Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness LEVEL 5: PARISIAN GHETTO

NOTE: This walkthrough actually comprises several areas—the various maps that make up the ghetto streets, the Café Metro, the abandoned Metro Tunnels and Rennes' Pawnshop.  The items found in Rennes' Pawnshop when you visit it after talking to Bouchard are included in the walkthrough for Bouchard's Hideout.

ABANDONED METRO CAR: Exit the train car and go to the left to the homeless men around the fire.

Dialogue - Homeless Man: Ask the man with the dog about Louis Bouchard.  You won't get much info, but he does suggest you try the Café Metro.

Return to the train car and use the pipe alongside it for a boost onto the roof.  Cross the top of the car and crawl under the large pipe to get a large health pack.  Lara says, "I can climb that easily." Jump to grab the chain link fence on the wall and climb up and to the right.  Drop onto the grating ledge.

Turn back toward the homeless men.  Take a long running jump to grab the next ledge.  Pull up.  Note the items on the other side of the chain link fence to the right.  To get there, jump to the narrow ledge along the wall ahead.  You can grab or not.  If Lara lands on her feet, activate walk mode and walk along the ledge to the right through a gap in the fence.  If she grabs, traverse to the right and pull up.  Go right to get the goodies, €160 and a chocolate bar.  Return along the narrow ledge the way you came.  Then jump back to the ledge with the pipe underneath.

RUE PERDUE: Jump to the ledge on the left at the gap in the fence.  Approach the man.

Dialogue - "City Guide": This guy obviously knows the neighborhood, but he is cautious about what he reveals.  He'll tell you a bit more about Bouchard and the Monstrum.  Bouchard runs a club called Le Serpent Rouge but had some trouble recently involving the deaths of a number of his staff.  The young man also suggests you try Café Metro for more info, but if you ask about the café's owner, he says the guys' a loser.

After speaking with the young guy, your Notebook will be updated.  Follow the wall to the right and around the corner.  At the end you'll find €160 at the bottom of some steps.  Backtrack to the guy you just talked to and go through the door next to him.

COURS LA SEINE/JANICE: You emerge on a nearly deserted street near Le Serpent Rouge, which is closed.  Approach the lady in red.

Dialogue - Janice: At first Janice warns you away, afraid you're moving in on her corner.  But if you treat her nicely, she'll give you some useful info.  Like the others you've met, she advises you to be wary of Bouchard.  She doesn't know where he is now but suggests you might find out from one of Bouchard's ex-employees.  Bernard, the former janitor, now frequents the park.  Pierre, the ex-barman, now runs the Café Metro.  She also mentions that she heard on the radio about something terrible that happened to a woman named Carvier.

NOTE: If you get disoriented while exploring the streets, look for one of the street maps.  Approach it and press Action for a close-up view.  Each map has a you-are-here marker and shows the buildings where all the major activity in this level occurs.  The first map is just down the street from where Janice is standing, to the left if Lara's back is toward the door where you entered this street.

At this point you must decide which ex-employee you'd like to meet.  (Once you've agreed to help one of them in exchange for information, the other won't talk to you.) Details on the Bernard/Pierre missions are below.

There are also a few side areas to visit and items to pick up:

TO FIND BOUCHARD THROUGH BERNARD: Head along the Cours la Seine away from Janice and the Serpent Rouge (to the right relative to the spot where you enter the level).  When you reach the tractor-trailer blocking the street, turn left and go up the hill on the Rue de Piolet.

Parc de Lune/Bernard: The Parc de Lune is at the top of the hill to the left, opposite St.  Aicard's Church.  Enter through the gate with the "Metropolitan" sign.  Bernard is feeding the pigeons...or drinking...or something.  There is also a gated entrance to the abandoned Metro stop that doesn't open from this side.  (See the Tunnels section, below, for more info.)

Dialogue - Bernard the Janitor: If you don't alienate Bernard, pay him €160 and agree to find his trinket box, he will help you get to Bouchard.

After speaking with Bernard, your notebook is updated and you have the Ex-Janitor's Key in your inventory.  Leave the park and turn right.  Go back down the hill the way you came.  At the bottom, where the truck blocks the road, turn right onto the Cours la Seine.  You'll find the garage on the left.  Enter using Bernard's key.  Continue following the Serpent Rouge walkthrough.

