Level 3: Lost Valley

Kills: 13 Items: 16, including 3 machine cogs and Shotgun Save Crystals: 3 (PlayStation only) Secrets: 5

Objectives: Descend to the valley to find three machine cogs.  Use these to repair a machine at the top of the stream, which will reveal the door into the tomb in the next level.

Walkthrough: Go straight ahead until you come to an open area with pillars and a stream.  Head to the right to a series of stepped rocks above a small lake.  From here you can see, and kill, 2 wolves below.  Climb down the rocks to the bottom.

PASSAGE FROM CAVE WITH POOL TO VALLEY: Go through the cave opening opposite the waterfall, where you'll encounter another wolf.  When it's dead, continue through the twisty passage until you come to a wall with stepped blocks and an opening high above.  You'll climb up in a minute, but if you want all the kills, first go to the right into the cave beyond.  Three more wolves lurk within.  Once you've drawn them out you can kill them from the top of the slope at the cave mouth.  Now return to the wall and climb it using the flat blocks as steps.  At the top, keep going straight until you see a skeleton and a large medipaklying on the ground.

Continue forward and down and you'll soon reach the bottom of this cave.  Proceed with pistols drawn, as a velociraptor will charge.  If you go slowly, you'll hear, then see it coming.  Run back to the rocks if necessary to shoot it from safety.

VALLEY FLOOR: Now continue with caution into the valley.  You'll encounter another raptor as the valley widens.  Kill it then take a careful look around.  See the rather large, three-toed footprints? Notice the broken wooden bridge spanning the valley? Feel the ground begin to shake? Nope, it's not an earthquake.  That's Mr.  Tyrannosaurus Rex, and they don't call him "tyrant lizard king" for nothing.  If you want to go head-to-head, give yourself plenty of room to maneuver, don't let him get Lara in a corner, keep moving and keep shooting.  And watch out for the head; he can grab Lara in that big mouth, killing her with one bite. (NOTE: You can also go upstream from the level entrance first, in order to pick up the shotgun.  Skip down to that section of the walkthrough for details.  However, you won't have many shotgun shells to start.)

If you want to play it safe, run into a cave along the right-hand (east) wall of the valley.  Don't pick the first alcove; it's too shallow, and the T.  Rex can easily reach Lara.  Instead, choose the ground-level opening just below the right side of the broken bridge.  Follow this passageway, which is U-shaped.  About halfway in you'll encounter another raptor.  Kill it and keep going to a second opening higher in the valley wall.  Then just wait and blast the T.  Rex as he stomps by.

ROCK ARCHWAY AND SMALL BUILDING: When the coast is clear, drop down and cross the valley.  Pass a waterfall on the right and go underneath a stone archway.  Two raptors approach.  Kill them and advance forward toward building.  About 20 walking paces from the rock archway, on the right wall of the valley, is a flat rock you can climb on.  Once on top of this rock, turn to the left, walk to the left front corner and take a standing jump diagonally to the left, over one angled block, to grab the edge of the ledge beyond.  Pull up.  Walk to the left corner of this ledge, then take a standing jump to grab the next ledge-the greenish, slightly angled block, a bit higher and to the left.  Pull up.  Again, walk to the far left corner of the block and take a standing jump to grab the highest rock ledge.  (This one has an angled block underneath supporting it.) From here, a running jump will get you on the roof of the building.

This is SECRET #1.  In various spots on the roof you'll find magnum clips, a large medipak, Uzi clips and shotgun shells.  When you've collected the shells, go to the far back corner of the roof and jump towards the back (west) wall of the valley.  Lara will hit the wall then slide down the angled blocks to the ground unharmed.

Enter the building at the front.  (PlayStation users will find a save crystal inside.) Jump into the water and swim down and to the right.  Follow the underwater passage to find a machine cog-the first of three.  Surface and exit the building.

