Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 2: DERELICT APARTMENT BLOCK

You begin on the ground floor of an abandoned four-story apartment building.  Don't bother moving the wardrobe in front of the door, since it doesn't prevent the gendarmes from busting in when you reach the first landing.  When the policemen enter, they throw teargas and the building gradually fills up with poison gas.  You need to make your way to the top of the building, picking up goodies as you go.  Don't hesitate too long or Lara will run out of breathable air and die.  Once the gendarmes have entered, do not return to the first floor or Lara will surrender...Game Over.

Climb the stairs.  Jump the hole in the floor between the second and third stories.  If you approach one of the doors on 3, Lara says, "This door is locked.  I'll need a key." Just beyond that door, there's a brief cut scene in which a section of floor collapses.  Take a running jump to grab the opposite side of the hole and pull up.

There's a pack of health pills (20% health) on the floor in the hallway opposite the elevator.  There's a movable wardrobe to the left of the elevator.  Pull it out of the way so Lara can continue upstairs.  Find the small medipak (60% health) in the next hallway.

Barge through the door there to gain another upper-body strength upgrade.  Enter the room and find V-Packer cartridges and K2 Impactor batteries (for weapons you don't have yet) in the cabinets.  Keep going upstairs.  Exit and continue on.  Pick up bandages in the next alcove before the stairs.

Pull the heavy box on the next landing.  (If you get here before barging open the door below, Lara won't be strong enough to pull it.  Go back for the upgrade.) Climb onto the box, turn around, walk to the edge and jump to grab the railing ahead.  Pull up.  Go through the door on the right.

LIFT MAINTENANCE ROOM: Pick up the lift maintenance key on the floor.  If you don't care about getting all the pick-ups, you can leave this room through the other door as soon as you get the key.

APARTMENT 21: To get everything, first take the Apartment 21 key off the hook.  Use the switch to the right to bring the lift up to the top floor.  Go back out to the elevator.  Enter, use the Down Arrow to select the 2nd floor button and Action to press it.  Ride down to 2 and exit the elevator.  Take a running jump back across the big hole to grab the other side.  Pull up and run forward to the alcove with doors.  Use the key to unlock Apartment 21.  Enter find the VECTOR-R35 SEMIAUTOMATIC in the cabinet and a chocolate bar and V-Packer spread cartridges in the desk.

Exit, jump back across the hole, ride the lift back up to 4 and re-enter the lift maintenance room.  Exit through the door on the opposite side (marked "Sortie").

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