Once you have retrieved the trinket box, return to Bernard (or take the box directly to Bouchard's doorman, above).  Find Bernard where he was before, in the park at the right end of the Rue Dominique.  When you give him the box, he tells you the password: "pluit noir" (black rain...hmm...cryptic).  Your notebook is updated.  Go to the doorman with this info and he'll let you pass.

TO FIND BOUCHARD THROUGH PIERRE: Go up the stairs across the street from where Janice is standing.  Continue straight on to a dead-end street on the left blocked by cement barriers.  That is Place d'Arcade, where you'll find the Café Metro.  Go inside.

Kurtis Trent is seated in the corner, but he won't talk to Lara.  He appears to be having some sort of autistic episode, poor guy.  Instead talk to Pierre.

Dialogue - Pierre the Bartender: If you tell him you're the kind of person who sorts out problems, he'll make a deal with you.  Retrieve his trinket box from the Serpent Rouge nightclub and he will help you get to Bouchard.

After this conversation, your notebook is updated and you have the Bartender's Key in your inventory.  Leave the café and turn left.  Go past the cement barriers.  Turn right and continue to the stairs leading down.  Follow these to the next street, Cours la Seine, and head left toward the Serpent Rouge.

Cut scene: Kurtis Trent comes out of an alley near the nightclub and peels out on his motorcycle.

Pass the nightclub and garage and turn into the alley on the right (Rue de Clef).  Use Pierre's key to unlock the stage door and enter the club.  Continue following the Serpent Rouge walkthrough.

Once you have retrieved the trinket box, return to Pierre at the Café Metro (or take the box directly to Bouchard's doorman, above).  When you bring the box to Pierre, he mentions that another customer was asking about Bouchard after Lara left.  In exchange for the box, he gives you the security code for his ex-girlfriend Francine's apartment building.  (Yes, apparently Pierre is a loser.) Your Notebook is updated and you get a slip of paper, the Café Owner's Contact, with the code on it.

To get to Francine's, exit the Café, go left to the Rue Dominique (with the crosswalk/zebra crossing) and follow it a little way to #17.  Enter the security code (15328) at the keypad, go inside and up the stairs and open the door.  (Guess Lara's too preoccupied to knock.)

IMPORTANT: Make sure you've pawned everything you want to before going to see Bouchard.  You will not have another chance to sell your items.  See Rennes' Pawnshop, above, if you haven't been there yet.


(Note: The title displayed when the level is loading says "Bouchard's Hideout," perhaps because it is part of the same data file in the game.  I have included it here with the Parisian Ghetto because logistically it make more sense.)

Enter through either manhole and follow the tunnel to the hub where four tunnels meet.  If you came down through the manhole in the Cours la Seine, the tunnel to the right leads to a ladder up to the other manhole.  Take the tunnel straight ahead.  (If you entered through the manhole in the alley, take the tunnel to the right.)

Follow the tunnel around to a gap in the floor.  Take a running jump across to grab the other side.  Pull up.  Climb the ladder to a room with various crates and pipes.  Go through to the next room.  Kick open the door and get the large health pack.  Follow the catwalk around to find a wad of €80.  To get back down quickly, jump over the railing near the door to land on the ledge on the left.  Or, return the way you came.  Follow the tunnel back to the intersection.

Now follow the next tunnel to the right.  Climb onto the crate and jump up to grab the crumbling wall.  Climb up, traverse to the right and pull up on a small platform.  Turn around and jump to the next platform.  Face the wall and jump straight up to grab the molding.  Traverse to the right and pull up in the doorway.  Crawl through to a small, dark room.  Climb through the opening on the other side to a new area.

This is the abandoned Metro exit beneath the Parc de Lune (where you met Bernard, if you took that path).  Pick up the goodies on the floor: V-Packer cartridges, €320, Desert Ranger clip, Vector clip.  You can leave through this gate, but you won't be able to get back in since it doesn't open from the park side.  If you prefer, you can return through the tunnels the way you came and climb out through either manhole.

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