Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 20: THE MONSTRUM CRIME SCENE

Cut scene: A brief aerial shot of the square where Mathias Vasiley's apartment is located.  Lara arrives, gets out of the jeep and comments on the weather.

SQUARE NEAR VASILEY'S APARTMENT: At the start of this level, your notebook is updated: Check on Mathias Vasiley.  Another entry appears after the dialogue below: Look for fifth Obscura Engraving at Vasiley's.  There's also an earlier entry Von Croy made about the art dealer.  Approach the guy near the red car and talk to him.

Dialogue - Luddick the journalist: Lara will get the same basic information no matter what you say, but you'll get more if you're polite.  Luddick tells Lara that Vasiley was silenced by the Mafia and the evidence taken to the Strahov, the Mafia center of operations in Prague.  He also tells you a bit more about Eckhardt and the six major players on the bad guys' team.  If you don't insult Luddick, he'll agree to get you a security pass for the Strahov.  Lara agrees to pay for it and promises to meet him in hour.

First, head down the alley near Luddick's car.  There's a policeman at the end on the right.  He was moving every time I approached, so I wasn't able to use the stealth attack.  Kill him and pick up the claw hammer.

Cross the square to Vasiley's building, the one roped off with yellow police tape.  Go down the alley on the right side of the building.  I had no luck sneaking up on the 2 policemen and dog here.  (If you approach from the other side, you may have more luck.) Continue along the alley behind the building to a trapdoor.  Use the hammer to break the lock.  Then open the door and drop in.

SEWER TUNNELS/VASILEY'S CELLAR: Follow the tunnel to the water-filled trench.  Turn right and continue to a rubble-strewn hole in the wall.  (There are a few other side passages off this tunnel but they are dead ends.) Go through the rubble-strewn hole to Vasiley's basement.  Go up the short flight of stairs.  The red door on the right doesn't open yet.  Go through the open doorway and up the stairs.

Cut scene: Lara catches Bouchard snooping around the apartment.  She knocks him out and ties him to a radiator.

Dialogue - Bouchard: Louis Bouchard apparently has no particular loyalty to Eckhardt or the Cabal.  He gives Lara quite a bit of information on Eckhardt, who he believes to be the Monstrum, as well as the Cabal and the Obscura paintings and engravings.  Apparently Eckhardt wants to revive the Cubiculum Nephili, the "Sleeper," in order to breed the extinct Nephilim race back into existence.  Bouchard tells Lara about the Vault of Trophies, one of the last Lux Veritatis strongholds, supposedly located somewhere beneath the Strahov.

After this dialogue, your notebook is updated.  Lara needs to find the Vault of Trophies but first she must locate the last Obscura Engraving, hidden somewhere in Vasiley's place.

INSIDE VASILEY'S APARTMENT: Go through the wooden door into the main room of the apartment.  Climb the spiral staircase to the upper level.  Push/pull the small chest of drawers to get an upper-body strength upgrade.  Climb onto the scaffolding and jump to the part closest to the window.  Pull the chain twice to move a cabinet downstairs, revealing a small medipak.  Take a running jump to the scaffolding on the other side of the window and pull the second chain four times to open the face on the grandfather clock, also downstairs.  A brief cut scene shows the design inlaid on the wooden floor below.  Three o'clock is prominent.

Climb back down the scaffolding and return downstairs.  Pick up the small medipak behind the chest you just moved and go to the clock.  Press Action for a close-up of the clock face.  Then use the cursor keys to move the clock hands to 3 o'clock.  Then press Enter (Triangle on the PS2).  This opens a secret staircase in the middle of the floor.

Go down these stairs to a secret room in the basement.  Examine the display cases.  Three of them yield more information about the Periapt Shards and the Cubiculum Nephili.  (Your notebook is updated here.) The fourth case has what looks like a Star Wars Battle Droid head but no useful info.

Pick up the Vasiley Full Fax from the floor near the desk.  Examine it in your inventory to find a secret code: 31597.  Use this code at the keypad behind the desk to open the secret compartment behind the painting.  Take the Last Obscura Engraving.

Return upstairs and out the door near the desk.  A brief cut scene shows Bouchard is gone.  Exit to the hall.  In another short cut scene Lara opens a closet and the Mafioso's body tumbles out.  Search near his body for the Cellar Key.  Exit to the cellar (where you came in).  Cross the room and go through the red door, which opens now that you have the right key.  Go up the steps to the alley behind Vasiley's building.

(NOTE: My game locked up several times when Lara approached Luddick here.  I recommend you save before talking to him, just in case.)

Dialogue - Luddick: The journalist tells Lara he was able to get her a Strahov Low Security Pass.  He also sells her a VIPER SMG machine gun for 800.  He then gives her a ride to the Strahov.

(NOTE: I assume that if you antagonized Luddick earlier he doesn't help you here.  As far as I can tell, you have no choice about whether to buy the gun.  If Lara has at least 800, this will happen automatically.)

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