEAD (second time) to get the second secret in that level. Otherwise, return to the TRENCHES (second time) now. (See the note below at the *** for directions to these levels.)

(**) ALTERNATE METHOD - TRAPPING THE MINOTAUR INSIDE THE CHAMBERS: If you're very low on health, instead of popping medipaks while turning the wheel to open the exit, try this: First, make make absolutely sure that you've left the motorcycle outside the south entrance to the CHAMBERS, near where you enter the level. If you don't do this, you will not be able to finish the level. Then go through the CHAMBERS to the back (north) door. (Get secret #2 now if you didn't already.) Then follow the street to the right (west) and around the corner to the Minotaur.

Once you have his attention, run back along the road to the north, then east, in through the back door of the CHAMBERS. The Minotaur should follow. Run to the opposite (south) end of the room, where you entered earlier. Climb on one of the ledges next to the entrance. (Now you're safe as long as you don't fall.) Climb up to the lever, following the section INSIDE THE CHAMBERS OF TULUN, above.) Use the lever to close the front and back doors of the building, trapping the Minotaur inside for the moment.

Use the rope to swing over to the high ledge on the south side. (Get secret #1 on the way if you didn't earlier.) Slide down the chute to the street outside the entrance to the CHAMBERS. Ride the motorcycle around the bulding on the east side, jumping the deep pit, to the back (north) door. (See the walkthrough above if you need help jumping the pit.)

Dismount, vault up onto the ledge and sprint down the street toward the wheel. You only have a few seconds before the Minotaur busts through the doors and comes after you, so don't hesitate. Turn the wheel to open the wooden gate just ahead on the right. Jump over the wheel, run through and let the door close behind you.


TO CITADEL GATE - NITROUS OXIDE CANISTER: Go through the gate on the northeast side, which is guarded by the Minotaur.

TO TRENCHES - VALVE PIPE: Follow the street leading to the north opposite the back door of the CHAMBERS.

TO THE CITY OF THE DEAD - SECOND SECRET: Drive the motorcycle through the streets around the east side of the CHAMBERS. When you reach the deep pit, drive around the left (east) rim. Head to the right (west), then turn left (south) up the hill to enter the CITY OF THE DEAD. Continue with the walkthrough for that level, with the section titled CITY OF THE DEAD (second time).

*NOTE: There are 70 secrets in the entire game. These are marked "(x/70)" in this walkthrough. To check your progress in-game, press Pause and choose Statistics.

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