CROSSING THE BROKEN BRIDGE: Examine the valley wall ahead and to the right, and you'll find a well-lit opening with a low block in front of it.  Climb up into this opening and follow the passage to the bridge, picking up a save crystal on the way.  Walk to the edge of the broken bridge, hop back and take a running jump to grab the other side of the bridge.  On the platform where that side of the bridge is attached to the wall, you'll find the second machine cog.  Drop down from the end of the bridge to the ground.

PASSAGEWAY WITH SMALL POOL: Go to the left (north) and you'll find an opening in the right (east) valley wall somewhat camouflaged by vegetation.  (It's just about opposite the rock arch and the building where you found the first cog.) Climb into the opening and proceed to where the passage widens.  Below is another raptor.  You can kill it from above, then drop down into the room.  Climb the stepped rocks to the right of the pool.  At the top you'll find the third machine cog.  Climb down, drop into the water and follow the underwater passage and climb out of the pool to emerge back in the valley.

(NOTE: You can also enter the cave with the third cog through the small pool at the base of the waterfall; however, this makes it more difficult to kill the raptor without taking damage.)

DOUBLE WATERFALLS (AND TWO SECRETS): Above, falling into the pool you just climbed out of, are double waterfalls.  To the right of the waterfalls, in the corner, is an opening in the rocks.  Climb up and go inside to find SECRET #2, some shotgun shells.  Between the double waterfalls and the other waterfall to the left (west) are some climbable rocks.  Climb up then take a standing jump forward and to the right to a flat ledge.  Walk forward and jump up to grab and hang from the triangular crevice.  Traverse to the right, in front of the falls, until you can pull up into the cave above.  Head to the right and up over a mossy step to find SECRET #3, magnum clips and shotgun shells.  Climb back down to the valley floor.

BACK TO THE WOLF CAVE WITH SMALL LAKE: Now, go back to the far (south) end of the valley where you entered.  Climb back up the white rocks, past the skeleton (where you found the medipak earlier).  Climb down the other side and continue back to the lake.  Climb the rocks at the left until you're back at the landing near the stream where you began the level.

JUMPING UPSTREAM: Beyond the pillars, turn right and approach the stream.  Now you're going to head upstream, hopping from bank to bank.  Be careful not to fall in the water, as the current will wash you over the falls into the lake below.  Lara won't take any damage, but you'll have to start all over again.

(NOTE: If you're playing on the PC or Macintosh, you might want to save after each jump.  And if you're having trouble with these jumps, you might want to review the section on HOW TO SET UP JUMPS on my Strategy page.  With these simple techniques you'll almost never miss a jump again.)

First take a running jump from the starting point to the far side.  Then turn around and take another running jump back to the first bank but a bit to the right.  Head upstream a little, then take a standing jump across to the ledge.  Turn around, walk to the edge and take another standing jump across.  Again, turn around and walk to the edge.  This time take a standing jump to grab the opposite side.  Pull up, turn around and take one more jump back across the stream.  Now, follow the passageway to a wooden bridge.  (PlayStation users can use the save crystal here.)

MACHINE MISSING COGS: Cross the bridge and replace the three cogs you found in their proper spots in this machine.  Throw the switch to start the machine.  A little ways downstream, a gate moves, diverting the stream off to one side, thus shutting off the waterfall.

Before heading down the streambed, let's go secret hunting.  Walk to the edge of the floor near the bridge, turn around so the bridge is on Lara's right and drop back, grabbing the edge of the floor.  Traverse left and drop down onto a flattish rock.  Enter the cave ahead to find SECRET #4, a large medipak.

Jump into the water and swim downstream to the gold gate.  Turn left and climb out of the water on a landing on the right bank.  Here you'll find the remains of another explorer, along with his SHOTGUN, which may be of use to you.

Jump back into the water and swim to the right to the end of the passageway.  Make sure you've got full lungs, then dive under and follow the underwater tunnel to surface in a small room.  This is SECRET #5, which includes a small medipakand 2 boxes of shotgun shells.  The doorway deposits you in the dry streambed, so drop down, go to the end and jump over the rocks to fall safely into the lake below.

LEVEL EXIT: Climb out of the lake on a ledge that was previously hidden behind the waterfall.  Now you can follow this passageway to finish the level.

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